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  1. 2011 Rubicon, I run just over 35PSI on the street. TPMS makes an angry little yellow light on the dash below 35PSI.
  2. Here's a spoiler link --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Waddell_Dam Unless the original name was Carl Pleasant Lake, I don't see a different name of the lake than Pleasant. Frog Tanks Dam?
  3. Waddell Lake? I know it's Waddell Dam.
  4. Does that mean yes or no? Mesquite?
  5. And we have a recall. Chrysler agrees to recall of Jeeps at risk of fire. http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/06/18/chrysler-agrees-to-recall-jeeps-at-risk-fire/
  6. Kris, good timing of your post also. Join 4x4 Ham the weekend of June 22 for ARRL Field Day. We'll be operating in the HF bands, but everyone will be camped out and plenty of show and tell. http://www.4x4ham.com/forumdisplay.php?54-W7AZO-4x4-Ham-Field-Day We're also holding a test session at 9am.
  7. I use Hostgator.com with 4x4Ham.com and Silhanek.com and am very happy with them.
  8. I purchased the Comet SMA-24J antenna at HRO. http://www.hamradio.com/detail.cfm?pid=H0-011735 I haven't done any hard benchmark testing on it, but I like the flexible antennas way more than the stiffer stock antenna that comes with it.
  9. For the ham radio folks, the AEN-MAR/MCECG picnic is this weekend at the Houston Mesa Campground on the north side of Payson. Fox2 group site. I'll be there on Saturday. Stop in on your way to or from the Overland Expo.
  10. Yeah, they really screwed up the repost. "Kristoffer Smith is hacking his ODBII system in the Eagle GC to reset his odometer to 00000." Haha.
  11. I saw a familiar name on HackADay this morning. Nice! http://hackaday.com/2013/04/28/odb-ii-hacking-using-an-android-tablet/
  12. You must have missed it. It was down for a couple hours yesterday morning as well.
  13. The pictures don't do it justice as to how steep that hill is. As a learning experience, it was mentioned about the 3 holding you from rolling being in a very unsafe position, but picture 2, get those kids out of there!
  14. Trash it. They have to serve you with the ticket or prove you received it via mail. Probably want to delete this post though.
  15. Did they do something different this year? Every year I see people complain about not getting drawn. This year, everyone seems to. I have at least 5 people I know that got tags this year.
  16. My personal preference is turn the RF Gain to max (clockwise) and turn the squelch all the way down (counterclockwise), then back up just above where it cuts out the static. My Uniden 68 LTW radio has dynamic squelch. (Awesome!) On that, I turn the RF Gain knob to max, the Squelch to minimum, and flip the DSC (Dynamic Squelch Control) to on. This allows it to receive up to the weakest signals, but dynamically adjusts the squelch to cut out the static. The RF Gain is adjusting the receivers sensitivity to signals. All the way up is going to be very sensitive and all the way down will require a much stronger signal for receive. The squelch is more of a noise floor adjustment. All the way down and any static or noise is allowed through, but as you turn it up, the floor is brought up cutting out signals (weaker, noisy, static) below that level.
  17. Haha, you have to read the article. It was possibly a map making mistake that took over 100 years to be corrected. Another theory is that map makers used to put fake items such as Sandy Island on their maps to be able to determine who had copied their work.
  18. Ham Radio should be banned. They destroyed a whole island.
  19. Edit: I misunderstood the ad. Chris still has this for sale.
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