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  1. Ryan had a great time! Always expect the unexpected as we did with the washed out road that halted our progress. But turned out OK as we found a great camp site! Again thanks to everyone for the help & proved to always have a first aid kit in the group. Al
  2. Marty my insurance co recommended "Reliable Glass". On my 3rd windshield with them. Using Gorilla glass for jeeps now. Have also used Safelite. Al
  3. Sign me up please but might have to drop for scheduling. Al
  4. Wow great adventure guys! Really nice pic's. Hoping to do that trail, maybe this year/fall. Al
  5. Yes it is! Had the same problem...replaced both cams, lifters & rockers. Kris told ya not to get to close! Al
  6. Great time camping with you guys & gals! Kevin & Della, the meal you put on was like a 5 star restaurant!! Come on, surf & turf @ 5200 ft in the cool pines doesn't get any better!! Thank you for feeding us. Also nice meeting Rene & family. Sorry cant remember your wife & kids names. Loved flying the drone. A special shutout to Kris, Amy & Brady for helping me pack up to get off the mountain. Kris thanks for putting this camping trip together. Al
  7. Kris will meet ya all @ camp site. The first one. Pretty sure were on the same page. Will be on GMRS 21 & the Ham call me when you get close.
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