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  1. I was truly sadden to hear the news of Sam's passing. Sam was a fantastic guy that certainly introduced me to some wonderful country. We had many happy trips exploring Arizona, Utah and California. Sam introduced me to the Canyonlands National Park, all three of them, of which I was fortunate enough to go with him several times. A friend and a great guy to travel with. Thanks for the wonderful memories. And Yes, Happy Trails to you
  2. Great write up Steve. I truly enjoyed the pictures as they bring back fond memories. Having awesome spotters made the trip possible and accounted for the "no major mishaps". all three camp sites were good but I enjoyed the Rubicon Spring's "Dirty Dozen" the most. Great protected tent sites and water pools to relax in; who could ask for more
  3. I generally don't post personal stuff but this was so unexpected I just decided to. Friday I went into CHASE BANK to deposit money, (in this case Cash), into my ex-step-sons account to pay for one final semester of college. I have been doing this for several years. Imagine my surprise when the Teller at Chase Bank informed me that since I was not a signer on the account, I could not deposit cash into the account. “This is a New Regulation and we can not accept Cash” is what she stated. The bank could however accept a Money Order or a Cashier’s Check and I could deposit either of these. Of course Chase Bank would put a “hold” on the funds. After checking around I find that this is a CHASE BANK Only “regulation”. It is not a Federal Regulation; its just one more way for Chase Bank to make money on your money. PLEASE If you have an account at Chase Bank or have a friend that does CLOSE the Accounts. Move your funds to a real bank that accepts Cash. Ps The bank I use does not charge for use of any ATM machine, pays interest on your accounts and you get a free Safety Deposit box. I also get free checks.
  4. I have been buying my tires at Discount Tire for several years. I always buy the hazard Insurance and I've used it many, many times. Today I was talking to the guys and learned something. If you have the Road Hazard Tire Insurance ( a $390 costs just $60) and you are somewhere that there is no Discount Tire; you can buy a tire from any dealer and when you get to a Discount Tire they will reimburse you for the tire, (have the receipt), and put the correct tire on your vehicle for just the cost of the New Tire Hazard Insurance. You can't beat that deal with a stick.
  5. Ps I do have reservations at DeMott Campgrounds which someone can have
  6. Sam If at all possible, ( I know I agreed to take a passenger), I need to bail on this trip. Baron is not doing well. I am working with him each day, hand feeding and hand watering him. I do not feel safe leaving him alone. Jim
  7. I will be heading up to moab on friday april 11 i will be leaving camp verde around 9:30 am i will be going north on i-17 and on to kayenta into utah and moab i will be on ham 146.460 let me know if you want to caravan in moab april 11 through april 20 staying at the apache motel
  8. I have made reservations at the DeMotte Campground Loop A Site 014 for May 18 thru May 22
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