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    Here's a couple shots of the Aurora around midnight thirty up in Montana
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    Hey all, its the yearly tire purge for me...I have a set of 4, 37 12.50 17 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tires for sale. All have 10/23 DOT codes, 1800 miles on the set, no cupping or chunking, no plugs, patches or otherwise damage. I am going to list them here before Marketplace or Craigslist. 1,700 for the 4.....If you are interested, please send me a message with the time and date on it, and I will get back to you when I return from Moab. I will be back on the 3rd. No, these are not on the jeep right now, but the 38" stickies are...:)
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    We seem to have most everything else listed, would like to see an area for the JT's. Jim
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    Set of 5 used Cooper STT PROs 37x13.5x17 Still lots of tread. These have been offroad and show some evidence of that. No patches and no plugs. Selling as a set. Cash and pick up only. Located in Chino Valley. Asking $1000 or best offer. ORP discount available. These are now $425 each new. Pictures on Facebook ad
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    We’re doing some cleanup and I found a bunch of vinyl decals. Didn’t want to throw them out so they’re free to anyone who wants one. Quantity available are what is shown. I have a ton of non Jeep related as well.
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    New to the group. Live in California but drive through Arizona often to visit my son who lives in Flagstaff. Would love to explore more of what offroading in Arizona has to offer. I'm heading to Offroad Expo next week and have a few days free on the front of this trip. Anybody have weekdays free to hit a trail. Been really wanting to do Back Way to Crown King. I'll be driving past that area probably Tuesday or Wednesday if anybody is up for doing a trail run this week. If not I do look forward to joining some of your events in the future. Jim
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    It has the sasquatch pkg, so pretty capable. Added a trailrax, heretic lights, warn winch, plenty of skids. goosegear set up in the rear, nitto tires. Been having lots of fun with it. Just got back from Moab last week. Always up for getting out on the trails. Look forward to meeting you. Jim
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    Amazing!!! Thanks for posting!!!
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