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  1. I'm interested in the antenna if nobody has asked for it yet. I would like to get it on my Sierra.
  2. Hey all, Some of you may have seen my other build thread on my 2006 GMC Sierra. While that truck is my primary expo vehicle, I thought'd I'd compile some info on my daily driver which is being made into more of a multi-use vehicle. Here's a photo of when I bought it back in April of 2013. I was pretty excited at the time as it was my first "big vehicle purchase" and I paid cash. I was $7400 with just under $83,000 miles. It's a basic truck, but that's what I wanted and I'm very happy with it. Some specs: It's a work truck model. So, it came with... -Rubber floors. -Painted bed. No liner or anything. -Manual door locks -Manual, crank windows. -Bench seat with fixed center jump seat. No fold down console. No moving back and forth. -4.3L V6. All stock minus a K&N drop in filter I added. -4L60E 4 speed auto transmission -GREAT A/C. Freezes me out even when it's close to 120F outside during the Arizona summers. -Auto headlights. I like that a lot. The first thing I did was put tires on it. They were not matching (iron since I bought it from a tire shop owner...) so I wanted brand new ones. I drive this truck 75 miles a day on average. I wrapped the GMT900 style rims in BRGoodrich Long Trail T/As sized 265/70R17. Also, I found out for some odd reason there were spacers on the truck. I removed them. Those lasted until I had a side wall puncture from a nail and some rear wear. I was going to San Diego the next week, so I got General Grabbers in the same size. Only a few weeks after getting it I found a Roll N Lock bed cover on Craigslist for ~$250. It seemed like a great price, so I grabbed it. My windows were not tinted then, but a buddy of mine did it for me and I liked the privacy of the lack of sun coming in. Tint looks exactly the same even today. About 7 months after I got the Roll N Lock my girlfriend at the time and I went to Flagstaff for a wedding. While coming home it poured the whole way. Not wanting the luggage to get wet (the Roll N Lock wasn't water tight at all) I had to stuff us and the luggage in the single cab. I wasn't as comfortable as I would like, so I sold the Roll N Lock for a profit after getting a Gaylord's tonneau cover. It was awesome looking and at a great price since the hardware needed some work. About a year after that I needed more room. I sold the tonneau and left it as an on bed until I found a camper shell I wanted. I came across a nice Leer on the other side of Phoenix about a year ago and grabbed it. I still have it today. Around New Years of 2015 I decided I wanted the clean up the back of the truck. I found out about Bedrug. I got one on Amazon and installed it with great results. In the spring of this year, I took out the rubber floors and put in carpet with Loyd's custom floor mats. Looks better and makes for a quieter ride. Up until August I didn't do anything. However, one day while messing around on Craigslist I randomly stumbled upon an ad for a modular storage and sleeping system made by A.R.E. I was able to snag it for $160. I couldn't say no to that. Kid approved too! A couple weeks later I started thinking of my next tires and the Grabbers were getting a little low. I found these era-correct stock rims I liked for $250. I snagged them. Next mod came Friday morning. I came out at 4:30AM to leave for work. I had a flat, so I took the GMC. On lunch break I called Discount Tire and made an appointment to drop off the "new" rims. I ended up getting some Hankook Dynapros. Again, 265/70/R17s. Old on the left, new on the right. On the truck: Photos from yesterday:
  3. I didn't have this issue with the JK, so I cannot help there. I know some people got spacers to make it level again.
  4. Very cool. I wasn't aware that many people visit there.
  5. As of Friday night I have had the truck back. I took it up the Apache Trail for some fun Sunday and shined it up Monday to show off the paint repairs. The shop did a GREAT job. I am very happy with the results. The shop that did the work was Casey Auto Works in north Phoenix.
