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  1. I can see you on that dragon John!!! Safe ride home on that bike. Rain in the forecast. Al
  2. Nice pic's Dave. See ya on the trails! Al
  3. My evap leak...Joe (On Point) hooked up smoke machine & we found the culprit!! It was part of the fitting to the gas tank. Bad news, if piece on tank is broke you will have to replace your tank $$$$$ because that piece is part of the tank. Good news, fitting (not on tank) broke while being taken apart but enough was left for Joe to do his thing. Drilling, bushing, glue & we had a new part!!! Re-smoked & no leaks. Just have to go thu the drive cycle now. Joe came up with this fix & I am his 3rd repair for this & so grateful. Dealership would have replaced the tank, about $800. Part of contributing factor was my lift, installer "should" have made a longer (tie wrap) holder for harness to the tank, which on full articulation was really stretching harness to it's limits. That to was also addressed. Have described this procedure in layman's terms, but believe me this is a permanent fix & again, thanks Joe.
  4. Same problem (code) on my JKU. Evap system leak. Also did the gas cap thing, inspection eliminated any loose connections. Have appointment with Joe @ OnPoint for the 14th. Will follow up with his diagnosis. Al
  5. Home about 9:30. Great trip, loved being in the pines & mountains & with fellow jeepers who love the outdoors. Ready to go again! Thx Ryan. Al
  6. Kris your killing me!!! Forget about it!!! Thx for the b/day wishes. Made my day! Al
  7. Not sure on XJ's but thinking he could handle it. Best to call him @ 623.234.3339 & inquire. He works alone so might not get right back to you. My appointment was booked out 3 weeks. Al
  8. Had the infamous Penastar tick, tick, tick. Following a lead from Theksmith, went to OnPoint Perf & Offroad in Glendale. The owner Joe knew all about the tick, tick tick & he explained cause & remedy. Ended up replacing 12 each lifters & 12 rockers. Showed me the "DESTROYED" rocker arm which now rests proudly on his desk as the worst one he has seen. The job was completed in one day as promised & @ a very reasonable price. Highly suggest using Joe if you need a real knowledgeable honest mechanic. Again thanks to Theksmith, & John for running me to & from Glendale....Al
  9. mynr1

    Meet Casper!

    Looking GOOD! Right color for June, July & Aug.!
  10. Enjoyed the few hours with the gang, eating lunch & just BS ing. Really nice camp site, quite & extremely isolated!!
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