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    I feel your pain there dude, some days I feel 10 years older than I am. 17 years of driving truck beat me up pretty good. Bite the bullet and carry on is my approach on some days. Other days it's "To hell with this nonsense!". Happy belated b-day!
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    Thanks guys, that was a good day. I had a rough week with one of my staff passing, so probably wasn't the most social but this was a great reset after a tough week!
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    It ain't the years, it's the mileage
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    Got some "new" used shoes for my rig! Last Friday I found a very nice set of used 37x12.50R17LT Cooper Discoverer STT Pros on Craigslist, 5 tires for $700! 4 of them have more than half their tread, the spare is less than half but decent enough to have as a spare. The date codes on these tires puts them just over 1.5 years old which is awesome! Had them mounted today at Discount Tire, driving home they ride fairly nice, even on the freeway. Now all I have to do is "trim some fat" in the rear wheel wells for clearance, plug in the JScan app and set the new tire size and I'm done!
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    got everything put together with the custom bracket. the only place i had to modify the parts thus far was trimming the lower outside corner of the ACM panel. the Jeep's tub curved more than i realized there. i think that's not too shabby for having measured everything with a tape measure and just visualizing how the 2D pieces would fit together in my head. now i just need to take it back out and paint the raw aluminum. i'll also start mounting all the fuses, renogy controller, disconnect, etc. to the ACM panel as soon as i have more free time.
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    And just my 2 cents....I have fenders that extend out past the width of my tires....and in doing so, they help tremendously at keeping mud from coming up higher on my Gracie. Plus we ended up with a bumper that allowed OB1 to move my winch down and out away from the front of my Gracie, and that made my radiator much happier. I have a heavy duty radiator/ tranny cooler, but that winch was blocking air flow and the move of the winch made Gracie even happier. smiles, ladybug
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