  6. It's been a while since I've made a post. As I write this the GMC is away for paint and I'm using a Cruze as my free rental car (not a bad little thing really). Hopefully I will have it back soon as I had an itch to go on some trails this weekend. A couple weekends ago I was going to drop it off, but on a Tuesday while coming home from work I had a hard downshift while passing someone and when I hot the off ramp, the CEL went on and all I had was second gear. I figured I had wiped some of the clutches and was in for a LONG weekend. And an expensive one at that. I got home worried, but fine. Pulled into the garage, hooked up the scanner and found a code P0758 which is a "B" shift malfunction. I was hoping it was the solenoid, so I ordered 2 ACDelco ones at the local dealer ($25/each like any auto parts store) and also found an AFE deep trans pan for ~$120 off on Amazon and had it shipped. It was a PITA getting the old pan off since the linkage guide is almost impossible to get off on this truck, so I moved the front drive shaft and loosed the tail shaft to gain working room and clearance. Here's a Google image of the stock pan: Upon getting the pan off I swapped both solenoids and put the AFE pan on. I like the AFE pan a LOT. Another stock photo: The driver side also had a tap for a temp sensor, but I will get that installed at a later date, like in the cooler winter. Luckily when it was all buttoned up and the fluid was in, turning the key immediately extinguished the CEL. I went down the street and noticed a much firmer shift from the watery, old fluid to the new, thicker fluid.
  7. Located on the west end of Phoenix. 4x8 box that is about 30" tall. Was going to use it for my JK but sold it and have a truck: trailer is no longer needed for me. Very strong and not heavy: pulled behind my 3.8 JK and hardly noticed it. Looking for $1150 or best offer. Thanks, Chris http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/snw/5147596425.html
  8. Next, I had to pop off the dash bezel. To get it off, just grab it and pull. It is just press fit. Same goes for the passengers inner most ac vent. You may need a a thin flat head to get under it to pull it out. Be careful. Again, press fit part. I then ran the cable behind the glove box support bar to keep it out of the way. Next, I fed it through the A/C vent area. You can do this without removing the vent...but it's a challenge. I then fed it into the center area by the cubby box... ...and to where the stand will be mounted. I then coiled up the extra cable and pushed it behind the glove box. Next, I wanted a keyed power source. No playing with wires, switches...etc. Turn the key and go. So, I got the the fuse box. The panel in the triangle facing the door on the driver's side of the dash. With the radio and stand mounted with RTV (stock tape failed in minutes. I let this dry overnight). I plugged in the power cable and ran it through the previously removed dash bezel and tucked it away where need be. And placed part of it under the dash mat... And down the back seam by the firewall. I jumpered to the 15A fuse on the top left which is for power and heated seats...I only have power. I'm good for amperage there. I then grounded it between the body and washer on the bolt to the lower left of the photo by crimping on a ring lug. And there it is! Poor photo I know but it survived an off-road trip the the lake and round trip to Vegas!
  9. Well, I did this prior to going to Vegas but haven't had much time to sit down and write it up. One thing I noticed was this little shark fin looking thing on top of the truck... ...as I figured it is for Sirius/XM service which my truck has factory (well, XM anyway). So, since I already have a radio and service I paid for back in late April and activating another radio is more $$$ I decided to install a car kit. With that in mind, I figured there must be a way to use the antenna already on the truck.... So I did some research and digging around and found where the cable for it is. I saw mixed opinions on compatibility, most of which were not so good looking. So, I got to finding where the antenna is. I figured it'd be a huge PITA, but to my amazement it's not: the connector goes to a module for the radio right behind the glove box. It is the one with the yellow connector. You need to "pinch n pull" to remove it. It isn't too bad. (Below photo is not one I took) The only downside is it is short and will not reach to the center console where I want to mount the unit. I wanted it there as to not block and A/C vent. So, I had to buy a cable from Amazon. They came in 6' and 12' lengths even though I only needed like 2', however a 6' one was ~$7 to my door. I ordered one. The yellow connector piece needs to come off. It cannot be cut, but the tabs come apart to remove the yellow housing. Using 2, flat head jewel screwdrivers is best. The result is the cable end on the right, the one on the left is the extension cable. Now...here's the catch. The two cable ends will meet together...but will not hold. They not made to mate so they can make and break connection with no effort. So, you need to make them stick. First, the end of the antenna cable that had the yellow connector needs to be flared. You can cut the tabs off, but I kept them for a better fit. Next, I used electrical tape to keep the ends together. I slipped some heat shrink on first. Sorry, but I don't have a pic of the shrunken heat shrink..but you get the idea. Before I got too far, I pulled my Silverado next to the Sierra to test the antenna. My Chevy has a car kit already, and I can run the extra length of the 6' extension to from the GMC to the Chevy to test it... And as you can see, I have 3 bars! (Full reception)
  10. A little has been going on with the GMC in the last few days: On June 29th I drove it to Vegas and came back July 6th (stayed a week). On the way there, I ran into a small issue that I had when I went fishing a few days prior: the A/C begins to blow less and less until it becomes a trickle. It started about 50 miles out on my way in, but wasn't too bad, just a little warm. On the way back it started about 50 miles out going home...I figured the condenser was freezing up. So, near Kingman I turned off the compressor and left the fan going...air flow began to come back and the air was still cold. ....then it hit me. Literally. As I was going uphill I hear a cracking sound and start getting hit in the face...with ice! After that it was fine the whole way home. I still plan to clean out the outside of the condenser soon. Besides that, it will fit (barley) in the parking garages there, and it makes crossing the Colorado river via Hoover Dam a dream! Also, I found out State Farm, the insurance company of the woman that hit me, has acceptable all responsibility and will be repairing my truck. I am trying to get it to a shop I like, and they will pay it all, or if it is more than they assess it for I pay the extra. I also get a free rental car.
