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  1. Thanks! I'm not sure why the paint became a semi gloss look when it dried. I noticed that on the first rim I sprayed for the test, but I like it! The prior tires I had were Nitto Trail Grapplers in 3512.5/R20 size. They're great performing tires and have no real issues, but I use the truck for more overland type travels so I decided a more road friendly tire would help a lot with that. I'm currently considering changing the gears. I haven't found a shop yet, and more importantly a ratio. It's fitted with 3.73s now, but I hope out of 4th if towing a light load and bounce gears in the mountains a good amount. A lot of people seem to point to 4.56s, but I don't rock crawl, my off road abilities in the truck are fine, and I don't want the RPMs hanging high when I go out of state.
  2. Well, I finally decided I was done with these M/T. So I finished painting the other rims this weekend. How they looked this morning before getting tires mounted: Before mounting: After! I still have to swap the brush gaurd: that'll be next weekend most likely. As for the tires: I cannot believe how much more pleasant this truck is to drive. No bouncing steering wheel, no more re-aligning every coupole months, and no more noise in the back ground. I feel like I'm driving a 4X4 Bentley in comparison.
  3. So, last Sunday I actually got the parts for the "new" brush guard set out in the garage and attempted to get it all assembled. There were no instructions and I could only hope it was all there, but I spent $50 so I can't complain. It went pretty well, and figuring out what hardware went where wasn't too difficult. After about and hour I got it all together. The clear packing tape has been on the front rubber "bumpers" for a long time, so I need to scrub the residue off with an adhesive remover. Either way, it is almost all done. I put it in my shed for now until I get time to swap them out. The driver's side light cover isn't attached as I need hardware for it. I'll run to Lowe's and grab it soon. Again, there are no instructions so I have some brackets that I need to figure out where to place. I think I have it figured out, but I may have to use the lower brackets from the old one to get this new one on. Then, I can get new brackets from etrailer and put the old one on my Silverado.
  4. Looking back on some of my posts, I realize I never put any info up of a small mod I did before the Crown King trip about 2 weeks ago. Being that I love have tools, straps, towing equipment...etc, I need a way for us to carry tools with easy access. I originally was keeping stuff under the back seat, but room was running out and have kids car seats in there doesn't make it quick to access something like 1 small ratchet strap. I had to d ring style tie downs from a mod I was going to do to my old trrailer, so I ended up getting some new hardware and mounted them in the bed, using the ammo cans as tool boxes and the way to measure the spacing. As you can see I, I always carry water as well (especially being a desert dweller). I have a old NATO can style mount I was thinking of putting in the empty space across from the water for the occasional time I may want to carry extra fuel, but I'm not yet sure if I want to bolt that it or not. For the most part, I got the "new" brush guard assembled yesterday. I'll post some photos and info later today. I'm sneaking in this post just before I run out the door to do some wedding planning and fishing. (If I didn't mention it before, when the family went up north for Christmas celebrations, I popped the question, and in front of the GMC as a matter of fact :smiley_drive: )
  5. Thanks! And yes, it was a great time.
  6. Not much. I did install an old HAM radio I had in the garage laying around to a spot under the dash. I'll get some photos up soon.
  7. Neither had I. It had been close to 3 years between this weekend and the past time, and I honestly thought it was a more mild way that was going to hook into Senator Highway or a similar road just outside of town. Some of the more difficult spots seem more mild, but a lot of the large boulders stick out more and have a steeper drop off. I opted out for the "easy" way on most because I was honestly afraid of hitting the under body of the truck, or something on the drive train.
  8. So, yesterday we did a family trip going the back way to Crown King. I haven't done the route in almost 3 years, and the road has changed a lot! For a while we drove around thinking this was another road. Some cows kept us company though: I wasn't even sure I was on the correct path until I saw the "CK rock" The road seemed pretty much the same for a little while moving forward. Even the break spots with a good view were the same... The kids had fun as well along with the Mrs.: The "big meeting spot" about half way was no longer all on public lands. Apparently someone purchased a good deal of it and wanted to do something for themselves, therefore they routed the trail through the creek bed, which is usually dry. However, due to snow run-off, the water on this "detour" was about 50 years long, about 16-20" deep. I scoped out the water with a stick checking depth and the ground. It seemed decent enough, so we proceeded forward: Happily, we got through it with success. We were traveling alone, and even though others are always on this trail, it was all RZRs and similar. I doubt they could pull the truck out in a worst case scenario. And saw more water... More of the detour: In a few photos you can see the construction equipment on trailers in the background. And again, more water. We usually never see anywhere near this much water if any. I was surprised. As we headed to higher elevations, more creek were lively and snow started to appear. The brush began to make the road more narrow as well: Soon snow was getting more common: At this point were beginning to hit ice: Just before that photo was taken, the ice covered rocks just outside the creek beds made the truck slide around a lot. Enough to where I have to come at the inclines more than once, and almost sliding backwards at an angle into the creek. Luckily that didn't happen. The Mrs. was close to a heart attack, or so she says. :coffeedrink: About 40 mins from town, we were seeing snow and ice everywhere. I loved it. It was a great escape and scenery change from the metro Phoenix area: After a few hours, were finally in town. We were a bit tired, and the kids were very hungry. I told them the food was well worth the drive and wait! Crown King was very wet and muddy. I'm glad I wore boots. After a great meal, it was time to go home... It was a great Saturday. Now to relax and watch the football game... Thanks for reading!
