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  1. Is the new Ford Bronco going to be the GOAT of wheeling? Some of these options seem pretty nice. New Ford Bronco
  2. Happy birthday, @Number7
  3. Does replacement of the torque converter seal or the shift selector seal require the work to be done by a mechanic familiar with transmissions, or can a garage level mechanic accomplish these tasks?
  4. D, Will these spots fit a full-sized pickup towing a car hauler? I was thinking of trailering my Jeep up there, but if that won't work, I will just drive the Jeep with my little trailer.
  5. Does torque converter bleed down require a new torque converter seal? I would assume this means removing the transmission. I also noticed quite a bit of fluid down in the transmission cross member. I did not see leaking from the tail shaft area, though. I may need to remove the skid plate for a better look.
  6. I figured out the shift shaft seal. It does appear that it is wet. I did notice that it still seems to still be actively dripping from the front passenger side corner. The bolt head in that corner is particularly wet. This corner is also higher than the tail end due to the slight drive line angle.
  7. Thank you, Steve. I looked all around. It did not appear to be the dipstick tube, but the wiring connector behind it looked wet. Where is the trans shift seal? I will go get back under it to look again. The concrete was hot and I didn't stay long the first time.
  8. Thank you, Tim! Looks like I got something new to put on the list of "to do."
  9. My Jeep is parked on the side of my house while another project occupies the garage. My wife brought to my attention that my Jeep had "a large leak." After inspection, it appears that the transmission is leaking quit a bit. The puddle is the size of two or three dinner plates. There were no holes in the pan, nor has it taken a hit since being operational again. It does not appear to be leaking from either end, nor from the top of the case. All the fluid does look like it might be coming from the pan gasket, as it is weeping around all the edges. It is more prevalent in the front end, which sits a hair higher than the rear, and perhaps just bleeds towards the rear of the transmission. Can anyone suggest possible causes? I don't believe I ever over filled it, as I always checked it properly. It has been sitting for a few weeks without moving. The transmission is a GM 4L60E(4 speed automatic.) Thanks for any help you can offer.
  10. With all this extra time, and motivation from this video, I may have to clean up the YJ. Heck, when I dropped the windshield, I found mud behind the dash from a Flagstaff trip from over 10 years ago. That darn mud hole was too much to resist. Dirtiest Detail, Ever!
  11. Annnd I am totally mixed up. Forget everything above. I was mixed up on numbers. Geez O Pete. I will stay in 208. I can't figure out how to delete the post above. Sorry. Don't worry, @Lichen, I won't try to take your spot.
  12. Uggghhh. By looking at the picture, I thought 208 was a double wide spot but after correlating the picture and the map, I see that 208 and 209 share asphalt. I am sorry for being high maintenance, but can you move me into 209? I don't want to crowd @Lichen. Hoping I can squeeze the pickup and trailer into the spot, and plan on just parking the Jeep on the trailer. Thanks, D.
  13. Happy belated birthday!
  14. Can you put me down for 208, please. It looks like a wide one so I can park my truck and trailer. I will have my boss PayPal in the morning.
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