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  1. I read the post where the date was moved up. Weird that you even need a permit. My schedule at work is all screwed up so Monday and Tuesday is all I got. The other guys going are retired. Hope a few more can make it.
  2. We have 4 spots open on our permit. Plan to meet in Jerome 8am monday morning and run smiley rock trail. Lunch in Jerome or Cottonwood then up Casner trail. We will camp somewhere up in the pines and drive home tuesday.
  3. I concur. I have used mine all over Baja with out a problem. Nice to message the wife occasionally. You can also Bluetooth it to an ipad and use it like a gps if your ipad doesn't have it built in.
  4. I rode this trail on my dirt bike. No permit required. What an awesome trail.
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone
  6. ehall

    Sleeping in an LJ.

    Thats cool. I kinda did the same in my tj. I didn'use it for sleeping but just a top level for the stuff i unloaded frequently. Works great.
  7. Stock rubi shafts. Never a problem . Rear has a truss that includes the wishbone mount. Front axle has had a little strenghening by Rob Bonney fab. Tracbar mount, skids for lower link mounts. Has alum steering and tracbar in front.
  8. 4.11 gears. Feels pretty sporty with the tuner. Rear is a wishbone on top, links on bottom. No tracbar.
  9. No issues Excellent condition only selling because i need more room for grandkids. 35 " tires Full traction suspension Aluminum hd tracbar and steering Warn 9500 winch Full cage. Gps, cb, marine tadio
  10. Wow. Why did they wait 2 years to file charges?
  11. We have a trip planned for early July to Taylor park area. Hope the Gunnison forest doesn't close. Hopefully it will be a wet monsoon for all of us.
  12. You will love it. Yes, Betty is still there along with Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren. Just check youtube. Lol. Enjoy.
  13. I held out for a long time. I got one and I can't believe I waited so long. It is the best tool I own. Everything from YouTube instruction videos, tech manuals, and maps are available at your fingertips almost anywhere.
  14. Got them and passed them on. Thanks. Good looking truck. Great tow rig option for someone not wanting a diesel. We have a 2011 hemi and it tows great.
  15. ekhallranch@hotmail.com. send me some pics when you get a chance. I have a friend looking.
  16. Cool. Never seen that before. Is it on the Mohave trail?
  17. Interesting read thanks. 57 day hike is hard core. I leave tomorrow morning on a 3 day dirt bike trip to the south rim.
  18. What was the original reason water pump and tstat was replaced?
  19. Sounds like a fun afternoon. Lol. Not. That will take some work trying to figure out what picture went with each post.
  20. $400 bucks a year! I don't see many people jumping on board.
  21. What did you install john? Or just going flareless?
  22. I was always told " believe none of what you hear and half of what you see". From what I am reading it was dark" later than 8pm" and instead of driving down the creek where the road has been for at least a year, he tried to drive thru the mine where the miner lives. It's a dead end.
  23. http://www.virtualjeepclub.com/showthread.php?92842-CK-today Sorry, best I could do on the phone.
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