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  1. As quick as I was in on this run, I am out. Jeep is out of service and I am not taking my truck again. I went out to do an assessment and minor work and found that my Jeep has a considerable knock emanating from the motor. I don't know if it is because she has been sitting and is cold or if it is a valve/lifter. It is a fresh rebuild with a new rotating assembly, with less than 1000 miles, so I am perplexed as to what it might be. I am going to get it looked at before I put any miles on it as to not permanently damage anything. Sorry, gang.
  2. I love using Joe but he is so back logged. I was planning on giving him a call later today. My only issue is with the academy going, I am instructing five days a week and cannot get to the West side.
  3. I would like to get a leaky seal replaced. I am looking for a reputable shop to take my GM(4L60E) transmission to. I can pull it myself and take it in. If they are a good shop and their dance card is not completely full, I would gladly pay them to pull it, if they aren't going to keep it for weeks. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
  4. I am planning on pulling my transmission to replace a problematic seal. It is easy enough to get my transfer case off, but is it possible to pull the transmission and still leave the motor in the vehicle? If so, what is the trick to balancing the motor on its two mounts so it doesn't go into the firewall or more importantly, the radiator? If there is a trick to leave the motor in, I can pull it and I know what I need to disconnect to remove it. Thank you for your assistance.
  5. Please add me as tentative. I will solidify plans Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully will bring a couple of my kids. It will be good to see everyone.
  6. I bought brand new BFG Mud Terrains at the beginning of the summer from Discount Tire. Drove her a bit before parking for the summer. She sat for a few months with only periodic movement forward or to the rear by about a foot to move things through the yard. I didn't drive her because I thought I had a bigger transmission leak. Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago when I started to drive her around the neighborhood. I noticed it had a clumpy feel as we went around the flat neighborhood roads. It would appear that my tires got a bit of a flat spot on them for parking for a couple months. Is this something that will go away with me driving on them? Will I need to go get them rebalanced now and then put some miles on to improve the ride? Or, as I hate to ask, did I ruin a brand new set of tires? Thank you.
  7. Ha! I missed all that. I usually only log in once a day. Thanks for the offer, though. I think the shirt and hat can still happen, sir. @theksmith, is there a setting that will have the forum notify you for additional comments on a post that you are part of?
  8. Taken?! Someone swooped me? I didn't even get a price? Man...
  9. What are the dimensions, sir? And price, sir? What trades are you looking for? I have some dirt, old Jeep magazines from 10 years ago, or my kid's halloween candy. @theksmith, what would I need additional to hook this up?
  10. Okay. Thank you, sir! I will look at my bookmarked articles to find a suitable replacement. At first glance there were a few that people stated were for a all disc vehicle and a matching mounting pattern.
  11. Greetings all, I am curious if there is a general rule of thumb for the life span of a master cylinder and brake booster. Especially if it had sat for, oh I don't know, 10 years. Had the Jeep out around town today and then after looking under the hood, I noticed some weeping. It appears to originate from around the lid of the master cylinder, continuing down onto the booster. I cleaned it up and plan I driving the Jeep all this week to check if the condition will duplicate. Also, the fitting around the brake booster vacuum hole(not the elbow, but where the elbow enters the booster) looked cracked. Does anyone know the part for that rubber ring/fitting the elbow slides into? Can a MC and/or booster "go bad" from sitting around? The Jeep seems to stop around town just fine, but will not stop while in 4-Lo. That specific condition might be related to R&P gearing and T-case low gearing, combined with the V8 power. The Jeep originally came with drum brakes in the rear but has since had read disc breaks installed. Some articles I have read state you can get a master cylinder designed for disc all corners that evens the braking power without changing the proportioning valve. This might be an option later down the road, but I am just trying to improve the condition of what I have. You know, in case I find myself on a "forest road."
  12. It was a great getting to see old, as in known for a long time, friends and making new ones! I will try to figure out how to post my pictures. Thank you to everyone for being patient getting my land yacht through that forest road. "It's just a forest road..." - And thanks to the ORP crew for planning all of this!
  13. About 3 weeks ago I noticed an irregular wear pattern starting on the inside edge of both of my front tires. It looks to be evenly spaced diagonal patches around the circumference of both tires. My vehicle does not wander, and tracks Dead ahead. I do not have any unusual vibrations while driving. I did notice lately and about the same time that I noticed the wear patterns that it felt a little rough breaking. I just dropped my vehicle off at the local auto shop the inspection report came back that both my front lower ball joints were loose. They suggest replacing lower a arms and the ball joints, not just the ball joints. They did not have any findings on the front brake systems. When I search the internet, because we know all things on the internet are true, most replies showed that this type of wear pattern was indicative of a suspension problem. Again, my truck tracks correctly without any wandering, and there is no excessive vibration while driving. does anyone have any idea what might cause this wear pattern? Does anybody know if the lower control arms need to be replaced in addition to the ball joints, or should just replacing the ball joints suffice?
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