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    Last fall Rita took a little nap on the way home. I was uninjured, but Rita unfortunately didn't make it. So, last week I did a thing and bought Jack. She's a 2017 Rubicon Hardrock. She was 100% stock and 100% a pavement princess when I drove her off the lot. We salvaged everything we could from Rita, including the 35s. Those went on Jack this weekend. They rub in the front when offroad, but on the pavement they are fine. I've ordered the 3.5 Metal Cloak lift for her. It arrives shortly. I believe I've finally decided on the Fox 2.0 shocks....but haven't pulled the trigger. I'm not usually this indecisive. Here is Jack before with her stock shoes and after with Rita's 35s. And, I've had a lot of questions about Jack's name. She named herself on day one. As we drove to get her all I could think of was I was going to need a drink after the dealership hassle....and on the day Rita tipped over I had just purchased a brand new big bottle of Jack that survived the calamity and soothed my injured pride that night, and so she was named before I even drove her home. Looking forward to having her lifted so I can get some more off-road time. I've certainly missed some ORP trips and the dirt therapy. (Extra hands on wrenching days welcome. )
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    Ok - a few weeks later, more progress! I'm now considering the front end 100% finished! Font bumper is buttoned up, fogs lights installed. Went with some round SAE drop-in replacements from Diode Dynamics. Installed a front skid plate from Rusty's Offroad which sits nice, high, and tight against the frame horns. The install required just a little grinding of the winch mount to get it to fit. Met up with @theksmith for a little flex test over by Lake Pleasant at "the flex spot" - a super secret proving grounds for suspension tests. One of my concerns was clearance with the front wheels at full flex and turned full lock. The juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust clear the back side of the new fender liners. So no worries there! However that'll be something that would need to change if I ever jump up a tire size. Beyond that, both the front and rear have 2-3" of clearance at full stuff. While I can adjust the rears for another inch of up-travel, the fronts will have to stay where they're at due to the clearance with the back side of the inner fender.
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    Here's some pictures of the awesome winch installation by @Number7 on the Smurftruck. Looking all mad max Done!! Finished product looks really nice!
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    Wired up the amber backlighting for the Diode Dynamics fog lights tonight. Tapped in to the side marker wiring which is no longer in use on the front fenders. I also dialed in the vertical adjustments on the fogs and fussed around with the Rigid Industries white fogs that are installed on the bumper. The rigid definitely have a "fuzzier" light cutoff than the Diode Dynamics. The new fogs have SHARP cutoffs on the horizontal light plane on both the top and bottom.
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    i also installed the new front custom length brake hoses from Helper Performance the other day. they look to be high quality lines with stainless steel fittings and were very reasonably priced IMO. the interesting thing is that the pedal got slightly firmer after installing these. i would normally guess that wasn't related to the lines and was just the bleeding that improved things... however, i'd just bled all 4 corners multiple times after putting on the new Teraflex brakes a week ago - so i'm really wondering if these lines could have less give than my old braided ones from Crown? i did order them a little too short (32") to route in front of the shocks like i'd wanted. but i think i have them where they won't be pinched by the tires by using a Teraflex brake line anchor kit.
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    I put together a 4 tire system using harbor freight remnants. I have a small air tank in the jeep. My observations. If you have a powerful air compressor then filling one tire at a time is not as efficient as filling more than one tire at a time. The valve stem is restrictive and the limiting factor. The air tank is helpful in two ways. The first is if you fill it up before stopping to air up, you have a bit of extra compressed air in the tank so it cuts a small bit of time for the overall airing up. The second is if you are airing up one tire at a time, the compressor will continue to run as you move from one tire to the next. So you can save a minute to ninety seconds on the overall time, depending on how long it takes you to move from tire to tire. If you have a 4 tire air up system the tank is much less effective. Yeah, it will help a bit if you fill it up before you start airing up but it doesn't provide the advantage of storing the air as you move from tire to tire with a single tire fill up system. I noticed with my setup that the tank pressure increased when I was airing up a single tire. It was never enough to get the compressor to shut off but it indicated to me that my compressor could pump more air than I could push past the tire stem. As the pressure increased the rate of build up in the tank decreased. So if you are using a smallish compressor then airing up all 4 tires at the same time probably won't save you much time.
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    I’ll take this item please if still available 8 ft, 10000 lb Vault Cargo tow/tree strap (30k break strength) - never used Thank you sir, Jim
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    So sorry to hear about Rita - but happy you ended up with Jack! Sounds like you have some big plans in the works! Looking forward to seeing you guys on the trails sometime soon. For what it's worth, I have the Fox 2.0's and I've been happy with them for the last 1-2 years. You're gonna be outflexing all of us with the game changer lift you bought
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    Nice upgrade Ryan... Looks good...
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    I would be interested. My last trip there got cut short due to frigid high winds.
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    No real question here now, I may have hit pay dirt. See below.
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    Exactly....mine was a purchase of convenience as well as making airing up a little easier on my knees and back.
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    Thanks for that info. I can see where and how this conversation can quickly turn in a "what fluids are better" debate.
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    I have the MORRFlate system and love it. That coupled with my onboard ARB Dual Compressor is nice. Airs up super quick. But then again, I went to that from a PowerTank set up, so I can compare it to anything else.
