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  1. Installed a 20" Rigid light on the hood with BDF mounts. Also, put in a Rugged Ridge pillar switch pod.
  2. The JK sensors are set to go off at a certain PSI from the factory. So when you air down or run a lower PSI the light comes on. I have had my JK chime once while sitting in my garage. Right after leaving the driveway, it went off. I doubt you caught another car's TPMS sensor, may have just been you were in a hold, on a bump...etc. Or, you could be close to the set point from the factory (I cannot remember what it is...I think around 28 or 30 psi...it can be changed with a programmer. However I leave mine at the factory set point.) I know on my 08, I have the aluminum ones installed. I have never had issues, however I'm not very hardcore on trails: I'm usually I little more mild than some people.
  3. Permits go pretty fast for these? May dop this myself this year. Did it a few times while growing up.
  4. And people ask me why I'm so proud that my Silverado was built in Flint.
  5. Thanks everyone! It's a police scanner. Handy when traveling to avoid traffic accidents and hear what's going on during abnormal situations.
  6. Thought'd I'd share some photos and info on my 2008 JK: Specs: 3.8L, stock internals Factory 6 speed with Rubi 4:1 Transfer Case AFE Intake (Removed) Jet Chip PowerAide Throttle Body Space Rugged Ridge Snorkel 3" Teraflex Long Arm Mopar Front Bumper Mopar Rear Bumper Mopar Rails 16" ProComp 6005 Rims and 35" Toyo Open Country M/T Tires Kendwood DNX7100 (2) JL Audio 10 W3V3 Subs (Currently Removed) Alpine 1100 Watt Mono Block Sub Amp MOPAR Spare Tire Carrier Jeep Grab Handles SpiderWebShades JKini Uniden PC68Elite CB Radio Uniden BC175XL Police Scanner Vector OffRoad MP Table Jeeperman Heavy Duty Rack
  7. Installed a new steering stabilizer and a tire carrier latch.
  8. Saw this post on Facebook: really wish I could go. However I'll be in Maine at that time.
  9. Awesome, thanks! I cant wait to see more.
  10. Welcome from your neighbor in Goodyear!
  11. Well, modded Jeeps are more flexible, and women are known to be more flexible and are often times better at gymnastics. Maybe that's it?
  12. Any chance you could post a map showing the location? Looks like a fun trip with nice scenery.
  13. Awesome photos! I'm envious: I have yet to take my JK to Moab. Glad you had a great time!
  14. Sam, thank you so much for taking the time to write all of this up: it was a real pleasure to read. Both the pictures and words were great and really made it easy to feel like I was there. Also, reading this was very motivational for me to do a trip and write about everything I did to share it with others.
  15. He did not fabricate any parts that I am aware of, but he designed it, bought the gears, front and rear diffs, and other bolt ons and installed them himself. I will say though, he does wheel his rigs when he is done.
  16. ZMagic97

    Gave her a bath

    Looks great. Also looks like it right between where I live and work....I bet I've been past you before.
  17. I really like this Jeep so far. Seen it in person and know the owner. He builds stuff every year and really takes his time to build some impressive stuff.
  18. I have this issue of the magazine pictured and loved the comparison. Even thought I have a lot of basics, I do want a fridge/freezer. However, my basic Coleman stove, pop-up Eddie Bauer chairs, mix of camping and Goodwill cutlery, and old tent and sleeping bags do just fine for me.
  19. Thanks for all the weolcomes! Like posted above, I heard about the forum from the 4x4 Podcast. Sadly I will not be able to do Swansea: I currently work 6, 12 hour days a week until early November, then I am in Biddeford, ME for a week, then back to work for anothjer week of 6 12s. My traveling (at least by vehicle) will be limited until December. Until then, I can see what everyone else is up to and plan my trips.
  20. Hi everyone, Thought I'd take a few moments to say hello as a new member. I heard about the site from a podcast that I had a heard and really like what Offroad Passport is all about. I currently have an 08 Jeep JK which I've had for about a year. I bought it for doing off road day trips buy have become more interested in longer trips taking me to new places in an Overlanding type of way. I look forward to seeing more of the great posts I have already read and hope to contribute some good information and stories myself. Thanks! Chris
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