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    Put the Wagoneer on the back burner for now. (It is running) Barbie started making a suspension noise and locking the passenger rear wheel on slow stops. Found the rear upper control arm bushings were bad. I had replaced them not that long ago with new arms with bushings already installed from Quadratec. Bushings didn't last 10k miles. So I went to Napa and bought bushings from them. Spent today driving out the old bushings and installing the new ones. I'll install the arms tomorrow. "Old" bushing 3 of the older bushings U joint tool from Harbor freight made it easy. Done
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    I’m going to post a series of photos of a big horn ram that I encountered on the South Kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon last month. I was headed up, almost finished with a shift, a few switchbacks from the top in a section we refer to as “the chimney“ when heard a few rocks rolling down. I looked up a small side cut in the canyon wall and a big horn Ram stepped out on to the trail about 25 feet in front of me! I started to back down the trail and the Ram thankfully headed up the next switchback. This was taken when I got my phone out of my pocket and backed a safe distance away. Note the two hikers headed downhill. Ram is headed up the hikers are headed down and I’m trying to warn the hikers without spooking the ram. This photo is a bit deceptive. It doesn’t really show that the canyon wall sticks out a bit and the hikers can’t yet see the ram Now they see each other! The Ram politely gives up the trail to the hikers and steps off. He's now headed for a shady overhang that’s not so crowded.
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    Trailhawks Revenge - 04 Wj Overland build Prelude ; First, let me start by saying this probably won't be as creative as ksmith, though I think many of us all have been inspired by his wj build and I hope to incorporate some of the things he has done. Second, I do have a baby on the way and that will obviously take priority. Third, let's talk about how I got here today. In January, I took a new job with an agreement to buy a new vehicle. I found a 21 wk2 trailhawk 'in transit' with all the exact options I was building online. Mid February, I took delivery. My first new vehicle, a 21 trailhawk, 5.7, tech package, hid lighting, everything except for the headrest monitors. After only 3 months and 7300 miles, during a lightly wet evening in Tennessee, a mustang (go figure) lost control on the road where I park and slammed into the jeep pushing it through our fence. 2 months later, it is finally deemed totaled by my insurance. It was originally claimed by the at fault drivers insurance but she didn't carry enough coverage to cover initial estimates. There is more to this story I'll save for later. After being in a rental shortly and eventually sharing my gf car for our day to day, I started looking for something cheap, something I'd be comfortable in... Ah ha! A wj, I've owned one of those before! So I started looking. Long story short, I actually found a wj here that wasn't ideal for me, but for my father, a 00 limited with a 4.0. So I bought it, fixed a few things and drove it up from Tennessee to Illinois. Before heading to Illinois, I looked on fb marketplace to see what kind of wjs were there, I really didn't want to be car-less again heading back to Tennessee. I found a few jeeps, cleaner than expected, ultimately focusing on a 04 overland. While it was a pretty Clean interior and exterior, it has been through some salt and its forming its surface rust on the seams of the subframe, it was written off by insurance once(hydroloked motor if you believe the previous owner, but the motor has been replaced). I didn't have a great time dealing with the owner, he was a 'it's my price because I know what I got type'... I offered carfax market value, and we were only off $500 bucks, so I sucked it up and brought him the money in all 10s just so I could at least make him suffer counting it. As mentioned, it's an 04 overland, 132k, 4.7ho, factory rb1, two tone grey leather, overall very clean. Someone loved it, then it fell on some rough times. Obviously the motor had been replaced, the rear hatch and the hood have definitely been repainted.. But unless I told you, most wouldn't know any better. So now it's mine, and shall be dubbed 'The Trailhawks Revenge'. Long term goals is long armed, 33s-35s, on jk axles. Baby on the way so don't expect any of this to happen overnight. Frankly I plan on stacking parts to give myself a weekend-week project.
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    This was taken last Friday on the game camera at our pond in Spur Cross Conservation Area north of Cave Creek. The pond is a year round water source that’s fed by a solar powered pump from a well site from the original dude ranch. Ranger Kevin said he’s never seen one this far south in the 14 years he’s been at the park. Hopefully for the bear’s health he heads back North into the Tonto NF and not south toward Cave Creek.
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    OK everyone simmer down, there's a new sheriff in town and his team name is Botany Bay and we are of superior breeding and will win all of the challenges. RubiKKKHHHHAAANNN!!!!
