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  1. I have a couple for my open end wrenches. Had them for about 25 years now.
  2. A mall crawler must have!
  3. They must be mopar keys with a chip in them. It's funny because when I did one for my daughter's TJ a few years ago, my ACE didn't want to cut the key because they said they've had issues with Ebay keys screwing up their machine. I took it to the dealer and he cut it for free.
  4. Those are brighter than my headlights! nice work!
  5. 91AzXJ

    91 xj build

    Nice rig, congrats!
  6. Happy B-day, hope you had a good run tonight!
  7. You have about as many Black Widows as we do. Nice build thread!
  8. Not wide enough unless you fill it with water and hungry gators!
  9. I have the ARB506 Small Dial Tire gauge/deflator similar to the Accu-Gauge but more expensive. Works very well and matches my old school tire gauge.
  10. Who needs articulation when you are wearing Sumo Wrestler costumes for tires? Pretty cool!
  11. First off, I too am not a fan of stop leaks as they tend to gum up the entire system. That said, XJ heater cores are probably one of the worst engineering designs of all time. You have to weigh the fact that using stop leak may eventually lead to water pump failure or overheating issues down the road. As far as the double sided felt tape goes, what fun is owning an XJ if it doesn't squeak or rattle? That's how I know mine is still running! Well that and having to turn my radio up loud enough to hear over the rattles, squeaks and road noise. I have used Bar's stop leak (http://barsproducts.com/) in the past and it did stop the leak. Never kept the vehicle long enough to see if other problems developed.
  12. I saw an article in the paper last week where the Feds are going to be taking over policing and other functions of the White Mountain Apache tribe due to improprieties in the book keeping. Don't know what affect if any this will have on the use permits etc.
  13. Sounds like you had an enjoyable day! Happy B-day!
  14. 91AzXJ

    Paul's 2016 Tacoma

    I vote for Goose Taco!
  15. It would be tough to wear that as earrings or a necklace!
  16. Nice and clean! Like the lights.
  17. I'm looking at a very messy weather map showing rain/snow mix to the north. That being said, snow is probably melting over the next few days.
  18. The nickname is Sortafit in the body shop industry, but it is better than OEM price wise.
  19. Neat article! There used to be a series showing what the cities would look like if the civilization was wiped out, and it looked remarkably like the pictures.
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