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    During a recent trip the wind was very strong and required something other than standard tent stakes. I borrowed/stole this idea from Steve (ob1). They worked awesome. They are made out of 3/8 rebar. Along with my professional welding skills I now have my own set. Thanks Steve
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    NICE! that looks hotter than a toothless Oklahoma hooker sweatin in the July sun!!!
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    G is working at the new house this week. He woke up there this morning and sent this picture of the set up. Our builder left his camp trailer there, so G has a place to sleep.
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    more used car treats... when we had the center console out, i noticed some cut wires. the 2 black here should go to the backlight for the gear selector, and the 2 white should go to the "O/D OFF" button. another broken wire, on the other side of that same connector: the white wires were cut so close to the connector that i had to temporarily de-pin it to get them stripped and crimped onto new ones. then i spliced a new section into the broken wire on the other side of the connector. i couldn't easily reuse the OEM mini backlight because of how close the wire break was. so i took apart a white LED bulb i had and added some leads. that fit nicely back where the other bulb housing had been. i added a drop of glue to ensure it stays put. the backlight and the "O/D OFF" button seem to work just fine now! while i was in wiring mode, i ditched this previously disabled alarm system that was still connected. it didn't have any brand name or logo, so it wasn't like we could just buy a remote and still use it. i had to re-splice a couple of the factory wires after removing this so the rig would still start. i think it's better to have it out though - if something inside the little box ever died, figuring out how to bypass it while on the trail would have been a PITA.
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    Checkout this extremely comprehensive article on tires: Everything You Need to Know About All-Terrain Tires (outsideonline.com) Don't let the title fool you, the article has great info that applies to any truck/suv tire - A/T, M/T, or otherwise.
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    Way cool @4x4tographer! I love the new look! That has to be the most off-handed compliment I've ever heard...
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    Super fun trails, I'd bet they'll be pretty awesome at night! Last time I went, Humbug Creek was FLOWING like crazy after some pretty colossal rain.
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    We all know this, (I hope) but here is reminder. Checkout this article and video. https://www.thedrive.com/news/40217/off-roader-escapes-decapitation-after-recovery-strap-snaps-and-flies-through-windshield Talk about a close call! Hopefully the stuck driver packed clean underwear.
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    And now I know what happened to the feet on my walker
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    AWESOME! The last mounting piece needed showed up today, a day early, so now I'm ready to rock with my tablet! 2 RAM 1" balls, RAM 3" arm and RAM tablet holder attached to a Carolina Metal Mashers aluminum grab handle. Couldn't be happier!
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    G's home safe and sound; says we're lucky he didn't get blown off the roof yesterday. Here's another picture of the new house.
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    Welp, I did a thing. Some new Icon Vehicle Dynamics Rebound wheels and Yokohama Geolandar G003 M/Ts. Here are some details on the new setup: Icon Rebound wheels Size: 17x8.5" Backspace: 4.5" Offset: -6mm Weight: 30lbs each Load Cap: 2,750lbs each "Titanium" painted finish Yokohama Geolandar G003 M/Ts Size: 35 X12.50R17 Tread Depth: 22mm Weight: 71lbs Load Rating: E Really excited with how it came out, they look great. I'm also happy with the wheel color. I was originally torn between a matte black and the titanium. I was little worried it would be "too silver" but its a bit of a "smoky metallic" and darker than the factory wheel with the machined lip. The extra backspacing is really going to help with preventing the wheels from rubbing up against the new tie rod and some of the other new suspension stuff we installed recently. However, that also means I need to make some adjustments to my tire carrier (until I upgrade) since the new wheel/tire no longer engages with the bump stops on the tail gate. I also picked up a TaserJL from Z-Automotive to program in the new tire size and enhance some other goodies on the Jeep. The range of things the TazerJL can do is pretty slick. Light shows, hood alarms, "winch mode" (where the engine will rev to 2,000 RPM), line-lock burn outs, and other potentially useful features.
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    Last trip was a night run with about 30 rigs, awesome run but it turned into a complete cluster. Never again with that many rigs .
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    I really hate it when somebody is looking right at me and talking, and so I react and pay attention, only to realize that they're on their phone. I guess that's why this cracks me up.
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    (photo credit @kaspily) @KtroubleA got a new offroad camping trailer and wants to test it out - so we're going camping near Payson for the weekend and running a trail on Saturday. join us for camping, the trail run, or both! CAMPING: meetup: - at Home depot parking lot in Payson, AZ (map...) - on Friday 4/16 at 10am - or join us anytime using the directions below. directions to camp: - go north-east on Houston Mesa road (across-from & just past the Home Depot) till there's a large "Y" with a gravel road on the right. - take that right fork which is Payette Draw Rd / NF-198. the gravel road has some rocky/washed-out sections and ruts, high-clearance vehicle recommended (2wd OK). - we'll camp somewhere along that gravel road (we'll put up an ORP sign you can look for). we're shooting for the area near where Pyeatt Draw crosses the road (map...). - if you get to a large "T" with a stop sign (Control Rd), you went too far. - look for this maker to find our camp (we may not be visible from the main gravel road): TRAIL RUN: trail: - Pyeatt Draw - moderate to difficult, choose your own adventure style wash - about 3 hrs long - Previous trip report here... meetup: - at our campsite (see directions above) - on Saturday 4/17 at 11am OTHER INFO: GMRS channel 21 (462.700Mhz) or CB channel 4 ATTENDING: @theksmith (with @aimee & Brady) - camping & trail @KtroubleA - camping & trail @Curly - camping @mynr1 - camping @r.barraza - camping @Stacey and Scott - camping & trail (MAYBE) please just let us know if you're coming for camping or the trail run or both!