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    Hi everyone, sorry it took me so long to finally get to editing our trail ride video! Here it is for your entertainment, made in 4K so you can enjoy on the big screen~
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    Fortunately no, but it’s been a puzzling issue most of this spring season. Ive done 8 shifts so far this year and it’s been thankfully quiet. Other than the worst case of blisters I’ve ever seen the shifts have been very routine. I’m headed up for a week in July and I expect things to be way busier then. Here is the latest info I’ve received on the subject. https://files.constantcontact.com/3770738e401/bc6af6b8-7c38-494f-928a-041687cfddcb.pdf BTW: The young lady featured in the above article did an excellent job handling the situation she encountered. What she did is exactly what my Preventive Search and Rescue Program (PSAR) does. Edit: I wish I could find the original article that had detailed info on the assistance the young lady provided. IMO, there’s a very good chance the one hiker would have died without her assistance with her Garmin InReach. The ability to communicate by text with the rangers was priceless in this case.
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    Devon and I drove up to Dog-town lake today to check it out. We've been there before but it has been decades since we last visited. While we were there we enjoyed a picnic lunch, did some Geocaching and enjoyed a nice rain shower. FYI- they rent Kayaks too! Dog town is a much nicer campground than we remember. We drove through both regular camp loops and the Host let us into the group area. We counted 8 pull through loops for trailers/RVs and tent areas that will also hold smaller trailers. The road in has some washboard sections, but not too bad. I thought the washboard was worse on the drive out. Some pics below. Group Ramada 2nd Fireplace at the Ramada One of the pull through spots One of the Tent areas The lake is a short walk away from the group site and can't really be seen. The lake is much bigger than this photo shows. This pic is from the Day use area.
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    Thanks for the heads up, we will catch you on the next one! @LaZorraRoja you are in if you are still interested. @snoopy61 I added two more spots and gave one to you if you are still interested. @English Al I added you too if you are still interested. And sorry for not responding sooner, it has been a little crazy with work and stuff.
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    made good progress on Sunday, almost done with the driver's side. hopefully the other side goes faster! 1/8" was the thickest i could get the 1.5" x 1" tube in, so i added a piece of 3/4" x 3/4" x 1/8" on the bottom-outside edge to double it up where it will get the most abuse.
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    Bummer but we will be gone at this time, and can't attend, so you guys are pretty lucky that you won't have to compete against us....Just sayin... smiles, ladybug
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    someone on eBay was selling a used Teraflex tire carrier (only the mount part), so now Fiona just needs the hinge/tailgate-support part. one of B's good friends got him a set of Mopar rubber floor mats for his birthday. the hard-top was our early birthday present to him, but since we got such a good deal on that we also had Fiona tinted this week. we used Tint 360 again since they did a great job on our WK2.
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    We had one in the Town of Wickenburg, at one of the downtown parks a few weeks ago. They were able to trap it and re-locate it following a visit with the Vet's to assess health.
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    We can only hope that there really is a special place for special people...
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    It took almost 5 years but the adolescent in me is finally... Well, grinning like an idiot
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    We upgraded the steering on our 1991 Jeep Cherokee Briarwood (XJ). She had been having death wobble keep coming back in addition to it was flexing and creaking when turning. We would make heads turn when coming into a parking lot. Not from the cool factor but from the cranky creaking noises in the steering. So we upgraded to a Clayton Adjustable Front Trackbar (link) with bracket. This was a ton more "beefy" and solved the issue. No more awful noises when turning and so far no wobble. Had a trip to Scottsdale at highway speeds even and zero issues.
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    Oil change today and general inspection underneath and up top. On this change I replaced the aftermarket drain plug with an OEM plug that has the integrated gasket. Won't need to worry about the gasket for a while that way and I have a spare to boot.
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    still working on finalizing this project... i drilled new holes in the Evo shock relocation brackets so they could mount a little lower and also changed out my homegrown 4.5" bump stop extensions for new 4" ones. i had to flip the upper trackbar bolt as it was hitting the new extension on the passenger side. the new setup worked out just right as far as not bottoming out the shocks and i'm happy with the balance of clearance, up-travel, and droop. i think my final issues are just with the sway-bar & links. the link on the driver's side now contacts the brake caliper on full droop. i also realized that i was wrong about whether the sway-bar was in danger of ever inverting - it could in fact flip over if the axle fully droops. i had only checked before with one side at a time down (under full articulation). i bought some JKS 2943 Rear Adjustable Swaybar End Links, but haven't installed them yet. i think adjusting them to just a bit longer than the current links will solve those issues and still clear the tire sidewall.
