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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, my friends! Got to have dinner with my family, and had a beer in the garage while looking at my Jeep!
  2. Is the 4x4ham website dead in the water? I just tried to log into the site and there was a window that said that the license for the site was not renew in 2019, and at of the year, no new users or posts will be allowed. Did it not have much traffic?
  3. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! They are part of the tub channel kit. I will keep digging. The only company I found that sells them outside of a whole frame kit, is Rampage. The reviews are terrible with rusting within months and fitment the key issues. I was hoping a more reputable company like Bestop would have them, but their channels do not appear to come with the rubber molded end. I will keep looking now that I have a direction. Thank you, again.
  4. I am attempting to make my old Jeep sea worthy and in doing so, am replacing some of the old and damaged rubber parts. After 26 years some are just disintegrating. I am perplexed by this little fella, right here in the picture. It is a rubber piece that is attached to the tub, where the B pillar from the soft top sits in. When looking online, I cannot find it in a soft top parts diagram. I did find it for a TJ. On a TJ it is called a mucket. I couldn't find anything searching under "yj, mucket." If anyone can steer me to the right place, I shall award thee a "thumbs up," sprinkled with gratitude.
  5. I unfortunately cannot make this trip now. I was installing the new windshield frame/cowl weather strip and needed to add pressure to the new(thick) weatherstrip to get the windshield back up. While adding pressure/leverage to align the top of the windshield frame to bolt to the roll cage, my helper accidentally misaligned the bolts and mushroomed the threads on both the bolts and the holes they feed into. I am beyond frustrated that this has happened, as well as that I cannot go on the trip. I now have to figure out how to salvage the threaded holes in the windshield frame, but tomorrow after I rest. My apologies for missing you guys tomorrow.
  6. I recently mounted my winch back onto my Jeep. I am looking for ideas(and pictures) on how everyone ran their wiring for their winch. I have an auxiliary fuse box to which I will run the wiring. What I am looking for it how you routed the wiring from the control box to your power source. You see, previously I had just thrown the winch on and ran the cables as easily as I could. After pulling the winch off, I found that over time the wires rubbed through the paint on my grill. How did you all run your wiring? On a side note, I plan on ordering the bracket that allows myself to move the control box. Dan Kuefner has on that lays his box down so it does not hinder airflow across the radiator. Thank you for any feedback you may have!
  7. After a decade, my Jeep has a winch. Okay, so I took it off during my rebuild, but I finally got it back on. I got her all scrubbed up with Dawn soap, a wheel wash brush, and a toothbrush. I mounted it using the same grade 8 hardware as before. In fact, it was all still in the neatly labeled ziplock I put it in 10 years ago. Now I just need a clean way of running the wires. Previously it was just thrown on and not well planned out.
  8. I agree with Scott, as I like cooler weather with campfire potential. I know I am just getting back into the mix and missed this year's celebration, but I enjoyed the big group ride of past "annual trips." Can anyone remember that far back when I went to the Cinders?
  9. Yes. Thank you. When referring to the CJ as the Jeep the military used, using incorrect nomenclature, I should have clarified and not reference the civilian version. The M151 is not a "Jeep" and why I did not refer to it as such.
  10. I have seen all kinds of articles, today, regarding a concept vehicle developed by AM General and the ARMY. This will be the first time in decades that the military will have a true Jeep again. I believe the CJ-5 was the last Jeep used, and that Jeep ended production in the early 70's. Is this the new ARMY Jeep?
  11. I was interested but have to be in Flagstaff by the afternoon for a wedding. What time were you going to go. I also need to figure out travel time from the campsite to Flagstaff.
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