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    Skip the shopaholic crowds and join us for a moderate 4x4 day run on the Log Corral trail instead! There's a short rock garden, some tight brushy areas, and then a long slow climb in the decomposing granite terrain up to a saddle with stellar views of Four Peaks Mountain and Bartlett Reservoir. After the photo op, the fast-paced descent to the lake will test your articulation over some large ruts/washouts. We'll have lunch lakeside then return the way we came in. Note this is a moderate rating because lockers are not required, however some might consider the rock crawl portion "difficult". You do need a good flexy lift and excellent skid plate / rock rail protection. Details & sign-up thread coming soon...
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    Join us for an evening / night wheeling trip as we run the Black Canyon City Overlook spur trail. Enjoy the panoramic views at the end of the trail from a night time perspective. We may even catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife! SIGN UP HERE! photo credit: 4x4tographer (Ryan)
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