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  1. This has been very educational. Thank you sir for teaching an SAS in a smart manner.
  2. George? Do you? want me to lead? Your GF can not! Sad for you. I'm Mauser, you not. Poor George.
  3. Currently watching via his YouTube channel.... this is well beyond my skill level; i.e. The cutting? Very upset. Albeit, he has informational vid for every 4x4 group.
  4. Hi Diane & George: Parts: That was me just me at a Home Depot rebuilding window screens. Glad to see Clifford. I was in our 2008 Schmoyota LS 460 right in front of Cliffford.
  5. A brake switch on the Schmoyota FJ. $30 OEM. It was ok...follow the brake up and turn the part counter-clockwise.
  6. Hopefully, Schmoyota will design a superior front axle. That said, I have told my Yota FJ/4RNR buddies to NEVER trade a OE Toyota per dealer $450 half-shaft to a shop. The rebuilds are $50 and inferior no mater what what shop or online offers.
  7. Thank you coach "D". My mom's name is Marilyn. My dad's name is Roy.
  8. Trail Toy, Brenda and I like Rubicons. And old an 08 Schmoyota.
  9. I know there are so many 4X4 videos out there. I only subscribe to only a few. That said, I found this https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2LtBz2T12R-NBNwNJFWhtQ/videos His name is Ken (Utah), and it appears that he may have started his channel last year. As an enthusiast, I really like several of his trail videos and he has fair commentary. From what I have watched so far, a very likeable personality, and I hope Ken grows his channel. As an ORP Toyota FJ member, I am definitely looking forward to learning how he builds his Toyota FJ SAS.
  10. Free SIRIUS/XM Radio until 12/01/20. I accidentally hit my satellite radio button and noticed FREE SIRIUS/XM radio. Through DEC 1st. https://www.siriusxm.com/offers/free-listen
  11. Your 2018 Highlander is a reliable station wagon. That said, either you have an 18" or 19" wheel size. Please consider your All Terrain tire size and brands. For your 19" there will be only 1. For your 18" wheel choice, there are 5. I would recommend a couple of deflators and a portable compressor for your light trails (graded gravel). That said, please be very careful how much you "air down".
  12. Hi Diane & George: Thanks for sharing. Brenda and I have been in AZ since 1997. We met on a blind date in 1999, got married in 2002 and decided upon settling in Fountain Hills in 2004. We have been hooked on this town since. Wonderful community.
  13. Hi Diane, I really like watching vids about how things are made or how they work. Thanks.
  14. We miss you multi brand 4X4's always. My job still allows me to travel with our 2008 Toyota FJ. Security is VERY on purpose.
  15. Happy B-day George! You're as healthy as an old Toyota. Many more trouble free miles and years to go. Have a great day sir. 🙂
  16. I agree, a Tacoma would have be a wiser choice. 🧐
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