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  1. That's impressive. It looks flat all around. Where did said boulder come from?
  2. Which website did you cut and paste those comments from? If your bushings detonate in a week after running washboard roads there is obviously another problem. "Mine keeps chopping the front upper control arm bushes in the diff out" I'm not a Jeep guy but front upper control arm bushings in the diff" Pics please.
  3. Superglue rules. Glue it and forget it.
  4. I am going to go out on a limb here and say if they close roads I have been traveling my entire life, they can kiss my ***. They don't have the man power to cover every road. I always leave the areas I go to cleaner than when I get there, i.e. I pick-up other peoples trash. I will continue to enjoy the areas I go to and explore new areas regardless of what "they" say. I believe in protecting our wilderness areas, but telling me I can't drive down an established trail because they say so? Not going to happen.
  5. No worries, Myth buster and Sons of Guns have both proven you can't set off a propane tank with any single round. Even tracers.
  6. If you like to hunt quail I can show you some excellent areas up around Horseshoe and Bartlett. I would be happy to share some of my spots with a fellow hunter!! Sorry about the thread hijack.
  7. Enjoy the trip. My ex-wife actually grew up on a ranch on Cherry Creek. Back in the 60's. Subsistence living.
  8. Nice photos. If I ever hit the once in a lifetime tag for Bighorn sheep I know where to go.
  9. I meant the sway bar dis-connect. Plasti-dip is also good stuff. If you don't like it, it peels right off leaving the original finish. https://www.dipyourcar.com/home.php Has great info about the product.
  10. I actually hunt the Bartlett lake end. Great quail hunting. Last year I decided to hike up FR42 a couple miles. You cant even tell there was ever a road there. On the Horseshoe end there is no visible road entrance. I just know it's location due to landmarks. I'm not saying it will never be re-opened, but the re-build would be crazy as the trail just really doesn't exist anymore:( ORP should lobby for it to re-open and it could be our re-build it project:) Funny thing is a few years after the fire I talked to a Game&Fish who told me as soon as they got good grass growing again, for soil retention, that it would be re-opened. That was years ago and at this point you can hardly tell there was ever a fire.
  11. I may be there. I'm always early so don't wait for me when it's time to go if I'm not there. It's a shame FR42 and Indian Springs wash are no longer available.
  12. FR18 is a side road off of FR269. FR269 takes you to Sheeps Bridge.
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