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  1. I'm thinking we might come up and stop in at camp Saturday night. We will not be camping and will not be 4wheeling with you though as little Virgil will be in his 8th month by then.
  2. Check out http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/ How to load maps to your Nuvi --> http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/tutorials/how-to-load-maps-on-my-garmin-gps-unit/ And another good link --> http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/tutorials/how-to-change-which-map-is-displayed-on-a-garmin-gps/#nuvi
  3. Please join the 4x4 Ham group for ARRL Field Day on the weekend of June 25, 2011. Are you or someone you know interested in Amateur (Ham) Radio? Are you a Technician looking to gain more experience using the HF bands? Would you like to learn how to operate different modes such as SSB, CW, PSK31, satellites, etc.? Do you like consuming mass quanties of bacon? Or are you just looking for a reason to camp (optional) in the tall pines north of Payson with a great group of people? ARRL Field Day is held the 4th full weekend of June each year. The Field Day objective is to work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12-meter bands) and to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. Bonus points are given for operating without commercial power, using technologies like solar/battery combinations, portable generators, etc. 2011 marks the 3rd annual 4x4 Ham participated Field Day. Come out and camp with us. We will be providing all the radios, antennas, and other equipment needed. If you have your own, feel free to bring it. We will have many Extra class control operators on site, so if you are a Technician, General, or even someone interested in ham radio, but no license yet, you can join us and operate with Extra class privelages. This year we are also hosting a testing session Saturday at 2pm, so pre-register for that if interested. As always, we'll eat well with group breakfast and potluck dinner. The site is not difficult to access. RV and trailer friendly. (High clearance is probably better. Cars may have a little problem getting there.) Sign up to attend 4x4 Ham Field Day: http://www.4x4ham.com/showthread.php?632-Field-Day-2011 Sign up to Test. Upgrade to Technician, General, or Extra. http://www.4x4ham.com/showthread.php?824-Signup-For-Testing-on-Field-Day Picture thread from 4x4 Ham 2010 FD: http://www.4x4ham.com/showthread.php?124-Field-Day-2010-Pictures-and-Videos Official ARRL Field Day site: http://www.arrl.org/field-day For more info visit http://www.4x4ham.com
  4. Do it. I have a whole bag of ratchet straps and bungee cords. We could strap one or two of us underneath and get her up to speed!
  5. FYI, for a place we stayed and recommend. Canyonlands Campground is great. Lots of trees and shade. In the middle of town, but quiet and off the main road at the same time. http://www.canyonlandsrv.com/
  6. Super8 in Holbrook. We stayed there on the way to Canyon de Chelly in 2009. Horrible. The bed was aweful. Marcia slept most the night in the couch/chair they had in the room.
  7. It should be under the dash on the left by the hood pull lever. I have a cheap one from Harbor Freight. Works well. All it does is read the code and reset it. Some of the more advanced ones can run engine tests and other functions. I get the code number and then search the internet for repair options. The one I have was $40 and similar to this one. http://www.harborfreight.com/can-obdii-code-reader-with-multilingual-menu-98568.html
  8. I've wheeled with Chris a few times (easy trails, haha) and he's a great guy. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed with his work. I can't wait to see how this turns out. You putting on different/bigger tires as well?
  9. XJ has been sold. Motivated to sell camper. Give me a call.
  10. X2!!! This is a must have class/knowledge for anyone that is into camping, exploring, 4x4. I've taken the class twice and highly recommend it. My past write-up with photos.
  11. Updated first post. Craig's List ad. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/2328478345.html
  12. Reposted to Craig's List with lower price. First post updated. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/rvs/2328010864.html
  13. SOLD 2008 Starcraft Travel Star XLT 16FDB Travel Trailer Small travel trailer sleeps 3. Table folds to bed. Storage compartment above table folds down to sleep 1 or gives extra storage. Full separate bath with corner shower. Microwave, refrigerator w/freezer, 2 burner stove, dual sinks in kitchen, indoor/outdoor stereo, A/C, awning, dual 20lb propane tanks, includes RVQ gas grill and case. This little trailer is easy to tow with SUV or truck (2200 lbs dry) and has tons of storage! $8500. Purchased new in Dec. 2008 so it’s really just over 2 years old. Check out this link for more info. http://www.rvguide.com/specs/starcraft/travel-trailer/2008/travel-star-reg-xlt-sport/16fdb.html
  14. K7VZ

    Eagle Cam

    The highs have been in the 40's there. That rabbit is refrigerator fresh.
  15. K7VZ

    Eagle Cam

    I just saw it reposition. There are 3 unhatched eggs.
  16. Well, if we can get both the camper and XJ sold, we might be in the market for a JK. That part of the plan hasn't been finalized yet. My plans for tomorrow are to get both cleaned out and pictures/descriptions posted.
  17. Buy both and I can work with pricing on a combo deal. We will still have the Hemi WK. Jeep all the way.
  18. Serious this time. I've got another project in mind and the XJ has to go. I'm going to clean it out and get an updated listing this weekend. Also, our 16ft. 2008 Travelstar camper trailer is going up for sale too. Let me know if interested. I'm working on getting better pictures, but you can see them both in this pic for now.
  19. http://azrepeaters.net/ is another great resource.
  20. Congratulations. I know how you feel. I bought my wife's engagement ring around Thanksgiving and intended on proposing on our shared birthday Dec. 11. I ended up proposing on Dec. 7 that year because the anticipation was driving me bonkers.
  21. Check into the Wouxun also. I don't have any experience, but it gets good reviews. I like that you can buy it at retailers vs. ebay too. http://www.powerwerx.com/wouxun-radios/wouxun-kg-uv3d-dual-band-2m-uhf-handheld-commercial-radio.html
  22. There was a recall on our 04 for the seat heaters. Might be worth looking into.
  23. The tie-breaker should be that Joshua Tree Forest gets the win.
  24. Take a spare brain. He's going to give you a bunch of info to fill it with. I think I'm going to take this class for a 3rd time next time he offers it.
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