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    Here's some from my haul! A mix of Fuji and iPhone for your viewing pleasure. 😊 Massive thanks to @theksmith for putting together a truly epic and enjoyable adventure for everyone! You can click on any of these images to open a high resolution copy. You can also access these photos, a few videos, and more on my Google album. Feel free to download whatever you want! The drive up in Flagstaff Stopped for a quick look in the rain in Monument Valley. It was DUMPING when I was climbing the Moki Dugway Some of the booties I got to chase on the trip, like @squinko's! An allergy blizzard! The "Giant Washout" Climbing back out of the wash with @Bradywgn71 @J2DXPLR's exceptionally equipped rig Awesome signage day 2 Extremely interesting geology at our lunch spot on Day 2. @Ladybug we we're thinking these impressions or "shadows" might be plant life or coral. Dinner! @Rawhyd showing off that AAL Navigating the labyrinth Our fearless leader @theksmith exploring an abandoned half-track truck. @gearhead's bulletproof YJ @kaspily showing some leg Mt. Navajo dominated the horizon for much of the trip "The Brothas" checking things out from on high @J2DXPLR taking a light stroll Grey Mesa and the Sheep Path. You can see the steps and wagon path cut into the righthand rock face I think I found the hole in the rock! 😁😳 We didn't make it to this point, but I hiked up to the top of Grey Mesa to check out what might be ahead. The 10%: If you know, you know. Camp Climbing Grey Mesa Our 10% turned to 10,000% rain. The sketchy part: Headed back to camp: The ladies of ORP: Last night at camp: The 10% strikes back: @gearhead makes questionable parking choices: How'd he even get up there? A parting glance.
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    great photos everyone! thank you for posting them. i only have few to add, i was mostly busy looking for the trail ;) coming into Camp Verde on the way up. stopped for a snack at the tiny Native American ruins just before Hall's Crossing. just starting to head in on the trail towards the Giant Washout on Thursday afternoon. nearby storms were already visible early Friday. just tiny Jeeps in a vast barren landscape. Friday night we stayed at "Frenchie's Camp". all the crazy weather did make for more interesting photos. impending doom coming from behind camp. the forecast called for a 1/2" of rain on Saturday - i think we got all of that in a couple hours. we sat halfway up the climb to Grey Mesa at "Dugway Camp" for the 2 hour delay-of-game. multiple waterfalls formed right before our eyes. some of us walked up higher on the trail to scope it out while we waited. back at camp, some lichen for @Lichen! Sunday morning the moon hung out over camp with clear skies just in time for us to leave!
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    We are just back from being tour guides to friends from Michigan... Globlin State Park, Hanksville, UT Capitol Reef NP - Torrey, UT Bryce Canyon NP Zion NP Shafer Trail - Moab 7 Mile Rim - Moab Castle Valley - Moab
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    Seems like upgrade central around here as I get prepped for the Rubicon later this year. A more "long term liveability" upgrade was a new Mopar OEM hard top. After 6 years of ownership, and with the dawn of permanent work from home, I don't drive the Jeep as often as I used to and rarely have the top down on the Jeep. I've been trying to up my game in terms of interior storage and a lot the solutions I've been exploring (shelves, molle panels, etc) are all restricted by the inner mechanics of the soft top. The hard top really opens up some more options to maximize that unused space around the C-pillars and above the rear deck. Additionally, getting into the rear of the Jeep is a heck of a lot easier with a lift gate, as opposed to needing to unfasten the soft top every time I open the rear. Finding a hard top has been a bit of a chore, as they are constantly on backorder. Most retail sites, like Northridge and Quadratec, have 6mo backorders on them. I was able to work with Joe @ @OnPointOffroad to order one through one of his suppliers with delivery to the shop. From order to delivery it was only 28 days! WAY faster than I thought it'd be. I pre-stripped the soft top components and then rolled over to Joe's, where he graciously let me use a little space in the shop to install the top's latching hardware. The crew there helped me lift the top up and into position (WAAAAAAY lighter than the JK hard tops), and away we went! The difference in ride quality is pretty major - much quieter than the soft top. I'm also looking forward to the extra A/C comfort during the summer scorchers this year! Just 2 days later I headed out for the Hole in the Rock overland trip, where it rained like cats and dogs two of the three nights. Zero leaks! And I stayed nice a cozy. The Premium Twill Soft Top has been great all this time. It's proven to be extremely durable and has put up with numerous scratches from tight trails, low tree branches, an encounter with a rock wall squeeze on Smasher Canyon, and even being hit by a drunk SxS driver on the Backway to CK. 