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  1. In my 2 door I had a Vector MP table that held a shovel and fire extinguisher (maybe a maglight too?). Due to the lift I had rendering the stock jack useless and a Hi-Lift on my OR-Fab carrier, I used the storage space under the rear floor for things like straps or overflow from the bag. I had a tool bag from Harbor Freight with a lot of basic tools: it was large enough in size to carry a basic ratchet set, adjustable wrenches, multi use screwdrivers, side cutters...etc but not too large to take up precious space in the back but still able to be zipped up. Also, I had a small first aid kit in a pouch from a surplus store that I strapped to the roll bar in the rear. The bag was nice because I could easily remove it or pop it on the front passenger floor. There was still plenty of space for a small cooler.
  2. Even if you can fix that back...that's a lot of weight on top.
  3. I love bigger ammo cans for tie downs and towing/hauling equipment. Also good for a "day box" with supplies such as food bars, water bottles, medical kit, etc. Kind of like an an emergency kit.
  4. Wow, that's depressing. Hopefully some people learn from this...
  5. I agree: I use Cox internet (very happy with it) and Netflix for everything else. I haven't had cable/dish etc in the 5 years I've owned my current home.
  6. Hey all, I'm looking to do a mild lift on my 2WD Silverado for a little extra ground clearance and a nice stance to it. The kit is a 3" suspension lift by Rough Country (kit 232N2 to be specific) which will put it at 4WD model stock height. I found a shop near 91st and Peoria that says they will install it for $300 in about 4 hours. I've seen mixed reviews on the shop, mostly positive. At $300 I'm interested. The install instructions mention a little grinding on some brackets for clearance and product reviews mention the possibility as well. I'm not sure if that shop realizes it. They are not an off road specialty shop. So, I was curious if anyone knows a good shop (preferably on the west side or central area) at a decent price. Or, does anyone recommend doing the install myself? I certainly feel capable of doing so, and I often have 3 day weekends to do the work. I'm at a bit of a time vs money battle knowing that some projects have major issues based on things like a lift and specialty tools being readily available. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks! Once of those things that I'm certain glad I know how to do now.
  8. So the other day my OEM shackles arrived. At $70 for the set I couldn't say no. How it was in the rear: Old shackle out: (I thought I had a pick of it in..I can;t find it) New set in: After: Before and after: (A bit hard to tell, better from rear) All in all the truck is a much better, rigid ride. Next I plan on this: http://www.roughcountry.com/gm-suspension-lift-kit-232n2.html
  9. So the other morning I was out at the store and the dash has 3 quick chimes and displayed "Oil Pressure Low". Immediately my heart sank as I feared an oil pump was out. However, by the time I looked at the gauge it was 80 PSI. ...80PSI?! That's high....then 40...then 0...then 20. I cautiously drove home and notice oil level was fine, no ticking...etc. At this point I was confident it was a sensor. I took my Chevy to Autozone and grabbed a sensor. About $51. I had to work that night, so I asked the fiancee if I could do it the following morning. She said no problem. Thursday morning I grab the new one out of the box. 1 1/16" socket fits like a glove. I try getting the old sensor out... luck. After a while the plastic wire housing snapped off... Oh yeah, it's buried behind the intake manifold about 8" down, which is below the windshield. Fiancee calls a local shop. ~$230 for the repair. With the part it's ~$70. $70 in 10 mins of labor is tough for me to swallow. I find out there is a specialty socket. Back to Autozone. ~$13 out the door for the specialty socket. I get to work. New VS old. New one in: Once I had the socket it was literally a 10 minute job. It's worth mentioning unplugging it will stop the intermittent triple chime alarm of annoyance and will not shut the truck off.
  10. Well, another Tuesday has passed, therefore I have more progress to post. I got all the parts/hardware required for getting everything together so last night I was able to get everything installed. First was the cab wiring harness swap. Old one is on the left, new one on the right. Swapping the mirrors. Old on left, new on right: Spot where the overhead console screws in: Hooking up wiring in cab. Measuring for overhead console cut: New harness plugged in by the parking brake pedal. Plugs are the red one on the bottom and top right white one: Getting the headliner in: Testing ambient air temp sensor and verifying wiring using alligator clip jumper: Ambient temp sensor behind the grille: Wiring from the sensor running along the inner, driver side fender: Temp sensor spliced into the harness: New mirror fully functional: New headliner fully installed: Old headlights: New headlights in:
  11. Well, since I was off on Tuesday night I put the new material on the headliner board. I got some done at night, but ran out of the spray adhesive and finished in the morning. All in all it came out pretty well. The corners have some small wrinkles here and there, but I believe most of it will be covered by the plastics on the pillars. All in all I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm awaiting a few parts to come in to add the overhead console before I can do the install. Also, I have a wiring harness to power the overhead console lights and compass/temperature display mirror, so I need to figure out where the old one runs and how to swap them out as well as where to add the temp sensor in the harness. On another note, I'm looking into lifting the truck. I am stuck between getting stock shackles (prior owner installed drop shackles) with new shocks and a leveling kit, or a 3" Rough Country lift. Seems like pricing for each is about the same. I currently have 265/70R17 tires so I believe with a 3" lift it'll still look good. 3" is the max I will go, and the tires are still fairly new so I won't change then out. I don't need anything fancy or high performance, I just want a more aggressive look and some decent clearance for forest roads. Input is appreciated!
  12. Wow, I'm sure that was a pretty good scare. I'm glad you're ok. Parts can always be fixed and replaced: not people. Also, glad to see you have a good attitude with the Caddyshack joke!
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