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  1. Tried to change the transmission filter. Spent an hour trying to get the dipstick tube disconnected. Finally got it free and gave up for the night. Reassembly will happen tomorrow.
  2. Cool. Terry KE7LPG is a awesome guy. If he's involved, it's guaranteed to be a great class.
  3. K7VZ

    ScottLs 2001 XJ

    Nice. Thank you. Your XJ is looking good.
  4. Great class. Knowledge everyone should have. Here's a summary and some photos from the 2009 class I took. Wilderness First Aid & CPR Class June 6/7, 2009
  5. K7VZ

    ScottLs 2001 XJ

    Did you make those rear shock mounts? I would like to relocate mine up higher like that.
  6. http://www.4x4ham.com/showthread.php?560-Wilderness-First-Aid-Class-January-2011
  7. What's the tongue weight on it? I can't believe it would have enough sagging to cause a problem.
  8. A must have link for boating in AZ. http://www.azgfd.gov/h_f/edits/lake_levels.shtml
  9. This boat and motor are for sale. Picked up another boat/motor/trailer over the weekend. Ducks not included.
  10. K7VZ

    ScottLs 2001 XJ

    Ha, I think you guys have been punked.
  11. Cyclones go further! Tama, IA born and raised. Marcia is from Oskaloosa.
  12. See, you can teach and old man new tricks. Sweet trailer. When are you building one for Marcia?
  13. Now that you know how to post them, take more pictures of the inside. You didn't showcase your fine (redneck engineering) craftsmanship enough.
  14. Cool. There better be birthday cake. It's Marcia and my birthday on the 11th also. I'll be wearing my birthday suit.
  15. We'll probably miss it on either weekend. My mom is coming to visit on the weekend of the 2nd followed by my brother and his wife visiting on the weekend of the 8th. I'll see if I can get Marcia to bake a batch of cookies to send with Diane though. :-)
  16. You guys have poor taste in good photography. The photo I vote for never wins. Haha.
  17. I have 2 questions/topics I'd like feedback on. The 2005 Grand Cherokee WK needs new tires. Currently running 245/70/17 size tires. I'd like to put 265/(65 or 70)/17 tires on it. This is a street vehicle only. The worst trails it will ever see are in the difficulty range of Apache Trail or FR300 on the rim. I have my XJ for anything else. Marcia and I are having a hard time deciding which tire to put on it. She likes the Nitto Dune Grappler tire, but they don't make that smaller than approx. 33" on a 17" rim. I don't want to change rims either or go with anything that would fit the mud terrain category. I like the BFG AT tire, but what else is out there that would be a good tire for 95% street use with 5% gravel road use? While we are at it, we were looking at installing a 2-3" lift on it. The WK has a straight rear axle, but has IFS (struts in the front). Most WK lift kits I've seen in the $200-400 range include poly spacers in the rear and some sort of strut spacer in the front. We'd still have to get new rear shocks on top of that price. The Old Man Emu lift kit for the WK Grand Cherokee is only kit I've found that comes with taller springs and shocks that are longer. OME seems to have a top knotch reputation. Quadratech has it for $760. http://www.quadratec.com/products/76090_60X_PG.htm Anybody have knowledge of this kit on a WK or alternatives I should look at? Here's a pic as it sits now.
  18. I'd like to see you incorporate a setup like this.
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