😁 My only "serious" damage to the top was a puncture by a pointy tree branch that I backed into that pierced a hole in the rear window. I've had some tape over it for about 2 years. All this time I've had minimal issue with it. My only real complaint is the related to the stitching coming loose around the bottom left and right sides of the rear window panel from repeated openings/closings over 6 years (probably well into the THOUSANDS of cycles). My only other complaint is how "tight" it gets in the winter cold when the material shrinks a bit - it can make it difficult to get into the rear or stretch it for a secure close - but that's just the nature of soft top life! I love the functionality of the soft top - it's EASY to drop the top on a whim. I can have the three rear windows removed and the top fully retracted in just a few short minutes. The track system Jeep devised for it with air struts makes flipping the top back a 1 handed operation, with a second handle making retracting the roof into the boot a breeze. I also like the multi-functional "modes" you can put the top into. You can run with the full top, just the front flipped back, the front flipped with the rear panels removed, "bikini mode" with just the rear panels removed, and of course, fully retracted. I've never had any issues at highway speeds in any of these "modes". For the moment, I'm holding on to the soft top. I just need to give it a good, respectable cleaning, and find a good way to store it in the garage. Until then - I'm loving the utility, quiet, and "coolness" of hard top life!
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    i was getting moisture in one of the Rigid Ignite units i use as ditch lights... emailed them and made a claim under their lifetime warranty which was easy-peasy - they even sent me out an entire new set instead of just one light!
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    Work has been too busy so far for a respectable trip report. For now here are my photos and a few videos. I didn't get much of a chance to edit. Feel free to download any you like.
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    A few videos! Here's the waterfall ledge, headed down. Here's @theksmith helping @Bradywgn71 navigate the sketchy washout: Here's the tailgunner's view of the storm as we made the climb onto Grey Mesa. (Note: it's in real time, and about 10 minutes). You can see waterfall start to blossom, hear K's instructions over the radio, and see the rain start to build. Here's a video with a montage of clips showing the waterfalls and flooding that developed:
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    thanks Sarah @Bradywgn71 for these great shots of Gadget and myself from the UT trip! and also thank you Ryan @4x4tographer for these stellar photos!
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    I forgot to mention how impressed I am with the radio's y'all are using, and how Kristoffer was able to spot talking into a handheld. What a great set up, regardless of rain, but especially in the rain! While watching Ry's video I could hear K over his radio, meaning everyone could hear him over their radios, and it dawned on me that everybody had a pretty clear idea of what they were going to do to get lined up on the obstacle, before they even got to the obstacle. Oh the wonders of modern technology.
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    WOW, amazing captures~ Always love seeing your photos @4x4tographer! The 10% situation is for real~ 🤣
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    Here's a couple shots of the Aurora around midnight thirty up in Montana
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    Not sure if I ever introduced The Mistress to everyone. Back in 2017 I retired and the wife and I decided we were going to travel and live in our motorhome full-time. Something we had been planning for awhile. So the decision was do I keep my 2004 TJ I had at the time or get a JKU so we could have more room. We decided to go with something newer with more room. After searching what seemed like forever I found my 2015 Silver (all my Jeeps have been silver) JKUR at a dealership in Scottsdale. It was two years old then only had 5000 miles on it and was a bone stock Rubicon with 4:10 gears. Got a great deal and drove off with it.
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    absolutely excellent videos @4x4tographer and @J2DXPLR - thank you for sharing! Jacq, i really like that handheld perspective as you looked toward the edge while walking over the little washout area that has been repaired.
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    @J2DXPLR awesome video you guys. The drone footage is amazing!!! I enjoyed that you captured the utter vastness of the area.
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    I quickly put together a short video of some highlights from our drone's perspective plus a few handheld camera moments. This was such an EPIC trip that we will talk about for years to come. I plan to do a full trip report video down the road, whenever work finally eases up. Hope you enjoy this short video. Thank you, @theksmith and @4x4tographer, for keeping us safe and everyone for making this such an amazing trip! It is in 4K HD if you want to watch on the big TV! 😎
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    Duuuuude!!!!! On the up side, @theksmith didn't have to shower that night. Awesome videos @4x4tographer. That part of the trail looks more gnarly than the last time we were there, and the rain certainly adds to the spine-tingling fun!!
