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  1. David Clark

    my rig

    Heh hmm. Well took way longer then I was hoping lol fix 1 problem nother appears. Well the engine is completely done but I guess when it overheated the radiator hose riped open causing the hot water to melt the wire on the fuel injector to go bad that also messed up the computer lol.
  2. David Clark

    my rig

    No I used the money I got from it to get this 1. I miss it but at the same time I'm glad I got Duran Because the Duran is easier to work on
  3. David Clark

    my rig

    An update on my rig... This is really late but about a year ago my 4runner had a cracked block so I spent a while looking and now I have a 01 dodge Duran took it camping 2 months ago to flag. Well never made it lol, the turns out has a cracked head... So me and my dad are currently rebuilding the engine, almost done just need push rods,water pump .all the little stuff prob be done near the end of aug I will take pictures of it when it's done... Just thought I would update since I haven't been on for a while
  4. looks awesome man!!!! i now know what to look forward to when i start on mine ^^
  5. im glad everyone had a fun time..i did learned alot, feel i can take on a little more now!! i fellt awesome =).. hope to see some pictures David
  6. David Clark

    my rig

    pretty sure its stock height
  7. idk if this matters but i dont think il take mine no gas so ima just ride shotgun with cloudjc
  8. David Clark

    my rig

    open to upgrade suggestions ^^
  9. thx guys..i will post some pics when it gets daylight
  10. Hello everyone new to 4x4 have a 95 4runner. all stock except the tires i guess looking forward to leaning... and nice to meet every1
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