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  1. Viair 200psi compressor and 2.5 gallon tank mounted on the frame rails:
  2. I would hate to see that after going down a dusty road, tire shine attracts dust like a magnet attracts iron.
  3. This is recovery gear! Plus a 10,500 pound rated winch, 60" hi lift, two first aid kits, a bag of standard tools, 200psi on board air, 5 gallons of fuel and 5 gallons of water.
  4. You don't need expensive stuff...I got two double wall stainless steel cups at walmart for less than $7.00 each, they probably work just as good as titianium ones.
  5. good guess 12 pounds exactly when packed for shipping.
  6. Here are some pics of a Hi Lift jack base I have designed and had fabricated localy. I don't have any more at this time but can have more made if there is a demand. $75.00 including shipping. You will need to supply your own 1/2" pin.
  7. The new coleman extreme coolers are very nice and affordable. I just got one at wallymart and it seems to hold ice MUCH longer than any other cooler I have ever had.
  8. Shoot the dog? mercy killing? come on now be nice. I'm a member of Verde Search and Rescue in Yavapai county. Arizona does not authorize rescuing of animals, only people. But we and DPS Ranger have on ocassion brought dogs out when the owners said it was themselves that were hurt or lost. The last hike I took my 60 pound, 10yr old dog on I had to carry her the last half mile or so on the top of my backpack, she was exhausted.
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