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    After running around for a couple years we decided to settle down in Pinetop, AZ. Then it was time do some more work on The Mistress. We beefed up the axles and added trusses, C-gussets, front RCV axle shafts, Rear G2 chromemoly axle shafts, Adams driveshafts 1350 rear and 1310 front. Threw in some 5:13 Yukon gears and added 17" Raceline Beadlocks and 37" tires. Got rid of the Rock Slide Engineering sliders (beat the crap out of them and they stopped working) and added Letzroll weld on rock sliders. PSC big bore steering kit, Black Magic Big Brakes, new upgraded ball joints and Currie Anti Rock front sway bar. Added the Metalcloak skid plates, changed the exhaust (hybrid set up) so the exhaust dumps out in front of the rear axle and removed the rear muffler. Added a CB, Midland GMRS radio, HAM radio and an SPOD to run everything. She has Nacho TM5 White/Amber combo lights and I just recently added the 2.5" ADS shocks (Amazing!!). There is a ton of other little things but that is the major stuff going on with The Mistress. Today she is a sassy trailer queen that is just begging for One Tons and Forties! Hmmmmmmmm!!!
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    In Spite of not getting all the way through, it appears a good time was had by all. Thanks for sharing the storylines and the pics... 🙂
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    Had to share a new addition to my resume. Wildland/structure responder, beginning EMS training in Oct.
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    Now for something completely different... One of the local people was going to tear down an old house and donated it to our department for us to get some structure fire experience. We invited a couple of neighboring dept's to come play with us. Stacey was on hand and shot a pile of pic's. Please be careful this summer as it is anticipated to be a rough wildfire season. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MV9mq7sMrThT1GNAA
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    Update time! Well seems the first shop I dropped my beadlocks to were overly incompetent and may have actually broken one of the wheels during mounting not to mention they threw about 20-30oz of weight at them to try to get them to balance. I actually showed up to pick them up and half the weights on one were falling off onto the ground. So, decided to pull them out and have another shop handle them, and they have. I noticed the leak on the one wheel and the new shop confirmed the issue and got the rest of them balanced well within acceptable weight. It's possible a weld just failed during mounting stress but Battleborn was a class act about it and a new wheel on its way and will be here tomorrow. A few days after that fiasco, my son and I joined a local group for a trip into windrock to check out a special overlook. It didn't disappoint! I might have been on the smallest tires there but the Wj also never disappoints. All of them were quite impressed how much articulation I was had, but that's what you get with control arms that are 4' long and 11" shocks. Enjoy the photos, wish their was more but we did about 35-40 miles over 6 hours. I've got more projects than time it seems. I did get a rear diff skid from mvf, got it painted and ready to go but lost the battle to install because of serious rain as well as their rear quarter panel armor which I was procrastinating buying my nutserts for. Also Unfortunately, I've since noticed after this last trip my front crank seal seems to be leaking... Not quite happy about that since I run $12 a quart amsoil signature in it and just don't feel right throwing stop leak at it. So, I'll probably farm out the oil leak considering everything that has to come off the front to get to it. I have a bit of a grumble in the front end too I think I have the parts to fix but needed to clean up the jeep after this trip before I can get it back in the air to diagnose fully.
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    Hey all, its the yearly tire purge for me...I have a set of 4, 37 12.50 17 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tires for sale. All have 10/23 DOT codes, 1800 miles on the set, no cupping or chunking, no plugs, patches or otherwise damage. I am going to list them here before Marketplace or Craigslist. 1,700 for the 4.....If you are interested, please send me a message with the time and date on it, and I will get back to you when I return from Moab. I will be back on the 3rd. No, these are not on the jeep right now, but the 38" stickies are...:)
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    damn Trailer Queen! ;)
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    wow, Huge miss for me, but on top of my taking care of the wife I was assigned a new project, so would not make it regardless. Hopefully next year.
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    We's high tech 'round these parts! 😁 It sure is nice with these little handhelds. They held-up pretty well in the rain too! That reminds me - @theksmith I determined that the battery died on the unit I gave you - It was totally dead until I charged it up - though I had fully charged them prior to departure - I might have to replace the pack in the future - they're a little long in tooth. Jacq you've really outdone yourself with this video - I love it! Really great camera work and the sound track is..... The thumbnail for the video it epic in and of itself. Love that massive waterfall just below our "shelter in place" camp 😳 100% this 👆. That shot really put that obstacle into perspective and the repair. I was wondering how "deep" they drove that rebar into the cliff to stack up all of those boulders/dirt. As she panned the camera by you can really tell how far of a drop it was to the bottom.
