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  1. Great trip! Good weather, lots of WATER! Hope everybody had a good time. Snoopy you did awesome! Sorry for taking you into that brush.... John thanks for the help & the pic's. Al/mynr1
  2. Better have a guest room, think you will have visitors! Good luck guys & thanks for all the good times. Al
  3. Great pic.s Karin! Sounds like ya having a great time. Stay safe & enjoy the rest of your trip with the group! Don't let John eat all the "cobbler"!!
  4. mynr1

    Doggy contest

    Gunny, see ya Sunday morning for scrambled eggs @ Judy's kitchen!
  5. mynr1


    so ya putting one in the jeep?
  6. Happy birthday friend. Al
  7. As John said, per-ran Cherry Creek. SHOULD NOT BE "ORP" sponsored event! It will take heavy equipment to repair some of the wash outs. The Polaris problem was he cut the switch back to short & right rear wheel pulled him down into the wash out. Notified Sheriff in Young & they were on there way out to the site to make sure no bodies. ( we did not see anybody around) I have trouble with posting pic's so sent pic's to John to post. Al
  8. Nice! Roy & I did that trail a few years ago. Camped @ the top, nobody around. Painted Rocks Kooool! Al
  9. Glad you came out of that! Could have been worse. Get better soon! Al
  10. Marty thanks for putting together a great trip! Also thanks to the guys who jumped in & got me back on the trail! Working on getting new links. Al
  11. Home safe. No issues with sway bar. Thanks again guys! Marty good trip! Thx, Al
  12. Nice rig & congrats on beating the big C ! Al
  13. Whoops!!! My bad. Granddaughters birthday "this" weekend not next weekend. So please leave me on the GO, trip list. Al
  14. mynr1

    China Virus

    My self & my wife Judy checked out OK! Free to roam! Al
  15. Ryan had a great time! Always expect the unexpected as we did with the washed out road that halted our progress. But turned out OK as we found a great camp site! Again thanks to everyone for the help & proved to always have a first aid kit in the group. Al
  16. Marty my insurance co recommended "Reliable Glass". On my 3rd windshield with them. Using Gorilla glass for jeeps now. Have also used Safelite. Al
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