  9. A couple of better views of the truck from Friday afternoon:
  10. I was going to post these as I went over the last 5 days, but I wanted to see the result before doing so: While messing around on Craigslist during my lunch break last week I came across a brush guard that would fit either my Silverado or my Sierra. I had been looking for some time and was excited to finally see one pop up. It was on the other end of Phoenix and only $100 (unlike the ~$650 new ones I had been looking at) so I scurried over after work to get it. It was in pretty decent shape and had the brackets and hardware. I was happy. Here it is the night I shoved it into the garage: There was some paint chips on the backside on the upper bar, so I knew it would need some paint work. I figured it'd be quick and easy. After getting the wire wheel out, I found out it was some rust, not just chipped paint: The guard is still strong and stout, but I was concerned about someone getting cut on it. So I got the welder out: After doing what I could (I'm no pro welder) I got some Bondo metal filler and spot putty. I applied a layer of each, did some sanding and cleaning, and was happy with the results. I had to move the guard into my shed since it was about to rain, so sorry for the dark photos above. I shot a few layers of paint between Sunday night and Monday day. Monday later afternoon I had to get the truck ready for install. I had to remove the tow hooks and surrounding "buckets" to do so. Each side takes 4 bolts. Some before photos: And after! Unfortunately it got dark a bit sooner than I anticipated, so I once again apologize for the darker photos. I leave for work when it's dark and come home when it is dark, so I will try to get some better photos this coming weekend.
  11. It's been about a month, and not much has happened. However, for one, I did get a new GPS that I am looking to integrate into the truck...that'll be for another day as I'm still working on it. Just before New Years I ended up getting a set for (4) 8 hold steel wheels from my dad's old single cab Sierra. Here's one: Being that I don't care for the chrome rims too much and the mud terrains wear fast, are tough to balance on the 20", and they are very loud, I want to switch to all terrains when the time comes in a few months. Also, these stock rims were a little scuffed up, so I decided to clean them up, starting with primer. I then painted them black, leaving the center caps alone: I really like how it came out, so I'm planning on doing this to all 4 and mounting them with A/T late spring/early summer and selling the chrome rims with the M/T on them. I feel like t'll give the truck a more aggressive look I'm desiring.
  12. Good info here. Looking to have my Sierra gears swapped soon...
  13. Sweet Bronco. Even as a GM fella, I've always liked the Broncos a lot.
  14. I cannot speak for a 2015, but I know many people with the 6.6 Duramax getting well over 200,000 on their trucks. Most of these people I know regularly put it in 4x4 as well. Only issues I hear of are small leaks and little fixes. Nothing that'd have it parked on the side of the road.
  15. The motor is the 5.3L Vortec V8 and the box (assuming transmission) is the 4L60E 4 speed auto.
  16. Well, after some head scratching a new code came in: P0327, which indicated a bad knock sensor. It was for he bank 1, closest to the firewall. So, to get rid of this: I replaced both and the harness. Issue solved! Took the truck up to the snow for a cabin rental the last few days. I will post on that soon.
  17. I thought I'd post an update: Starting around Halloween the "Check Engine" light came on while my girlfriend was taking the kids to school. Attempting to help me out, she went to Auto Zone for a free code scan and got P0172 from the employee. They also cleared the code, so I waited to see if it'd come back. Sure enough it did. Having a scanner at home I saw P0172 and P0175, which is running rich on both banks. Now, I had two things in mind with this. One is, the truck has a tune and runs on 91. The second is the weather is getting cooler out than when I did the tune. Perhaps the cool weather and tune had it running rich? Either way, the MPG wasn't changing, there was no noticeable difference in how it ran to me, and emissions isn't due until the end of April. Being too busy to care too much, I would clear the light and it would come on a day later or 2 weeks later until this past week. Thursday night I move the truck to get in the garage attic and notice the light is now off. Since I leave the scanner in the center console, I assumed the Mrs. cleared it. However when I asked, she had not. She said the light extinguished itself. A little surprised and relieved, I poked under the hood. While she was out earlier that day at the auto parts store I had her get some spray, electrical cleaner. I have to change the oil Monday and was planning on doing plug and wires as well to try and help the issue, but I wanted to see what I could try tonight. First I pulled off the air filter. I was wondering if the readings/trouble code were caused by dirty air coming through to the MAF. I had heavily cleaned the filter in the summer (it was awful. Prior owner never cleaned it) but thought it cannot hurt to do again. Here is how it looked. Not too bad: Next was the MAF sensor. I took it out and carefully inspected it. It seemed ok, but after hitting it with cleaner, I realized all the "rails" in it were black. Afterwards they were clean and shiny as so: After reinstalling it all, I feel like the truck ran better on the quick late-night test drive, but I have a feeling that's just my mind playing tricks on me. Either way, no light so far...
  18. Well, a little has been going on with the work horse. First up, She finally hit the 150,000 mile mark this last week. I was really happy to see that. Next up, just before the 150,000 mile mark, this little gem started popping up, along with the "Passenger Airbag" light on the rear view mirror not coming on. And, the red "airbag" light too... Come to find out after about 4 different days of looking, a black wire had come undone under the seat: I didn't see it at first since the black carpeting made it difficult to see. I ended up fixing it quickly today with a wire splice. And all fixed! That issue was driving me nuts for almost 2 weeks.
  19. Adam, I greatly appreciate the reply! I of course don't want to go and come home disappointed. I will make sure to keep my eyes open for future events that I can attend. Chris
  20. I'm curious: for upgraded suspension, does a full lift with new shocks, springs...etc fit this above criteria? For example, this is the system I am running: http://www.roughcountry.com/gm-suspension-lift-kit-272n2.html Thanks, Chris
  21. John, I remember my parents having an issue with Earnhardt Jeep by Arrowhead a few years ago. They were trying to make the numbers look good, but they added up to them paying for their trade in to be taken from them. Also, they didn't want to give them their keys back so they could leave. Chris
  22. Welcome from your neighbor in Goodyear!
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