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  1. I agree with Scott, as I like cooler weather with campfire potential. I know I am just getting back into the mix and missed this year's celebration, but I enjoyed the big group ride of past "annual trips." Can anyone remember that far back when I went to the Cinders?
  2. Yes. Thank you. When referring to the CJ as the Jeep the military used, using incorrect nomenclature, I should have clarified and not reference the civilian version. The M151 is not a "Jeep" and why I did not refer to it as such.
  3. I have seen all kinds of articles, today, regarding a concept vehicle developed by AM General and the ARMY. This will be the first time in decades that the military will have a true Jeep again. I believe the CJ-5 was the last Jeep used, and that Jeep ended production in the early 70's. Is this the new ARMY Jeep?
  4. I was interested but have to be in Flagstaff by the afternoon for a wedding. What time were you going to go. I also need to figure out travel time from the campsite to Flagstaff.
  5. Oh, wow. So you are saying that I'm a pretty big deal, huh? I feel like I should get a smoking jacket and a pipe for around the campfire.
  6. Hopefully! I am trying to salvage the weekend. I found out my brother in law scheduled his formal wedding for that Saturday. Technically they are already married but trying to appease the in-laws with a traditional Catholic ceremony. My wife said, "just go on your trip." I smell a trap...
  7. Looks like it will be in or near the old water park.
  8. "13.5 second quarter mile!"
  9. Did anybody see this? Picture: http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s---BsvDx7f--/c_fit,dpr_3.0,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/ema8w09cypnwiukvaoht.jpg Article: http://jalopnik.com/this-fake-1989-jeep-cherokee-trackhawk-is-a-blasphemous-1836608315
  10. What are the color levels?
  11. I am excited to see this post. I am anxious to get out again after 11 years of no Jeeping. I have a new drivetrain in my Jeep and as such, I want to learn to use it responsibly. It was easy to drive on a 4-cylinder, a manual,, with low gears and lockers. Now I have a V8, an automatic,. with low gears and lockers. I want to ensure that I can keep Jeeping without another long hiatus. As long as it is with good people and good scenery, I would like to go on as many trips as I can tolerate. I will obviously start out with easy and moderate trips, and learn to use my jeep again. I've done rock crawling back in the day and I don't necessarily have an interest to spend an entire weekend doing that. If we should have to navigate washes, rock outcroppings and the like, I won't have any problem doing that. I just don't look forward to taking 4 hours to run 2 miles of trail. I still see that many of my treasured friends are still here and I look forward to sitting around the campfire with you all, and probably most importantly I want to hear Karen's laugh. I had started writing a quite lengthy list, copying most of it from my old Wells book. It has been so long since I opened the book that when I opened it, all the pages fell out. It was pretty beat up by the heat from our previous trips across the desert and I believe the glue just gave out. Instead of rewriting everything I'm just going to post a picture from the Arizona Wells book. Some items that are on my bucket list are Moab and the Ouray & Silverton area in Colorado! I am open for going anywhere as long as it's not too hot(I have no A/C) and there is potential to learn history. Before my Jeep died I found that I like to research a specific area and collect not only historical data but photos of the region. I would then travel to the area with photos in hand try to reimagine it. I really enjoyed taking new photos from the same vantage point and comparing it to the old ones. I apologize for the long diatribe. Please see the attached photo of the table of contents from the Wells book. These are the trails I would like to go on, with you all. Hahaha.
  12. GRUNT

    Meet Casper!

    Nice rig, Ghost Rider!
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