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    I agree...that trail looks more gnarly than when we were there too. What a bunch of troopers you guys are! And Way To Go Kris....perfect directions on a rainy wet day. Glad you were wearing soled shoes! smiles, ladybug
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    some shots of Gadget from Hole in the Rock - more trip photos here...
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    Awesome photos @kaspily & @Bradywgn71 @4x4tographer. Isn't it just so amazing up there? Sorry you all ran into a storm and didn't get all the way back to the Hole-in-the-Rock. Utah weather in the springtime can be such a bugger! Looks like some offroad fun regardless. Glad you're all safe.
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    Congratulations! Thanks for what you’re doing. Stay safe
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    Wonder if they make these in Wrangler? @theksmith LOL
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    update.... Just sitting here, patiently waiting on a phone call...
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    Very nice! If you haven't looked into Hothead Headliners yet I highly recommend it. They help some in the summertime and do quiet things down a little. To borrow a phrase, YMMV. 🙂
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    Wonderful pics & videos shared of this amazing experience. Looking foirwar4d to getting back there again someday... Thanks for sharing the pics & video's to all... Well Done...
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    This is an easy to straighten part, with proper knowledge & tools. If you don't have the tools or experience to do this, may I suggest you give Joe @ On-Point a jingle, as I know he has the tools and knowledge to do this quickly, and correctly, at reasonable $'s.
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    Howdy neighbor!! Live in Show Low myself. think I have seen your jeep when I have been out and about in town.
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    My wife named the Jeep. I was always out in the garage working on her and spending way too much money on her. One day my wife Heather came out and said "You spend more time and money on your Jeep than you do me! She is like your Mistress". And that's how she got named!
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    I had one year to get some work done on it before we took off on our adventure. Started off with a 3.5" Metalcloak lift, 2.0 ADS shocks, Metalcloak fenders, Rock Slide Engineering step sliders, ACE rear bumper and tire carrier, Rock Hard front bumper, Warn winch, 17" Black Rhino wheels and 35" Nitro Ridge Grabblers. She stayed pretty much like this for two years while we traveled full-time in our motorhome. This Jeep has been from Alaska to the Key West Flordia and just about everything in between including a big chunk of western Canada. This is how she looked for awhile!
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    GREAT Pics! It gives you much to think about traversing that country with wagons and animals and families with babies. It's no wonder that by the time they got to Bluff Utah, they said they were done! It's a long trail, and you guys did it in the rain! Kudos to you all, and glad that you all were safe. Some of those areas are, IMHO, hard to find the trail.... Love the pics! smiles, ladybug
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    Not really to my rig but for my rig. I didn’t like the big clunky key fob so I made my own much smaller version. I need to update my build threads because so much has happened.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, have seen Joe’s name pop up in these threads before. Tools do seem to be gap as it doesn’t feel that hard.
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    Hopefully this pic shows up. Sun, Apr 28, 2024 at 1:45 AM.pdf
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    I took my rig in to @OnPointOffroad to have everything looked over before a couple road trips this year. I knew I was in need of a serpentine belt but wanted everything else checked for sanity's sake. I also have been hearing an annoying rattle and squeak that was coming from points unknown. I have been looking all over and had zero luck finding it. Turns out that noise was the rear break pads and clips. Joe said in the JK's this happens when the pads wear down the clips come loose. In turn everything back there squeaks and rattles. Who knew. Other than those two items everything else was good. Joe and Vince did an awesome as usual, thanks guys!
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    Congrats man! That's huge!
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    Thank you for your service sir!
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    We are downsizing our camp setup and thought someone else who wants to get started with overlanding could make good use of our 2021 Skycamp 2.0 plus the accessories that we have gotten for it. There are some normal wear and tear, but everything is functional. It is a steal! Serious buyers please reach out. Here are all that is included for $2,500 with the original purchase prices listed ($4,949 value): iKamper Skycamp 2.0 - $4,000 iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Tent Liners for Winter Camping - $299 (never used) Exped MegaMat 10 Duo Long Wide - $400 Exped MegaMat 10 Long Extra Wide - $250
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    Brady and i took Gadget and his yet-to-be-named rig out this weekend:
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