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    Now that wasn't so difficult...
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    A little more Southwest and problem resolved
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    When are you two just going to take care of this for the rest of the country? I know you have the means
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    Thanks gents! I am thinking more in the line of convenience and what Ryan mentioned, saving my back & knees some extra wear and tear is not a bad thing. If I can save a couple of minutes that'd be a bonus.
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    I'm happy with my 4 tire inflator set-up on the same Smittybilt 5.56 CFM compressor. Saves some time and my back from going and crouching tire to tire and lets me socialize while the Jeep does it's thing without needing to babysit the compressor. I'd estimate my total inflate time on 35s from 15psi to 35psi to be about 6-7 minutes, though I've never actually timed it.
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    A friend of mine had a similar set up on his Jeep. He quit using it pretty quickly. He found it to be no faster than airing up one at a time and problematic. YMMV.
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    I found something once I got my interwebs search syntax correct. Saving here for future use. Found this video, which lead me down the MORRFlate Rabbit hole. Found their MORRFlate Quad doo hickie. To use with a Smittybilt you need an adapter kit or a MORRFlate Extension Hose. The hoses have the proper fittings allegedly. If I go this route I can save my Smittybilt hoses etc. as a back up. Not sure why I never found this before but am glad I did now. I may go bougie here real soon. Good talk guys and gals, good talk!
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    Edit 20230130 1830 - added a few more items Edit 20230201 0930 - more items, cross out some items no longer available ===== Free to good home. Trying to make my wife happy and clean out the garage, and YOU can help! I have the following items that need a new home: Bag of common trail repair 3.8L engine parts (hose, belt, tensioner, idle pulley) 3.8L fan control module Passenger side rear (red) tow hook for JK. Does not work with JL! Full kit: hook, in-frame backing plate, bolts Newer JKs (2015+ I think) have the holes in the frame factory drilled SuperChips programmer for 07-11 JK (will need to contact and pay for a reset from SC) Tailgate CB antenna mount, driver's side '07-18 (with cable) Third tail light for JK from the stock tire mount OEM replacement carpet clips (3) Radio antenna conversion kit to combine CB with AM/FM antenna for JK, supposedly can work for JL too Over rearview mirror CB mount for JK Rugged Ridge/Omix Ada replacement driver's side door hinge for JK. This is just the door component. Quadratec front and rear mud flaps for JK stock fenders JKS 0-2" lift front swaybar disconnects for JL or JT KC light rock guards (2) KC stocking (you Jeep deserves Christmas too!) Ok, even Yotas deserve some xmas love... Tailgate CB antenna mount, passenger's side '07-18 (bracket only) JK under front seat mounting bracket for air compressor, amplifier, or communications radios Does not fit JL or JT Set of 23 JK OEM acorn lug nuts (well used) Set of 20 JL/JT acorn M14 lug nuts plus three lock nuts with lock key Set of 25 7-spline M14x1.5 black lug nuts (fits JL or JT, not JK) Includes 2 lug keys Not a standard spline count, good for annoying both the tire shop and wheel thieves 8 ton Vault Cargo snatch block with grease bearing (good for UTV winches) - never used Not recommended for use with 10k or 12k winches 20 ft, 10000 lb Vault Cargo tow/tree strap (30k break strength) - never used 8 ft, 10000 lb Vault Cargo tow/tree strap (30k break strength) - never used My bad pack rat habits, possibly your gain. I hate to just toss it if anyone could use any of these parts and pieces
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    @theksmith Noted and reserved. For everyone else, more items added.
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    i'll take these items please: Bag of common trail repair 3.8L engine parts (hose, belt, tensioner, idle pulley) 3.8L fan control module thanks Woody!
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    i got the front axle rotation dialed in. my only limiting factor for caster now (thanks to the locking hubs preventing highway vibes) is the operating angle on the front-most drive shaft u-joint. specifically the Neapco 1350 slip-yoke side of that joint claims a max of 20*. my first guess on length for the lower control arms put that joint about 21* at full axle droop (pinion was down ~3* and DS was at ~18*). it actually seemed to rotate without binding, but that didn't allow any room for bushings to compress, etc. ...so i shortened the lower arms a full turn to reduce that angle just a bit and called it good. i ended up with somewhere around 8.5* of caster at ride height, which really improved tracking on the freeway. i love how she drives now - without the vibration i keep going faster than i realize though!
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    This run was about perfect for the majority of rec. off readers. Great weather, beautiful mod. trail, happy crew and a thoughtful leader. Thank you Al Mick
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    NEXT PROJECT - about 90% complete. Working on replacing my GoRhino Rockline bumper with a new steel bumper from Next Venture Motorsports. Their Adventure series steel bumper comes as a 2 piece with a winch cradle and an outer bumper skin. Everything is made with 1/4" steel with 1" recovery tabs. As a bonus - this bumper is flat-towable (the GoRhino bumper can't handle flat towing). I'm also digging the sunken winch mount for a cleaner look up front. Test fitting everything before bolting up the winch cradle. Side profile with the bumper skin in place. I'll need to pick up some fog light adapters for my Rigid Industries SAE fogs. The bumper comes with provisions for you to use your factory fogs.
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    Caught this contrail casting its shadow up onto the cloud, at moonset this morning
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