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  1. What a fun day. We made it home safe.
  2. CB? That looks like a FT-2900. How did you bolt/attach it to the sides? I need to make something like that for my 11 JK.
  3. Virgil, Marcia, and Evan. I think this will be my 5th year attending.
  4. Hard to tell from the photo. I think the top of the photo is washed out due to poor camera and sun. It almost looks like it may have rolled in a little bit. Rolling from right to left of the picture hitting it's brakes where the lady is standing and digging the hole. Not a straight vertical drop.
  5. 2011 JK and my TPMS light comes on at anything less than 35psi. Stupid high. I just learn to check the tire pressures and ignore the light.
  6. I like the new GC's. I think they are best looking ones yet. FR300 or Apache Trail, sure. I don't think I'd do any harder trails than that with it.
  7. I have ordered shocks from them before, so I don't really have a "product review" as it wasn't one of their lift kits. The customer service was good and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again. http://www.ironrockoffroad.com/
  8. So, I watched episode 2. They broke an axle on the D35 and the rear wheel walked out. The "car expert" guy was clueless. They used the high lift jack every 10 ft and kept pushing it back in. Then there was this whole log ski thing. They couldn't have picked 2 bigger bafoons for this show.
  9. Duck Dynasty is great. The only problem with that show is it seems like their wives should have more facial hair.
  10. Horrible show. I won't be watching again. I noticed a couple times you could see they were on a track, not "wild jungle" like the editing wanted to you to think they were driving through.
  11. I was able to get a paper map for Coconino NF from the Oak Creek Canyon overlook info hut.
  12. Mounting the tranny cooler in front of the radiator isn't going to cause problems with the radiator effectiveness.
  13. Yep, deleted spammer accounts have probably run the userid number up.
  14. Woo hoo, I'm registered before Grunt. The database will never reuse a user number. So, if a bunch of accounts were deleted, those numbers won't be reused. At the top of the page, go to Community -> Member List. Find who you are looking for, click on their username, and choose View Public Profile. Then look at the URL it takes you to. Mine is http://offroadpassport.com/forum/member.php?u=13, so that makes me user 13 in the database.
  15. Here's a link that should show how to get from Jerome to Williams via Perkinsville Road. http://mapq.st/LJZqkW
  16. Love it! http://www.azbackcountryadventures.com/bombrnge.htm He shows 4 bullseyes and the air strip. I've found 8 bullseyes and the air strip so far. This looks awesome. I'm going to plan a trip down there to explore.
  17. Hmm, be careful in MN. I got in trouble there for my ham radio mic. Minnesota Code 1018 Traffic Violation
  18. Subject: 4x4 Ham Field Day - June 22-24, 2012 Please join the 4x4 Ham group for ARRL Field Day June 22-24, 2012. You can camp all weekend with us or just stop in Saturday or Sunday. This is our 4th year operating Field Day on the Mogollon Rim. In that time, we've become the BEST and biggest Field Day site in Arizona! ARRL Field Day is held the 4th full weekend of June each year. The Field Day objective is to work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12-meter bands) and to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. Bonus points are given for operating without commercial power, using technologies like solar/battery combinations, portable generators, etc. We will be providing all the radios, antennas, and other equipment needed. If you have your own, feel free to bring it. We will have many Extra class control operators on site, so if you are a Technician, General, or even someone interested in ham radio, but no license yet, you can join us and operate with Extra class privileges. We are also hosting a testing session Saturday at 9am, so pre-register for that if interested. As always, we'll eat well with group breakfast and potluck dinner on Saturday. The site is not difficult to access and is RV and trailer friendly. If you are a interested in ham radio or newly licensed Technician, this is an excellent event to attend to get hands on experience. Throughout the weekend we'll be providing radio tutorials and many learning opportunities. We plan to operate/demonstrate many modes including SSB, CW (Morse Code), APRS, PSK31, NTS radiogram traffic, satellite contacts, etc. All activities are family friendly, so bring them along. For directions and all other information related to the 4x4 Ham Field Day site, follow this link. http://www.4x4ham.com/forumdisplay.php?54-4x4-Ham-Field-Day
  19. I'm just eyeballing the axle width from the pictures, but it almost does look like it's supposed to be a dually and has the outer 4 tires removed.
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