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  1. Just made it home. Thanks for a fun trip! It was great seeing all my old friends and meeting new people. Looking forward to more trips.
  2. Correction, I found out in a video that the wire is a motor ground and just needs to go to the vehicle somewhere.
  3. After talking to Dan Keufner who has the same Jeep and M8000 that I do, the wire goes from the control box and around to the negative battery cable stub on the winch motor. What puzzles me is after opening the solenoid box, what I thought was a black wire is actually a black jacketed red wire that goes all the way back to the controller connection that is located on the front of the box. So, I am of to O'Rielly's to get some wire and a protective sleeve and get this bad boy back together.
  4. After mounting my winch back onto my jeep, that has been sitting In the garage for 10 years, I found that I either snag or one of the dogs chewed off the ground wire on the solenoid. It comes off the back of the control box, but I am uncertain where it goes to. It has been off my Jeep for so long I don't remember where I am supposed to wire it. Does anybody have a warn winch or a similar winch, and knows where that ground wire needs to go to?
  5. D sent me a message to bring extra hamburger patties. I am picking them up, today. Apparently the attendance for the event is going through the roof since word got out that I am coming.
  6. Did I not make the list because I forgot to list what I would bring? Let me know what is still in need, other than my witty sense of humor.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, @ob1jeeper! I will need to take some measurements to see if I can fit them there. Due to my height, my head sits up between the sport bars/roll cage. I can barely see out the front windshield without slouching and as such, that may position the radio in my face. I will definitely take a look in the morning.
  8. @dzJeepChic right now I plan to. I need to figure out where to locate everything, ensuring it has a logical place. I had a G bracket but due to my center bar on roll cage the CB was off set instead of centered. That made the high position problematic for tall people. I then need to figure out how to wire it all up. The last thing is how to mount both antennas. I have a tire carrier and plan on locating them the as @Curly described. I imagine I may need some sort of bracket on opposite sides of the carrier so the antennas have some separation. Thanks @theksmith!
  9. The highlight of my day was spending time with family, but the second best thing was a gift from my wife and kids. They got me a mobile HAM radio for my Jeep. It is a FT-2980R from Yaesu. I am very excited to put it in this week. I need to figure out where I am going to locate it and running the wiring for the unit and the antenna. I am thinking I should run it to the auxiliary fuse box. I definitely need to brush up on how to HAM again. I will need to make a run over to the HAM Radio Outlet to get the antenna. @theksmith posted once about the cliff notes books for specific radios. Going to check to see if they have one for mine. Where did you locate your radio? Did you wire it to something under the dash or to a fuse box? Where did you place your antenna? Will my beloved Packers keep making ugly wins all the way to the Superbowl?
  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes, my friends! Got to have dinner with my family, and had a beer in the garage while looking at my Jeep!
  11. Is the 4x4ham website dead in the water? I just tried to log into the site and there was a window that said that the license for the site was not renew in 2019, and at of the year, no new users or posts will be allowed. Did it not have much traffic?
  12. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! They are part of the tub channel kit. I will keep digging. The only company I found that sells them outside of a whole frame kit, is Rampage. The reviews are terrible with rusting within months and fitment the key issues. I was hoping a more reputable company like Bestop would have them, but their channels do not appear to come with the rubber molded end. I will keep looking now that I have a direction. Thank you, again.
  13. I am attempting to make my old Jeep sea worthy and in doing so, am replacing some of the old and damaged rubber parts. After 26 years some are just disintegrating. I am perplexed by this little fella, right here in the picture. It is a rubber piece that is attached to the tub, where the B pillar from the soft top sits in. When looking online, I cannot find it in a soft top parts diagram. I did find it for a TJ. On a TJ it is called a mucket. I couldn't find anything searching under "yj, mucket." If anyone can steer me to the right place, I shall award thee a "thumbs up," sprinkled with gratitude.
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