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  1. I was interested but have to be in Flagstaff by the afternoon for a wedding. What time were you going to go. I also need to figure out travel time from the campsite to Flagstaff.
  2. Oh, wow. So you are saying that I'm a pretty big deal, huh? I feel like I should get a smoking jacket and a pipe for around the campfire.
  3. Hopefully! I am trying to salvage the weekend. I found out my brother in law scheduled his formal wedding for that Saturday. Technically they are already married but trying to appease the in-laws with a traditional Catholic ceremony. My wife said, "just go on your trip." I smell a trap...
  4. Looks like it will be in or near the old water park.
  5. "13.5 second quarter mile!"
  6. Did anybody see this? Picture: http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s---BsvDx7f--/c_fit,dpr_3.0,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/ema8w09cypnwiukvaoht.jpg Article: http://jalopnik.com/this-fake-1989-jeep-cherokee-trackhawk-is-a-blasphemous-1836608315
  7. What are the color levels?
  8. I am excited to see this post. I am anxious to get out again after 11 years of no Jeeping. I have a new drivetrain in my Jeep and as such, I want to learn to use it responsibly. It was easy to drive on a 4-cylinder, a manual,, with low gears and lockers. Now I have a V8, an automatic,. with low gears and lockers. I want to ensure that I can keep Jeeping without another long hiatus. As long as it is with good people and good scenery, I would like to go on as many trips as I can tolerate. I will obviously start out with easy and moderate trips, and learn to use my jeep again. I've done rock crawling back in the day and I don't necessarily have an interest to spend an entire weekend doing that. If we should have to navigate washes, rock outcroppings and the like, I won't have any problem doing that. I just don't look forward to taking 4 hours to run 2 miles of trail. I still see that many of my treasured friends are still here and I look forward to sitting around the campfire with you all, and probably most importantly I want to hear Karen's laugh. I had started writing a quite lengthy list, copying most of it from my old Wells book. It has been so long since I opened the book that when I opened it, all the pages fell out. It was pretty beat up by the heat from our previous trips across the desert and I believe the glue just gave out. Instead of rewriting everything I'm just going to post a picture from the Arizona Wells book. Some items that are on my bucket list are Moab and the Ouray & Silverton area in Colorado! I am open for going anywhere as long as it's not too hot(I have no A/C) and there is potential to learn history. Before my Jeep died I found that I like to research a specific area and collect not only historical data but photos of the region. I would then travel to the area with photos in hand try to reimagine it. I really enjoyed taking new photos from the same vantage point and comparing it to the old ones. I apologize for the long diatribe. Please see the attached photo of the table of contents from the Wells book. These are the trails I would like to go on, with you all. Hahaha.
  9. GRUNT

    Meet Casper!

    Nice rig, Ghost Rider!
  10. I get an error message page that states, "you must be signed in."
  11. I looked at your website and I am curious about potential options. Do you have any mounts that are "universal" or that are specific for a Jeep YJ Wrangler?
  12. No, Gearhead is speaking about a provision on the YJ transmission mount that extends out from the mount, and has a bolt and bushings of its own. The picture I found was from a thread on a separate forum, for wranglers, where the poster was looking for advice on how to align the drivetrain with the transmission skid. You can clearly see the mount as well as the bar that comes out from underneath it and has the, for lack of a better term, torque bolt, on its outside edge.
  13. Perhaps it is an old Garvin wilderness bumper system. They had a version that had a slender hoop design and perhaps the box brackets on the back were for adding the over tire rack system.
  14. I am sorry I missed your other post about moving storage items, sir. I am free this weekend to move any remaining items or help unpack.
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