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  1. Thank you for your service sir!
  2. mynr1

    Knowledge Drop

    John you told me to turn, you were my instructor! 🚧
  3. Going to miss ya buddy! We certainly had good times, I'll always remember our jeep trips up to CO, among others. So many stories. RIP Ken....
  4. You go girl! Very nice ride Karin.
  5. Welcome aboard Joe! You worked on my jeep a few times & it always came out right. Heading to CO with johnpa, & my son later this week, for me probably my last big trip. Will be base camping in Gunnison. Al/mynr1
  6. Great trip! Good weather, lots of WATER! Hope everybody had a good time. Snoopy you did awesome! Sorry for taking you into that brush.... John thanks for the help & the pic's. Al/mynr1
  7. Better have a guest room, think you will have visitors! Good luck guys & thanks for all the good times. Al
  8. Great pic.s Karin! Sounds like ya having a great time. Stay safe & enjoy the rest of your trip with the group! Don't let John eat all the "cobbler"!!
  9. mynr1

    Doggy contest

    Gunny, see ya Sunday morning for scrambled eggs @ Judy's kitchen!
  10. mynr1


    so ya putting one in the jeep?
  11. Happy birthday friend. Al
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