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  • What is the Offroad Passport® Club?

    We are a diverse group of outdoor explorers! Our adventures center on 4x4 vehicle-based trips and related activities such as camping, hiking, rock-hounding, caving, visiting ghost towns, and outdoor photography.


    • Family friendly, all ages welcome

    • Arizona-based club, events located throughout the Southwest

    • Known for our multi-day expedition style (overland) adventures
    • Plenty of day runs, camp-outs, BBQ's and how-to clinics as well


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    The Mojave Road, Rubicon Trail, Ouray, Canyonlands, Calico, Vermillion Cliffs, and Moab are just a few of the exciting areas the club has visited.


    • A street-legal 4x4 vehicle is required for most adventures
    • All makes & models welcome, from stock to heavily modified
    • Trails range from scenic easy forest roads to challenging rock crawls


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    Members have expanded their knowledge in club workshops like 4x4 Absolute Beginners Class, GPS/Topo Apps How-To, Beginning Rock Crawling, and Prepping for The Rubicon Trail.



  • I want to join the funnest bunch of off-road adventurers in the Southwest!   

  • How Does Membership Work?

    • A club membership includes 1 upgraded website account and allows you to bring 1 vehicle to each club member-only event. Please note that certain events may have additional facility or permit fees that are beyond our control.
    • Membership upgrades are active for 1 year and begin immediately upon purchase. In order to attend a club member-only event, your upgrade must be active at the time of the event.
    • Your account upgrade grants you access to all club member-only areas of the site, including event detail/sign-up discussions. See the Membership Options page for other online perks.
    • Membership is associated with an individual and not a particular vehicle. Family or friends are welcome to accompany you in your rig.
    • Some events may limit the number of vehicles/participants. Event leaders will update an attendee list in the order that members reply to the discussion. Please be considerate by signing-up only after you're certain that you will attend.
    • Vehicles must meet all legal requirements for the event area and be in good working order. Drivers must be licensed, capable, and responsible. Specific rig and driver requirements will be listed in each event sign-up discussion.


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    With the variety of event types and trail ratings, there's sure to be a suitable adventure for your rig's capabilities and your experience.



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