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  1. Nice find guys! Love the green & the dye spray I will have to look into. 41K, wow! Al
  2. Also running 0W-20 in 2013 JKU with 150400+ miles. Two top end rebuilds, one on factory warranty, one on me.
  3. Welcome. See y'all 0n the trail. Al
  4. Great job buddy, knew you could do it!
  5. A little late, but had a great time! All the pic's are first class. Liked the mine site a lot with all the "stuff"! The creek was an unexpected surprise, Gunny loved it! Karin thank you so much for leading this trip & oh yes , the cookies! Al
  6. Hey good luck guys in your new digs! Find us some new & exciting trails up there. Al
  7. Nice find. Same problem. Will be checking mine tomorrow!
  8. Kris sorry for the late reply. Tons of white smoke, overheated, stone cold radiator & no PSI but full, empty coolant recovery, coolant looked like a milk shake. Oil stick looked clean, tranny looked OK . Definitely over heated & lost some coolant. Also suspect, water pump & thermostat. So looks like I have many options to look at for a diagnose to this problem. So I'm throwing it into Joe's lap. Trailering jeep over to Joe's tomorrow with John's trailer. Will let you know what Joe finds. Thx Al
  9. Hoping you had a wonderful birthday Karen. Also thank you for the thinking of you cards! Al
  10. That's exactly what mine is doing. I know there are two actuators behind the glove box & that's where my "clicking" is coming from. Can put my hand on the one that is left of glove door, make it click but don't feel anything. So guessing it's the one up behind the speaker which i can't reach. Jeep going to Joe's this week for suspected head gasket, will let him sort it out. Al
  11. Happy Birthday Diane & wish you many more. Al
  12. Love this kid thing for presents! Unfortunately I have to drop out of this event. Have to stay out of crowds for now even with mask & distancing. Can"t take a chance, glad when all this crap is over. Everybody have a safe & happy new year....Al PS Will send beans with Johnpa.
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