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  1. Sorry but I will have drop out of this trip. I have gotten family from out of state visiting. I hope someone can fill this spot for a good trip.
  2. Trail Toy, Thanks for your kindness. Go and enjoy the trail. I found a friend to go wheeling with on the 8th. I didn't mean for this to cause anyone any regrets or problem. Roy
  3. I see that I have been by-passed on the standby list so go ahead and take my name off of the useless list. I have no desire to go on the bogus list\trail.
  4. Installed shock and diff sliders.
  5. I have also seen a number of concept vehicles for the military based on the Chevy ZR2 also.
  6. Please put me down as alternate in case someone drops out. Thanks
  7. Sorry but I have to drop out on this. We have a celebration of life to go to for my son-in-law who passed away.
  8. Welcome Richard, from another member from Goodyear.
  9. I have done the Colorado BDR and about half of the New Mexico BDR in the Jeep I had. They are designed for 2 track and 4 track. I have not done the Arizona BDR but it should be easy, fun trails to go on. You should have a great time.
  10. Looks like a good job. Congrats.
  11. Going on middle march road from Tombstone, just before you get to the Dragoons there is a fence opening with a cattle guard on the left. You can go down this road and search for council rock which is on the right side. I can't tell you how many miles back but there is a gate on the right side that sits off the road. You have to hike a short distance to get to council rock. You will also find grind circles and pictographs there. Al and I have camped in that area several times.
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