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    i thought i had the drivers side finished, but i didn't really like the look of the raw stitch welds... so i'm smoothing it over with spot/glazing putty, hopefully it doesn't all just pop-out on the first hard hit. and finally getting started on the passenger side today...
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    Is the tire placement challenge a flex test? I ask because all the ORP OGs (old timers) know darn well that my YJ flexes as much as a concrete block.
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    thanks guys! yes, ditching the round hoop in favor of rectangular tube welded right up against the main strip. those old hoops were bent up pretty bad - and being so wide, they seemed to always drag really hard when rock crawling and getting even slightly off-camber on ledge obstacles. the new steel sits higher and doesn't protrude out as far. i'm also adding a third mounting "leg" to tie into the Jeep's frame to hopefully prevent bending the whole contraption in the middle any further. if i had to do it over, i'd seriously consider the body mounted sliders from JCR or Motobilt. they give you a fair bit more clearance, but seem beefy enough to not cave in the Jeep's sheet-metal on a hard hit. they are $1k+ though, versus $150 in materials to fix-up the ones i already have.
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    These are awesome!! Reminds me of the hikes I'd do with my parents when I was a kid going up the Palm Canyon Trail in the Anza Borrego State Park. Used to see heards of Big Horn Sheep all of the time on that trail. Thanks for sharing!
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    Challenge Accepted... please put @4x4tographer and myself down. Here are the details you asked for: Team Name: Gandalf Style Members: Ryan and Michelle Vehicle: 2018 JLU "The Balrog"
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    @Yodamom, @Ladybug, @K2man56, @Eugene, @Stacey and Scott, @KtroubleA - ya'll aren't all gonna let "Team Money Pit" win by default are you?! Who else has the cajones?
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    Team Name: Team Money Pit Members: Chris and Sarah Vehicle: 2002 WJ "Hope" Looking forward to holding on to our blindfold challenge crown!
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    When money is no object, stuff can get strange REAL quick... LOL... Reminds me of the line about " just because you can afford it, does not mean it's the right thing to do"... LOL...
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    Hey everybody, Happy 4th of July!! Have a great weekend and keep it shiny side up! I'd love to see your holiday pics right here!! Any parades?
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    I have a problem with staying up too late when holiday deals are going on... It ends up making me order stuff like... new rock krawler TJ springs, iro shocks, and new moog spring isolators. Going for a 2.5" initial lift to get the 32's under the jeep without much drama. Very curious how the spring perches are holding up after all these years. Last wj, they were gone. But I didn't replace them until I did my 4.5" long arm lift. I'm probably going to get a superchips programmer soon unless someone has a better solution, I'm also eyeballing WJdiag app... If anyone is running it, I'd love to hear your feedback. Still Debating on a trackbar now or save it till I go 4". Hoping to knock out fluids tomorrow. We will see how cooperative my 5 year old is to run errands in the morning before getting it done before it gets too hot.
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    booty poser photo while out getting some things dialed in
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    We have been wanting to upgrade the MetalCloak Rocksport Shocks from our 3.5” Gamechanger to an adjustable shock kit because of how often we change our setup from fully loaded overlanding gears to fully naked and daily driving. After extensive research, Teraflex Falcon SP2 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback Shocks was the way to go and we wanted to share with you how we installed ours in case you have similar setup with the MetalCloak Gamechanger Suspension on a Jeep JL 4 Door Rubicon. We are really happy with the upgrade! It does exactly what we were hoping for and having the flexibility to adjust the shocks for different setup and road/trail conditions is awesome. We LOVE our MC 3.5” Gamechanger Suspension, but we think this upgrade works perfect for our use case. Looking forward to hitting some more trails with the group when the weather cools~ Most of you guys are probably pros when comes to working on cars. We are still newbies, but we included a short section in the beginning on how we jack up the Jeep without a lift in case anyone on here just starting to learn how to work on cars by themselves like us would like to know. PS: This was filmed in mid April.
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    the driver side slider got a last coat of paint and i finished up all the welding for the passenger side. Gadget looked like a predator this morning - hiding in her burrow, watching and waiting to pounce!
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    Hey everyone, I updated the 1st post with a link to sign ups for Saturday's fun! ORP Overland Field Day Team challenges testing overlanding basic skills Details and Sign up HERE! As much fun to watch as it is to participate Prizes for the winning team!
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    Hey Ryan! We won't be having a guest with us after all, so you can put OB and me in the same jeep (sigh...) and this will open up another spot. smiles, ladybug
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