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  1. Price reduced. While going through my gear I found a second storage/rain cover.
  2. So yesterday I got home around lunch time from work and decided to use the time to take the family camping. It was only a one night trip, but certainly worth it. A few photos of the rig loaded up. The extra room in the bed is for my dog. When we left Phoenix yesterday afternoon is was ~112, so my dog rode in the back seat on the floor to stay cool. A view from camp: All the gear fit nicely in the truck. We forgot some things, nothing too important, but a good lesson learned for what I need to just leave in the gear boxes. Marley (the dog) did great for his first camping trip. And importantly, the kids had fun! I forgot the camera on the desk (of course) so sorry for the cell phone shots. I can't wait to take the truck out again!
  3. Some more "bumper cars" damage: Where I had to take off the big cartoonish logo on the shell window: And finally, how it looks with the shell:
  4. It's been a few weeks. Since then, the truck got some drive time and all has been good...for the most part. Last Thursday I get up not feeling too great. A bit nauseous, bad stomach...nothing too bad I thought. About 2 hours into work I was dizzy and BAD. I went home and got some rest hoping to sleep it off. While I was at home and got a call from the place where I ordered the camper shell. It had arrived and was ready to be put on. I was stoked! With a Vegas trip coming up on the 4th I was ready to go camping first. Nothing could stop me now...or so I thought. I normally work Tuesday-Friday 10 hour shifts which is great for my weekends. When I asked about picking up my camper shell Saturday morning they were booked...and they're closed Mondays keep in mind. They salesman asked if it needed to be a Saturday, I said no, but it would be best. The next Saturday opening was mid-July...I opted for Friday @1400 and had the girlfriend take it in. Meanwhile, I'm still sick Friday and she goes. I couldn't keep down food or water but stuff was always coming out. She calls on the way home and says it's on but they riveted their logo on the back window frame. They didn't drill through, but still... By the time she get's home I can hardly move. She drives me to urgent care where we find out I'm really dehydrated and lost 15lbs in two days. I get some meds and go home. Saturday and Sunday I'm still sick. Monday morning I was doing pretty decent so I pulled off the logo and slid the Bedrug in for the heat to help form-fit. At this point my camping before Vegas is shot since this weekend is Father's day and next weekend I have to prep to go. While bummed out a bit, I get out of the house and go across town to Bass Pro to look at camping gear and get some fishing bait. Then on the way home, this happens: The GMC (which I now will call Iron Sides) got side swiped at the tale end of rush hour. It was more of bumper cars really. She started to come over and with a car to my passenger side and behind me, all I could so was lay on the horn until she hit me. She was found at fault and I'm waiting on the paperwork for her insurance to fix it, but it's hardly noticeable at all (the bigger scratches under the gas cap were there for the most part). The side steps took most of the rash. Both doors got some scuffs on the bottom and there is a small dent from her mirror on the back of the cab. Overall I got out of it with little damage.
  5. More photos: Again, the only reason I'm selling it is due to a change up in my equipment. The JK I had test fit it to was sold in May and I now have a 4 door GMC with a camper shell and I'm making a sleeping platform in it to accompany my golden retriever as well.
  6. I have a Technitop RTT for sale. Bought it in January but never used it, my vehicles and plans have changed. -1.3M (medium). Can sleep two decent-sized adults side-by side comfortably. -Moonroof with screen -Comes with extra rain cover from South Africa -No Tears, leaks, or Rips, most parts can be repaired in the field with rivets -4 season -Top Build Quality - this is what the Chinese have failed to copy in their knock-off roof top tents -NO Longer Imported - these are scarce are sought after. -Everything included, it is ready to go! Looking for $1050 OBO. Looking to sell locally, not interested in shipping right now, sorry. If interested, send me a message or text/call 623-64O-8328. Thanks!
