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  1. Followed this link: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/01Yw9YyTOOZqxMKaMYtRyg?feat=directlink Right clicked the image and chose Properties. Then copied the link and entered it into the forum post with the img tags.
  2. Ok, I'll be the Jackass of the Day. Sorry to confuse you with my sarcasm. I believe the story you posted is real. As far as I know, most police officers will carry 24/7, so having it off duty isn't unlikely either. Glocks do have metal in them. The grip is made from a polymar plastic of some sort of compound, but the slide and barrel are still metal. Years ago, the anti-gun crowd tried to ban Glocks in the U.S. because they were made of plastic and wouldn't set off metal detectors at airports, etc. It was total nonsense and that is where my sarcastic comment was based from.
  3. Sorry, I was being sarcastic.
  4. Impossible. Glocks are made from plastic and are not magnetic.
  5. Diane emailed me with the invite.
  6. I think Jason should get a permit next year. It was good to see everyone and we had a fun time being part of the support crew.
  7. George looking over the edge - Is that Goosenecks State Park? Last picture - Who's stacking rocks? haha.
  8. It's NOT postponed. Looks like I'm going to be working on the support crew. Say hi to the 4x4 Ham guys as you pass.
  9. Yep, part of the Incendent Command System. Use plain english. It allows any agency to clearly communicate with any other agency. 10-4 good buddy!
  10. As requested, I posted the announcement and link on 4x4ham.com.
  11. Michael at AZ Print n Ship has been doing our stickers for the 4x4 Ham group. Great product and service and I like supporting a local business. I highly recommend him. Michael at AZPrintShip - Phone: 623-878-7444
  12. I live in north Phoenix. Bass Pro didn't have the prop I needed and sent me to Martin Marine since they stock parts for older motors.
  13. All this boating talk got me excited about going. Went to Martin Marine on Broadway and Extension and bought a replacement prop for the trolling motor. $12.92 later and I'm ready to go!
  14. For a tiny little can, they do pack the stuff in there!
  15. I would suggest this one over the Survival in a can. We threw one of these in our go bag and have larger first aid and survival kits in the XJ. I think both Sportsman's Warehouse and WalMart have them for under $20. #9480 - Survival Kit http://www.coghlans.com/catalogue/productList.php?catID=5
  16. I have oars. One is split and either needs repaired or I may replace both of them. The guy I bought it from also threw in an old electric trolling motor. I hooked it up to the battery and it spins, but does need a new prop as the existing one is broken. MinnKota 35W with 17 lbs. of thrust. My brother lives in Minnesota. I've got him on the lookout for a small 3-5hp gas motor. I think that would be sweet on this boat. Virgil
  17. Join the 4x4 Ham group on their Sept. 12 trip to the Titan Missile Museum. We will be operating HF from their giant 80ft. tall discone antenna. Trip details here: http://4x4ham.ning.com/events/titan-missle-museum-road-trip N0EQ's previous trip report: http://www.digitalcartography.com/n0eq/discone.htm Thanks, Virgil-K7AZV
  18. Looks like a nice XJ. From the pictures, I thought you bought new carpet. Hard to believe it washed up that well. Nice work.
  19. So I got this new boat, but need more water. Besides the monster lakes like Pleasant and Bartlett, where are good boating locations nearby? I think we are going to haul it up to Blue Ridge Res. over Labor Day weekend.
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