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  1. Hi Guys thanks for your Q's & information. The jeep project has been put on hold due to some unexpected domestic expenses stealing my suspension money. But reading your input Tucson it might be that I've saved some money??? Trouble is it's a jeep, so every few months something goes belly up and swallows the hard earned beforeI can think upgrade To be honest at the moment I'm wonding if i might not be better off to bite the bullet and get some thing like this..... http://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/NISSAN-PATROL-13980790 Not cheap but maybe it wont keep breaking? Whadya think guys?
  2. sorry still getting the hang of this posting thang!
  3. a couple of pictures of my jeep in Tasmania last month
  4. Hi,(trust I've posted to the correct place ) i've been doing some research/pricing of lift options for my WJ. the IRO 3" looks to be pretty much what I want (see link below) http://www.ironrockoffroad.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=IROR&Product_Code=IR-W_3LK&Category_Code=PFW It appears it will clear 32"/265's with minimal if any cutting, also there is a right hand drive adjustable track bar available. Plus the kit appears to be great value for money... As my plan is to create a reliable, cross country tourer, with some enhanced off-road ability, My questions are? 1) does any one have experience of this kit, what is it like on road? 2) i know nothing about the shock absorber options, but the Bilstein 5125 upgrade sounds like it might be worthwhile as Australian tracks have some RUGGED corrugations and they can be BRUTAL on shocks, any one have thoughts on that? and finally... 3) my original plan was a 2" lift, but that appeared to be too restrictive re tyre combo's I've looked at the 4" front only long arms but feel thst would end up too high for what I want, Daily Driver/tourer Any thoughts or advice about other heights/manufacturers etc that you think might be suitable would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. In Tasmania at present will post some Pic's soon of a very stock silver jeep
  6. Tough Dog's got a good reputation here http://www.toughdog.com.au Best of the not so expensive suspension kits. My choice is below (using the 41mm foam shocks - better for corrugations & long distance track use http://www.toughdog.com.au/DSP_PublicCatalogue.php?file=Jeep_Grand_Cherokee_2012-04-30.pdf Not sure but I think they have a US dealer...
  7. Hi, I've been reading your excellent forum and in particular really enjoying the GC build ups. It was a link to "theKsmith" build that first caught my attention. It's really motivating to see what you guys are doing. I have a 2004 WJ - Grand Cherokee - Ltd V8 - Quadra-Trac II (170,000klm's). My plan is to create a reliable, cross country tourer, with some enhanced off-road ability, but it may take some time. So far: engine rebuild, new heads, new radiator, new exhaust with high flow cats & sports muffler, K&N air filter. Next: Tough Dog 2" lift new tyre wheel combo - TBC (but leaning towards Maxxis Bighorn 764's 32/11.50R15LT if they'll fit) Roof Rack - really like "theKsmith" idea of replacing the factory bars and hard mounting it to the roof Air Compressor Dual battery UHF/CB Front & Rear Manual Lockers - (still undecided on brand) plus misc protection, bars, lights, rear storage, etc Personally I have little experience of modifying vehicles, but have reasonable mechanical skills and am looking forward to learning as I go Well that's probably a long enough intro. Rgds Dino
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