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  1. Even though we didn't use the TJS welding setup, a huge thanks to George's posts teaching me how to trail weld with batteries. I had a gate stolen (removed/unbolted from hinges). so Paul and I welded the new one down after installing. Hopefully that will prevent a repeat gate removal. Here's the full write up I did on our welding experience. http://www.4x4ham.com/showthread.php?1375-Trail-Welding-with-Batteries
  2. If you haven't been there, it's well worth the visit. The drive down isn't really that bad either. Admission for the tour is $8.50 and you get to launch a missile or two.
  3. K7VZ

    Website down?

    I didn't have any problems during that time frame yesterday.
  4. Fixed picture links on first post. Sorry, I didn't realize I was linking them from a "must be logged in to view" web site. He filled his first diaper with poop while sitting on my lap. This kid sure can fart!
  5. Evan James Silhanek September 17, 2011 at 12:31pm 8 lbs. 4.5 oz. and 20.5 inches long.
  6. I have the previous model FT-7800 and it's a great radio. If you can squeeze out the extra dough, get a dual receive though. I like the FT-8800 as I can listen to a repeater on one side and use simplex on the other. That really helps when participating with special events.
  7. The most common/cheapest option is going to be a Yaesu FT-7900. For more money, look at the Yaesu FT-8800, Yaesu FT-350, and Kenwood TM-D710 which are all popular radios for mobile. There are plenty of used radios out there also. QRZ.com and eHam.net have good for sale forums.
  8. We use frequencies. 147.52Mhz has become a poplular trail simplex frequency. There are also several repeaters in that area.
  9. What monitor is that? How well does the touch screen work? Is bright sun a problem seeing it? What is that keyboard? Where did you get it from? I need this setup in the JK. Have you thought of interfacing it with the Kenwood and using APRS?
  10. I finally had a chance to watch the water pump video and because I have no other suggestions, I'm going to say the pool has the same problem as the radiator. Someone needs to pee in it!
  11. Be careful about leaving them alone together unattended. You might end up with a ZJ.
  12. That does make sense. Running backwards flows enough coolant to keep it OK when parked. But causes problems when the engine starts with a load or higher RPMs. I'm still willing to pee in your radiator if needed.
  13. Have you tried peeing in it? I'm willing to stop over and help the cause.
  14. I'm sure it is, but is your belt routing right? When we were in CO 2 years ago, Loren's JK was overheating and destroyed the idler pulley. After getting parts, we discovered he had routed the belt wrong. He had put a new one on right before the trip and flat towed it down. It was turning the water pump the wrong way.
  15. Did all of this get worse after the radiator change? Has it been this big of a problem since you got it? In my troubleshooting systems at work, the main question I always start with is "What changed?".
  16. I've heard that high flow water pumps can actually move the coolant through the radiator so fast that it doesn't have time to cool. Maybe your problem?
  17. Well, my mom booked a flight for that weekend and told Marcia that she was coming down for the baby shower. So, I guess we are having the baby shower on the 27th. $%#$^!!!
  18. For what it's worth, the stock thermostat is supposed to be 195. I've known guys that have run 140 degree thermostats, but if you do your research, that can mess other stuff up. I compromised and went with a 185 degree thermostat when I swapped the radiator and water pump on my XJ. After that, it ran around 200 degrees under normal driving conditions. I felt it gave me just a little extra padding when the XJ did start to get hot. Instead of it running up to 230-240, I was able to keep it 220-230 respectively. Also, I never had heating issues with my XJ under normal driving conditions even with the A/C on. The only time it ever tried to get hot on me was towing my 3000+ pound camper. Also, I'm not sure how much it worked or helped, but I also added a bottle of Royal Purple water ice or something like that to the coolant. It's supposed to work magic with the water molecules bonding to dissipate heat. Snake oil? I don't know. For an $8-10 bottle and a chance at keeping the XJ a few degrees cooler, I figured it was worth a shot.
  19. It's an easy hike out to Horseshoe Bend. Just south of Page.
  20. Check out Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon near Page, AZ.
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