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  1. It was a great getting to see old, as in known for a long time, friends and making new ones! I will try to figure out how to post my pictures. Thank you to everyone for being patient getting my land yacht through that forest road. "It's just a forest road..." - And thanks to the ORP crew for planning all of this!
  2. About 3 weeks ago I noticed an irregular wear pattern starting on the inside edge of both of my front tires. It looks to be evenly spaced diagonal patches around the circumference of both tires. My vehicle does not wander, and tracks Dead ahead. I do not have any unusual vibrations while driving. I did notice lately and about the same time that I noticed the wear patterns that it felt a little rough breaking. I just dropped my vehicle off at the local auto shop the inspection report came back that both my front lower ball joints were loose. They suggest replacing lower a arms and the ball joints, not just the ball joints. They did not have any findings on the front brake systems. When I search the internet, because we know all things on the internet are true, most replies showed that this type of wear pattern was indicative of a suspension problem. Again, my truck tracks correctly without any wandering, and there is no excessive vibration while driving. does anyone have any idea what might cause this wear pattern? Does anybody know if the lower control arms need to be replaced in addition to the ball joints, or should just replacing the ball joints suffice?
  3. The site and the skin look good to me...
  4. With regard to the Element extinguisher, for anyone who does or plans on running it, where are you going to keep it? I ask because my current "cheapo" extinguisher set up is haphazardly attached the the roll cage. Similar to the location of others, the extinguisher is easily spotted for use by myself or those that need to employ it. After I aquire an Element extinguisher, I am thinking about keeping it in a bright red bag located on the rear wheel well. Thank you in advance for your input.
  5. GRUNT

    R&P in V8 Jeeps

    I apologize for the differences in font within the same post. I am using an iPad and did a cut and paste, which appears to have modified the font.
  6. Just curious as to what running gear other V8 Jeep owners are using. If you have a V8 in your Jeep: what size ring & pinion are you using? what transmission are you using? what transfer case are you using? what size tires are you running? I am running a GM LM7 motor, paired with a 4L60E and a NP-231J(with a 4-Lo), and 33in. tires. My R&P is a 4.56. I am happy as I did not need to put it into 4wd or use the gas pedal on the three easy runs I have been on. She practically idles everywhere. My concern is that my RPMs seem pretty high at freeway speeds. Heck, even at 45mph. The RPMs listed by the grimmjeeper.com gear calculator says my RPMs at 45mph should be 1463, and that at 65 it should be 2113. That is not the case as they are hundreds higher. I intend to do more runs as the temps drop, but I feel like I went from high RPMs with a four cylinder to high RPMs with a V8. I don't recall my exact numbers but believe they are slightly higher than these listed below. I did purchase and have installed, a signal adapter from Novak that is supposed to covert the GM signal to the Jeep one as to work with the Jeep gauges. After reading a post from a Facebook group for V8 Jeeps, it turns out that some say the 4 cyl to 8 cyl did not require the module, just the 6cyl does. I am wondering if the unit causing me to run higher RPMs. I know that I cannot dial it all the way down where the idle is supposed to be.
  7. @ob1jeeper agreed, sir. I am uncertain if it is a large or small town, but if you had a plant there, I would assume someone knew the mine was in the general area.
  8. @Russ Chung, do you feel one is adequate or would you order two based on Tim's story?
  9. Is the new Ford Bronco going to be the GOAT of wheeling? Some of these options seem pretty nice. New Ford Bronco
  10. Happy birthday, @Number7
  11. Does replacement of the torque converter seal or the shift selector seal require the work to be done by a mechanic familiar with transmissions, or can a garage level mechanic accomplish these tasks?
  12. D, Will these spots fit a full-sized pickup towing a car hauler? I was thinking of trailering my Jeep up there, but if that won't work, I will just drive the Jeep with my little trailer.
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