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    For Black Friday @Number7 and I ran the Chloride Mines trail near Chloride, AZ. This is the trail where the Painted rocks are located. We ran it west to east, the opposite of directions shown in Wells trail guide. It is a very scenic trail, with eastern and western views from the Cerbat Mountains. We could see all the way to Valle Vista from one vantage point. There are 2 campgrounds along the way, but neither of those will accommodate a very large group. They were kind of funky, you had to carry your stuff a long way to the table and fire ring. The trail itself is easy with a couple mildly moderate spots. It took us 2.5 hours including a quick (it was freezing!) lunch stop. Overlooking Chloride
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    Al, Gunny and I ran the south Cherry Creek road yesterday and the first 20 miles were easy and scenic. The last twenty were pretty bad. There are many switch backs which were almost impassable. One was completely washed out and we only got through by driving over the culvert and tree branches. Pic's to follow Then we came across a Polaris and he made the mistake of making fun of Al's new York accent.
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    For your favorite older car or technology challenged adult, I give you the ViewMaster GPS
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    Been pushing to get Project Wag done in time for some Holiday wheeling, but I don't think this jeep wants to wheel. Pulled the intake and exhaust to repair an exhaust leak and replace the freeze plugs. You can see the temporary one I put in when I first got it running. Well, that started leaking yesterday, so today I decided to get after it. You can see the temporary plug, and if you look closely, you will see 3 small freeze plugs in the cylinder head. Those are getting replaced as well. The big surprise was the numerous cracks in the manifold. Not sure what I am going to do about it, replacements are available. It doesn't look like they are leaking.
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    FYI - first aid kits are an eligible FSA expense... just in case anyone else ended up with extra "use it or lose it" funds here at the end of the year like us. the fsastore.com site even carries the high quality Adventure Medical brand, which made it easy to burn our leftover FSA money on something useful. the Adventure Medical Sportsman or Mountain series are great for an overland vehicle or bug-out-bag.
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    As John said, per-ran Cherry Creek. SHOULD NOT BE "ORP" sponsored event! It will take heavy equipment to repair some of the wash outs. The Polaris problem was he cut the switch back to short & right rear wheel pulled him down into the wash out. Notified Sheriff in Young & they were on there way out to the site to make sure no bodies. ( we did not see anybody around) I have trouble with posting pic's so sent pic's to John to post. Al
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    thanks to @4x4tographer for this photo from our Turkey Creek run:
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    Nice! Roy & I did that trail a few years ago. Camped @ the top, nobody around. Painted Rocks Kooool! Al
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    42,000 miles. Performed a diff gear oil change front and rear. The oil in the front was surprisingly dirty, probably a testament to how often it gets used (the JL has a front axle disconnect, so the front differential isn't churning during normal road driving). Replaced the Royal Purple from my previous change with MasterPro 75w90 (front) 75w140 (rear), mostly because it was available in the right weights at the local auto store. Photo unrelated, but a fun "Then & Now" Both on Crown King about 3 years apart.
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    Migrated the JK-R 2-Door to the new Bestop Glide fastback soft top. The old top is worn out but if you need any of the frame components... I have the whole thing available to you. No cost. I am in Tucson.
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    Thanks Jason for mapping this out. This was a surprisingly fun little run! I never thought much about how much we have in our own backyard to play in. here come the pics!
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    the original "heads up display" technology!
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    Did that trail a few years ago w/ John Pa and Jim G. We stayed at Windy point campground. We had it to ourselves except for one other camper. Great views but the flies were bad and there were Rattlers in the campground!
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    I was in an accident yesterday evening. Thank God both of us we’re ok and walked away without any injuries.. but unfortunately the Jeep will be out of commission for awhile until insurance handles everything. I was going from the parking lot to the lane to do a u-turn, and he was driving on the wrong side of the road. Didn’t see him till last min. He rammed my right tire area and slid along the side step. Broken wheel well, suspension, and tire rod. Bumper and fender took a hit too. Not sure what else went on underneath. Too soon to tell. I was so excited about my back to back off-road trips this weekend.. but everything happens for a reason. This is only a setback, not the end! She and I will come back stronger See you all on the trails again (hopefully) soon
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    Thank you so much! Will keep that in mind.
