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  1. Not sure on XJ's but thinking he could handle it. Best to call him @ 623.234.3339 & inquire. He works alone so might not get right back to you. My appointment was booked out 3 weeks. Al
  2. Had the infamous Penastar tick, tick, tick. Following a lead from Theksmith, went to OnPoint Perf & Offroad in Glendale. The owner Joe knew all about the tick, tick tick & he explained cause & remedy. Ended up replacing 12 each lifters & 12 rockers. Showed me the "DESTROYED" rocker arm which now rests proudly on his desk as the worst one he has seen. The job was completed in one day as promised & @ a very reasonable price. Highly suggest using Joe if you need a real knowledgeable honest mechanic. Again thanks to Theksmith, & John for running me to & from Glendale....Al
  3. mynr1

    Meet Casper!

    Looking GOOD! Right color for June, July & Aug.!
  4. Enjoyed the few hours with the gang, eating lunch & just BS ing. Really nice camp site, quite & extremely isolated!!
  5. My 2013 JKU same problem, same side. Covered under factory warranty, @ just over 30K. Now has 123K hoping for no more problems like that as I am waaayyyy out of warranty!
  6. Wow perfect timing! Looking for new insurer b/4 my current insurance expires next month. Will take hard look @ these guys. Thanks for posting this...Al
  7. mynr1

    Colorado in May

    John we've been there done that!!
  8. Happy birthday ya big lug.
  9. Yes group buy from midland with a nice discount...Al
  10. I'm running ham, cb, & gmrs. Gmrs so much better then cb almost ham quality. Other club (JEO) doing away with cb as of 1Jan20. Minimum communication on trips will be GMRS. For now will keep cb in case as Tim said about running with someone who might only have cb...Al
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