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    Betty Lou seems like a fine name!
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    A little Home Depot Jeep mod today. With the new wheels decreased backspacing (moved from 6.7” to 4.5”) there was a good 1.5-2” gap between the tailgate/carrier bump stops and the tire. $8 later, I walked out of Home Depot with some 1 1/4 “ PVC and some rubber tips for some stool legs and VOILA! Bump stop extensions! I’ll hit them with some rattle can bed liner later.
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    Thanks Marty (sarc), now I'm going to have to crawl under and check mine
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    To clean up another potential issue when flexing I installed an Emergency Brake Line Relocation Bracket from Rugged Ridge. This should give those lines a little more play and it keeps them tied down securely.
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    Haven't been able to find anyone to cover at work this weekend, to bad perfect weather to be out there. Have a great weekend
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    I hate to do this, but we have to cancel. We've been gone a lot lately and I'm way behind on home maintenance. I always enjoy these pop up camping trips, hopefully we can make the next one.
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    There's a goat in death valley, and apparently it's a big deal... if you see this guy, get 'em! article here: https://www.yahoo.com/news/mysterious-goat-appears-death-valley-194225235.html
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    A similar situation to this actually happened to me Easter Sunday, lol! I was outside on the side of my house looking under the hood of my rig when I heard someone say "good morning" from the other side of the wall. I assumed it was my neighbor talking to me because he can hear me out there so I responded "Happy Easter". After a few seconds I hear my neighbor talking again and realize he's talking to somebody else, not me... LMAO!
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    Okay, glad it's just not me. I guess I will keep the jeep
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    Thanks for the guilt trip, add me to the list of volun-tolds!
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    WTF... Somebody really butchered that stuff...
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    Wow, I just missed the fun. You're correct, those crampons saved my bacon on this trail. Glad you are safe.
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    About a week after @johnpa completed his Canyon backpack trip I hiked down the Bright Angel trail for one of my volunteer patrol shifts. The canyon received 5 to 7 inches of snow that Tuesday. Early that morning there was about two inches on top of a lot of ice. It was very, very slick! I was using shoe traction devices with 3/8” spikes and taking a very short stride. I was told that the mules didn’t attempt the trails that morning. Doesn’t say much for my good sense does it?
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    Thanks everyone but with the 3/8” ice spikes I was using along with my poles I felt very secure. Hiking uphill that afternoon the spikes worked really well handling the semi frozen mud.
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    House just about cleared out. Garage in good shape. House listing goes live 4/17. We put a deposit down on a used American Coach 43ft diesel pusher. Going nomad style until we find the right land to build a home base. Will be keeping the jeeps and once we get settled joining back in on ORP runs.
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    Count us in, down for awhile and this would be a good trail to hit. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
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    It's been an especially breezy spring all over AZ, and Kingman is no stranger to breezes anyway... Good to hear G didn't slip/fall off the roof. PS: Place is looking good and taking shape...
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    Got that " I can go anywhere look" now. Fantastic!
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    After I re-gear my axles I'll be stuck with my 285/70's for some time...
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    I'm like a 10 year old on Christmas morning! Love my new iPad and how easy it is to download from trailsoffroad.com to Gaia! Going to test Gaia during the Soldier Pass run on Saturday. Tomorrow I'll use it with the Jscan app to see about making adjustments to my rig. Waiting on one more mounting piece which will be here Saturday and then I can mount it. For Saturdays run Sarah will keep the tablet in her lap for the first run and then we'll safely pack it away afterwards.
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    Since I was thinking about setting up this run (but have 5 others already in mind) and it'll give me a reason to buy some lights for my rig please sign me up! Quick FYI, both @4x4tographer & @Stacey and Scott both gave this trail a good review on trailsoffroad.com back in 2019.
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    Sign me up please. Can we do the run without participating in the 'Jeep Badge of Honor' program? thanks!
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    @theksmith Thanks, we are planning to tent camp, but will most likely drive the truck. Do you know if fires are allowed? We have plenty of wood leftover from our winter pile.
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    That is actually pretty normal and one of the reasons manufacturers put magnets on the plugs. Back in the day when I worked at quick lube places it was more normal to see all those metal shavings on the plugs than to not see any.
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    I found a picture on Facebook from the memorial yesterday at the Black Bridge (staging area), and spied Smurftruck in it. Can you?
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    I think I may have a name for my rig, I am leaning towards Betty Lou. There a song by Bob Seger called "Betty Lou's Getting out Tonight" that I like and that name just seems fitting for her. Now on to the fun stuff. I checked after a few days of driving to see how the new shocks were doing. I wanted to see if they needed to be snugged up after "settling" in. Rears and front driver were good, front passenger shock was a little loose. I could easily turn the shock body by hand so it needed addressed. I managed to get my hands on a BFK to re-trim the bottom of the battery tray where it gets in the way so I could get in there better. I also got my mitts on on a BFW to I can grab the shock body and hold it without damaging it. The knife worked awesome and so did the wrench. Passenger side is snug and I gave the driver side front a little adjustment for good measure. They should both be good to go.
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    Just from past experience (3 runs), plan for about 10 hours for sure You're in for a treat! It's a gorgeous drive and the river/bridge are really cool. There are a few areas where you can drive straight down to the water and picnic on the "beach". There is also a natural spring near the bridge that someone bricked up into a "hot tub", though I've never found it. If you leave by way of Bloody Basin Road towards the i17, you'll pass through one of the largest ranches in the USA (tons of cows everywhere) and be treated to some spectacular views of the basin as you climb the rim of Hutch Mesa.
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