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    Big thanks to @Bradywgn71 (@kaspily) for the photos at Turkey Creek!
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    I took the jeep out today through box canyon/ ajax road to see if the paint restore did not effect the wheeling capabilities. I am happy to say the jeep still has it.
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    I'll send you my # & you bet!
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    Same here - back on the grind until Christmas!
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    Holy cow! Glad your both okay. Hope everything gets worked out quickly for you.
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    glad everyone is ok! hopefully the insurance and then the shop both move fast and you can get back to having fun offroad soon.
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    George and I haven't been wheeling much at all this season, because we've been super-busy with another big project. Some of our friends know, but it's going to be news to others, that we're moving to Mohave county! It took us a long time to finally settle on a location, and after not being able to find a house that we wanted, we bought some land and we are building one. We settled on a spot about 15 miles northeast of Kingman in a neighborhood called Valle Vista. It totally reminds us of Fountain Hills back in the day; there's a gas station, a few restaurants, a Dollar General and a golf course. We're pretty much building a replica of the house and garage building that we have now on a slightly larger lot. This is going to be the view out my kitchen window: This is also out the back, looking toward Kingman: This is looking out the front: We will be exploring a lot more in the northern sections of the state, not to mention Death Valley, Mojave Road, Lake Mead, and such, and leading some adventures there too. We're looking forward to unexplored territory! More...
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    Myself and Ed @LaZorraRoja are going to do some exploring in the hills between Vistancia and Highway 74 just south of Lake Pleasant. Anyone who has the day off and would like to join us we'd love to have you along. This will be a shorter run, maybe just a couple hours if that. Technical Rating: not sure as this is exploratory so we'll have to play it by ear REQUIREMENTS: A high clearance 4x4 with a low range transfer case option, suitable front & rear recovery point, aggressive 30"+ or larger A/T or M/T tires. Recommend aftermarket skid plates, rock rails and sway-bar disconnects Ham radio on 462.700 Mhz GMRS channel 21 (462.700 Mhz) Rigs & drivers must meet all the typical state/federal legal requirements for on-highway vehicles (license, insurance, registration, seat belts, lights, etc.) Itinerary: Meet up time will be 9am, depart by 9:30am. Meet up spot will be a dirt lot off of Lone Mountain Rd. & Loop 303: Map Gas up beforehand, 1 full tank should be plenty Travel time estimated 1-3 hours estimated 8.6 miles Sign-Up: 1 - @Trail Toy 2 - @LaZorraRoja Reply to this thread and I'll ad you to the list, there is no rig limit at this time.
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    Thanks to Ed for throwing out the idea of wheeling, the 2 of us did a fun little run that we completed in about 1 hour 45 minutes. Nothing too technical, I'd rate what we did as easy to moderate (1-3). We ended up running north all the way to Highway 74 instead of the out and back. Looking forward to the pics!
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    That's good. I was worried you ate through too much clear coat and diminished the offroad handling.
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    Not sure if it's still the same but Sarah was able to roll over a max of 10 days!
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    Sarah used to do that and roll over days to the following year, now that we've gotten into offroading/overlanding/camping the past year she's been using more of her PTO during the year.
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    If you feel up for I'd be willing to do a little exploring on the trails north/northeast of where I live tomorrow. Right near Lone Mountain and Loop 303 there's access to trails and I've been wanting to go explore out that way for some time now. Let me know what you think and I'll work on setting up a run for us.
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    back to work for me this morning
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    hey Kevin, sorry i have to cancel on you... mangled my steering on the run today somehow.
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    Thanks for the great post and pics! Nothing better than a peaceful camp site! smiles, ladybug
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    Oh what the heck.. the pictures drew me in too. At least this run is closer to my house! I’ll just get better pulling off two runs one after another lol Keep me signed in please!
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    I need more trail therapy, please sign me up for this run, looks amazing from the pics I've seen.
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    I’d love to join in. Always looking for some more moderate trail miles! Sign me up please!
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    Welcome traveler's.
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    Hello! I’m new here too. Just went on my first trail ride and absolutely loved it! Great group of people here and very knowledgeable. You’ll love it and Learn a lot
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    Your right Kris. I put a cover on it and parked it in the garage. Guess I will use Lori's Tacoma from now on
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