  7. Wow, I like the look of it a LOT! Sweet find!
  8. Thanks Bill! I can't wait to take it for a long trip.
  9. So I got a hold of AutoAnything and found out I messed up the order and added the logo to the rear mats and not the front, they let me keep the blank fronts and for the price of the logos only got me new fronts. Awesome customer service! Took a few shots of some of my basic item storage for now. Tool bag and basic med kit: Tow ball, tow strap, fire extinguisher (looking for a better place) and jumper cables. Same items seen alone with some good rope and the blank mats to swap out so I don't ruin the good ones in bad conditions, like the mud at the Expo this year. As you can now see, the windows are darker due to MUCH better tint. The rears were factory stained and the front had some cheap stuff that was wrinkled and peeling. A coworker and friend of mine used to do window tint for a living so I had him come by and peel the fronts and tint all the doors for $80. Tint is made in Tempe, Az so it's designed for the heat and has a lifetime warranty. Same stuff has been on my daily driver Silverado for 4 years and looks brand new. Company name is SunTek for those who are interested. I have a few bigger items coming soon, but rather wait to get them and take photos than just mention them. Oh, and the two box trees in the back are quick growing shade trees to keep the paint from damaging.
  10. Awesome looking event. I wish I was closer or I would totally go.
  11. Thanks all! I did the Expo on Saturday. Was there from about 11-3.
  12. I've been on the forum for a couple years as the owner of on 08 JK Rubicon, but after owning 2 two door vehicles (my other is a standard cab Silverado) and in the last years meeting a woman with a couple kids, I knew it was time to do a vehicle switch up. My JK was built up pretty nicely IMO, but wasmore than I needed. So, the truck is going to be a vehcile for the family on the weekends, going on road trips like San Diego and Vegas every few months from Phoenix and still do Chicago and Montana with ease, as well as be a good off road vehicle. The last photo of the JK before the new owner grabbed it: Since the she and the kids love off road but hitting the trails with 4 people and gear in a two door is difficult, I decided to buy a 2006 GMC Sierra from a friend of mine at work. It had about 119,000 miles at the time of purchase and needed some attention, but overall I was happy. The day I took it home: There were a few things I knew needed done for me to be happy. First thing was the leaks, and it had more than I thought, but a lot of small ones. To get it leak free and make me feel good about the truck's reliability, I replaced the gasket for the front main, rear main, oil pan, timing chain, and both valve covers. Also replaced the heater core hoses which were weeping, put in a new water pump, power steering pump and lines, flushed the coolant system, did an oil change, and re-aligned the front end. It wasn't cheap, but the truck runs great and I'm confident in it. Next thing was a good cleaning. I went to town on the interior with a carpet cleaner, some brushes, and armor all. With a 6" lift and 35s, it is tall. So, side steps were next. I got Smittybilt ones from 4Wheel Parts in Mesa. Not fancy, not sliders, but all I need for what I do. I noticed going to Tonopah for or going across town the 3.73 didn't seem to do well and the auto trans kept wanting to hit 2nd or 3rd gear to climb small hills. A regear seemed needed, but the speedo being off needed to be addressed as well, so I got a Hyptech tuner new to the door from AutoAnything for $260. With a premium tune and adjustments, the regear is off my lift. I drove it to the expo up I17 at 75-80 with normal downshifting any stock truck would do and mileage is averaging 13.5 which is great for my set-up if you ask me. I had fun taking the 260/Pinewood to Mormon Lake. The mud was a good 4WD test/challenge. It handled it better than I thought it would. After coming home I had it cleaned and detailed. It was a good photo opportunity yesterday morning before work... I also put in a dash mat by Dash Designs and Lloyds floor mats. The fronts didn't come with the Z71 logos like I wanted, so they are on their way. The rear one came in fine. I love the truck so far. It's fun and easy to drive and has many creature comforts which are great for long road trips and camping alike.
  13. That mud in the parking area was something. Some people were going pretty fast through there: enough that I got a bit nervous at times.
  14. I will be there Sunday most likely, maybe Saturday if I leave early enough. Sold my JK and my GMC isn't ready for camping the way I want, so I'll be in my little Silverado.
  15. Welcome! I was in Kennebunk, Biddeford, and Shapleigh the last few falls/winters. Lovely area!
  16. I was reading that today. Sad to see people chucking items into the spring
  17. Excellent! I just did this trail for the first time in January and really liked it. I was hoping to go again this summer.
  18. Picked up a project trailer for camping and long trips. Not the best photo I know. I will probably start a build thread on it soon.
  19. Did you try swapping the front and rear tires with the front shaft removed?
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