  11. I figured I'd take a quick moment to talk about the fridge I have since I'm very happy with it especially considering the cost that has been put into it. The unit itself is an Edgestar FP430 that I bought 2nd hand from a gentleman on Craigslist a few years ago when I had my JK. He was in the area and the fridge was in great shape: I took it home for $350 if I remember correctly. While the fridge works great (I have had it at -8F before) there were a couple of things that I felt needed improving. The most important (ironically the last) improvement I made was to the plug itself. If you do some online searching, you will see that many people have changed the plug out, and even the receptacle on the fridge itself. The issue with the 12V end is that it does not use a "traditional" screw-on cap with a spring assisted cylindrical fuse, but instead had a bent, flat piece of metal that acted as a spring, and the entire plug had to be disassembled to get to it. The main issue was this caused the connection to be intermittent so I picked up a new, "standard" plug and a 7.5W fuse and installed the new end. It works much better and never has a bad connection. The first "mod" I actually did was for lighting. I found that I usually used the fridge in the darker hours and was always grabbing a flashlight to see the inside of the fridge. One day at IKEA I spotted this very bright LED puck light with double sided tape for ~$5 and decided to grab it. It uses 3 AAA batteries and the tape has yet to fail in 2 years. Pressing the dome area is the on/off switch so it's very easy to use for just a few moments. These are pretty standard finds at many stores these days. The most expensive mod I did was changing out the plastic handles for metal ones. It wasn't cheap, but well worth it. I had it tied down in my JK and heard a loud snap on a bumpy trail: one of the plastic handles broke in half. I cannot take credit for the idea on this, as it was originally done by Expodition Portal Forum member "Silver dude" to the best of my knowledge. theksmith also did a write up. The link is here: http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/47802-Edgestar-Fridge-Modifications-Thread/page4 From theksmith: http://offroadpassport.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1416 I did have a Tembo Tusk fridge slide, but am currently selling the set-up since it is not needed any longer. Hope this info was helpful to some!
  12. Hey all, I have a lightly used Tembo Tusk standard front pull slide and Buffalo Straps for sale, as well as a like new (Ordered and never used, still in wrapping!) Docking Station. I has the slide and straps inside my 08" JK Rubicon 2 door and removed them after ~16 months of use to put my back seat in. I had ordered the Docking Station rails to swap between the two, but ended up selling the JK for a truck and they were never installed. I now install my fridge (Edgestar FP430) with ratchet straps to the folded down back seat so no slide is required for me any longer. Everything is in excellent shape and ready to go. I removed the slide in August of 2014 and have had it stored indoors since. The "scuffs" you see on the slide surface is from my fridge, but has not taken the finish off the slide. There is not rust or anything like that. I realized I not longer need it so that's the only reason I'm selling it. These products are top notch and I would stand by them and always recommend them. If you buy them, I promise you will not be disappointed. The combined total for all these items new with shipping from Tembo Tusk comes to $568.55. I am asking $360 OBO, and may consider some trades or partial trades. Cash is king of course! Due to the weight and my lacking of shipping materials and expertise, I am looking to sell locally only. However, if you are truly interested I will be in Las Vegas near the 4th of July and could take it up there in my truck. For more info, questions, etc please shoot me a message, or text/call Chris at 623-64O-8328. Thank you for looking!
  13. Just wanted to leave a note that I am driving to Las Vegas around 4th of July. If you are interested I can take the tent with me in my truck.
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