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  1. Enable APRS on 144.39Mhz and you can beacon your position and receive positions of other hams. You should also be able to do APRS messaging. The radio will show you where other stations are, but I'm not familiar with how well the mapping is. Most likely just a heading.
  2. Randy Quaid! Not safe for work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icEkVTSj8JA Oh no! They've edited the funny part out.
  3. Seasonal. They close it when there's snow or other weather.
  4. He loved them. He played with them for 2 hours on my lap like that. He liked finding the pig in the middle.
  5. Geez, how bad is it? I thought I saw George making it wider. Ha, as long as we don't scratch it down to bare metal. We'll see. I might be walking a few miles in. Haha.
  6. Yes to the campfire. I just saw pictures of 4 Peaks road. Will we be getting into snow on this trail? I can't wait to see the fight over my gift exchange present!!!
  7. We still need to run the store to get something to bring. What should we get?
  8. It always falls on the same weekend as the AEN-MAR picnic in Payson. I might have to head over to Flagstaff for part of the day.
  9. I've often wondered that my ham radios. There's times where I'm hauling around $2-3000 worth of gear.
  10. I rarely have to work weekends, but they've scheduled a big project for Sept. 6/7. I'm trying to get out of it, but move us to Tentative at this point. I'll know in a couple more weeks if I'll have to cancel going to the Cinders or not.
  11. No Stone Unturned Photography Michael D'Avy https://www.facebook.com/NoStoneUnturnedPhotography
  12. I voted options 2, 4, 6. FYI, it's "poll". I was trying to figure out what a "planning pole" looked like.
  13. Virgil, Marcia, and Evan. 17ft. travel trailer. Marcia is $20 and the kids (Virgil and Evan) are free?
  14. K7VZ

    Chase Bank

    Oh, the outrage. As a customer of Chase, I get the same benefits.
  15. He was probably going in for a landing at the Red Creek air strip. http://goo.gl/maps/qKtth
  16. I'm sick of seeing Jeep advertisements with 1 or more wheels off the ground.
  17. 4x4 Ham operates on 147.52 also.
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