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    Thanks everyone! Had a great day with the kids, ate a bunch of Thai food, and Brynna baked a cake and icing from scratch!
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    happy birthday @4x4tographer - thanks for all you do around here!
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    Had a great time out there ! Awesome pics and video ! @4x4tographer I especially like the :37 mark of your vid....Driver front tire "Krushin'" rocks.....lol...Get it...klaykrusher........🤪
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    I will always remember our camping trip to Swansea when Ken and Al exposed their true radically funny personalities. BBBAAAA.... That's when we found out that the three of us all worked for the same employer....That following Monday, my secretary came into my office with a surprised look on her face - there were 2 bus drivers here to see me. What a pair Ken and Al were! It was hard to see Ken move to Florida, but we all knew it was good for him to be with family. (I think he moved to the Northeast first) Ken fought the cancer shit....gave it a good fight. My heart to Al and JohnPa, as he was such a dear friend to them. Prayers for Ken's family and friends. God Bless you Ken. smiles, ladybug
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    Awesome pics!! Can you imagine the geological forces that created that magnificence? smiles, ladybug
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    Sorry for the delay, lot of pics and videos from that day were too large to load? This link should be open to everyone. https://photos.app.goo.gl/nQjDqbwUqQxWFyDw9
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    Going to miss ya buddy! We certainly had good times, I'll always remember our jeep trips up to CO, among others. So many stories. RIP Ken....
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    Great pics! Looks like a great day! smiles, ladybug
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    well, after several test drives - nothing is spewing or burning, so i guess good? ;) i noticed 2 differences right away... first, it doesn't rattle like crazy on startup for a few seconds anymore! not sure what that was about. i didn't find any sloppy rocker arms in the old engine. i read somewhere it might have been the timing chain until the hydraulic tensioners came up to pressure? second, there's a bit more vibration now in cab. i don't know if that is because the motor mounts are just new or because i went with a random brand instead of OEM. it's not horrible, i'd still choose some vibes over the additional $300 for the OEM mounts in an offroad rig. oh and seems like it fires up slightly faster. it's not like the old one cranked for a long time, but the new one just seems to start a split second faster. otherwise there's no noticeable difference in power that i can tell. i mean the old engine seemed to run OK too, it was just a time bomb.
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    All the best to you and yours
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    thanks everyone for the information.... I got my glasses ordered today!
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    @Ladybug Remembering the Kofa trip where they were doing the sheep jokes. Hilarious!!
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    well the "lost" motor mounts decided to show up late last night! i was able to get the engine in and put everything mostly back together today. probably need a couple more hours in the morning to wrap up and then hopefully it runs!
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    Thanks, Marty for a great run. Couldn't have had better weather and a good group. Just an aside... we found one of the best ice cream shops in AZ...we stopped in Gold Canyon at a place called Oldies Ice Cream Shop...Bluebell Ice Cream and a very generous portions at a very reasonable price...definitely worth the stop!
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