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  1. =D I'm so glad you got such great pics!!! But... in our defense, the camera doesn't do that shelf we did enough justice.. I hope you guys hold an intermediate class in the near future.. This lil' red jeep is thirsty for more!! :D
  2. Thanks guys!!! I really learned a lot and gained a ton of confidence!! It was great meeting you all!! I'm really looking forward to next time =D My only regret was not having a camera =/ I'm hoping people post pictures Jeremy (Cloud)
  3. Thanks Jeeper, that's great advise... I was actually already thinking that.. I'm gonna take the class next week and see how that goes.. And I had plans on taking a trip of my own to the places I remember going with my dad as a kid, then decide from there..( i.e. crown king, bumble bee, and Mormon mountain/Munds park ) One thing is for sure tho, I want a more aggressive tire on there.. I parked next to a Rubicon today at work, with what looked like a lot of off road mods, and I sat at the same level.. And that really got me thinking *speaking of which, do any of you guys work at John C. Lincoln.. There's a lot of rubi's and raptors in the parking garage at work lol* And as for the lift kit I'm looking at... I think, if i decide to lift it, it's going to be the Terraflex 2.5" budget boost with shocks.. On the Quadratec website they were asking around $510.. But I'm gonna need someone to do it for me too, because I wouldn't know where to start lol, I'm not too car savvy, heh.
  4. Yea, my brother and I were admiring it the other day in the pictures lol... He's got a 95 4runner
  5. Woo, that's good news Scout, thanks! Oh, and the tires I have on now are 265/70R17's
  6. How much do you want for it? Money is a bit tight this month, so I don't think I'm gonna be able to get a new CB just yet..
  7. Wow, 3 hrs.. I was expecting a LOT longer lol.. with the 33's you didn't have to do any other mods to it like gearing or steering?
  8. Thx George Sooo... I did some more homework on the things you mentioned, and I found one that looks good for me.. called Teraflex 2.5" budget boost.. One with shocks and one without, from $367 to $517... Not sure what the difference would be besides the obvious.. My other problem with that would be trying to find a shop to install it for me.. I can drive the hell out of em, but I dunno how to work on em' What's a good price range to pay for that particular boost? I checked out the Disconnects, and I see they are a must.. kinda like giving the truck knees in a way I guess.. I was happy to see how inexpensive those were, and it looked like something I could maybe do myself if I had the tools.. As for tires.. Is there a tire you would recommend? I was hoping for 33's but if 32's are gonna get the job done for me, than I could live with that.. The ones on it now are Goodyear wrangler.. not sure of the size, I'd have to get out there and look.. unfortunately they have a lot of tread on them, so I got a while before I can make a "Smart" tire upgrade..
  9. Thanks guys... I was very excited to have a lift installed, then I got to reading on the net, and it scared the crap out of me lol... with things like.. Death wobble.. and if you lift it you have to do ALL this other stuff to it like new steering, new gearing, etc etc... It just kinda freaked me out... George, you make it sound very doable.. I look forward to talking with you!
  10. [/img] So that's the Jeep, Now for the Newb questions: Does it look lifted? How could I tell if it has some sort of lift in it already? This is my daily driver, and my goal is to do the trail with you guys in Mammoth, or any other easy to moderate *after learning of course* Trails you guys do.. Am I going to have enough clearance to do something like that without destroying the undercarriage? Would a bigger tire give me any more clearance? And does it look like I have enough space to even take a bigger tire without getting a lift? Sorry if these questions are kinda dumb, I'm just kinda clueless to this stuff, and trying to learn.. I figure being an EX OTR Trucker, I've taken on half the battle, hehe..
  11. Thx Ksmith =D, gettin' those rims dirty sounds like heaven to me!!
  12. thx brother lol.. BTW, David is my brother
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