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  1. Love the Sierra Anchas! If I can work around a couple of doctor appointments, I'll be there. Al
  2. mynr1

    2021 JLURD

    Congrats on your new ride Russ!
  3. mynr1

    Never to young

    Hang on Scottie, grandpa ain't kidding!!!
  4. Thanks for posting John....Al
  5. Thx for posting. A lessen for all....
  6. Happy birthday George. Enjoy!
  7. Great time with everyone, except for the side wall blow out executing a rock garden. It was a NASCAR PITCREW performance changing to the spare! Everyone jumped right in. Can't thank you guys enough. Al
  8. Great trip Dick. Really nice to see that side x side club keeping up maintance on the grave site. Fence all disassembled broken slats replaced & painted!! They said there's a jeep club that also does repair work on the site. Sorry don't have pic's.
  9. I live in a gated community in Mesa. It's a ghost town! All services & programs cancelled until further notice. Club house closed, as is the pool & all courts. Nice thing is residents calling on there neighbors to see if they need anything, shopping, prescriptions etc. I'm in that category that needs to stay away from crowds, but have people who care & looking after Judy & myself. So if we all pitch in and just do a little to help someone in need, we'll get though this. If I get bored in the house, I just jump in my jeep & go for a ride. Cheeeeep gas!!! Great thread, keep it going.
  10. Yup this awesome jeep was seen driving down the center lane to it's new home in QC!! I'm sure new owner will post details soon!
  11. Don't know if Joe addressed this when fixing my evap leak. Will check it out. Thx
  12. Have a Rock Slide table. One of the first ones, looks pretty much like the one in your link but latest model looks more sturdy & modern. Only problem I have with mine is "NOISE"!! So I have to add filler between fold out sides & wherever. Table is very handy. Also price$$$$ went up!
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