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  1. What a great trip! Wish I could have made it. Thanks for visiting two of our parks. Jeff Prince OHV Program Coordinator AZ State Parks
  2. Thanks to everyone for participating in our survey. I will be busy this year processing the data and using it to help write our Trails 2015 Plan. Great things are in the works, I've been making partnerships between other agencies and user groups to help create new OHV recreation experiences in Tucson, Buckeye, Verde Valley, Salome, and the Colorado River corridor. Thanks for your continued interest in our program. Jeff Prince OHV Program Coordinator Arizona State Parks sign up for our newsletter http://azstateparks.com/OHV/signup/index.html
  3. Fellow adventures, I need your participation in our Trails Plan Survey. The open public survey is open now to January 15. This will help shape the way the OHV Program at AZ State Parks funds projects and assists land managers with creating motorized recreation opportunities. Take the survey or http://asupublicprograms.co1.qualtrics.com/WRQualtricsSurveyEngine/?SID=SV_b1L2MW8JpUuUaS9&_=1 Thanks for your time and support. Please contact me if I can assist you with motorized issues and trail development. Jeff Prince OHV Program Coordinator Arizona State Parks (602) 542-6940 jprince@azstateparks.gov AZStateParks.com/ohv Sign up for the OHV Newsletter http://azstateparks.com/ohv/signup
  4. While I do agree with showing the public our lifestyle and appearing at these meet and greets... Specifically, where? I can assure you that there is ample funding for maps. As your state representative for OHV recreation, I have been working directly with the Santa Catalina Ranger district at improving OHV recreation in the Pass this past year. I have also attended several Friends of Redington Pass monday night meetings to see what is going on. The big thing on the Pass right now is the wildcat shooting. A managed shooting range is being proposed, which will be a great thing. One small section of a 50" trail in the area will be rerouted, which I'm designing with the help of Trail Riders of Southern Arizona in December. The plan is to get the reroute built before the shooting range is constructed so as not to impact OHV recreation. This is straight from the district ranger, who I met with earlier this month. Great things are happening. I encourage our motorized trail users to get involved in a positive way. When it comes time for public review of proposed changes to management, I hope everyone here will offer meaningful comments to let the FS know why particular roads should be designated as technical vehicle routes and preserved for their OHV recreational value...not graded roads.
  5. OHVs with a current OHV decal are not required to have a permit when traveling State Trust lands on existing roads or trails. If you leave a staging vehicle on Trust Land, it will need a permit hanging on it.
  6. Thx for posting...sure wish more of you would sign up for the newsletter
  7. For those who weren't able to make it... 270 people cranked out 2+ miles of new single track! Yes, new trails can be built after a TMP and MVUM is published! Be sure to check in with Coconino Trail Riders for their upcoming schedule of trail days throughout the season.
  8. Thanks for the kind words, great photos, and most of all...the opportunity to meetup with a cool bunch of people who care about responsible motorized recreation! I'm looking forward to joining a future offroad passport trip as a civilian Jeff Prince OHV Program Coordinator Arizona State Parks jprince@azstateparks.com or 602-542-6940
  9. Quick reminder that this event is still going on. Crazy week...I just got back from Overland Expo yesterday, heading to Eager Thurs/Fri, and will be down in Tucson Sat AM. Look forward to seeing you all then.
  10. Cool, I hope you can make it. One of the big reasons I'm going down there is to get a little background myself I've been attending meetings about the area and want to get some on the ground knowledge so I can be a better advocate for keeping access open. I've never run any of the trails there, so I'm looking forward to it.
  11. feel free to RSVP here, ask questions, etc. I should be subscribed to this thread now
  12. Looking for something to do over Memorial Day? Is camping with a .gov employee on your bucket list? Interested in all the hoopla about Redington Pass? If so, here's an excerpt from my latest newsletter..... Thanks, Jeff Prince OHV Program Coordinator Arizona State Parks (602) 542-6940 jprince@azstateparks.gov AZStateParks.com/ohv Sign up for the OHV Newsletter https://www.firedrummarketing.com/public_member_add.jsp?s=4g2jrffkdc
  13. If you would like to get the skinny on what we've been up to, sign up for the newsletter This month's Trail Talk will be at Redington Pass in Tucson, May 25-27. That's right, get a chance to camp with a .gov employee and visit some of the signature trails in the area. I'll post a trip announcement here in a few. Thanks, Jeff
  14. The April OHV newsletter was published late last week. This month's Trail Talk will be a dual sport ride through 7 Springs and Bloody Basin. One of the members of ADVrider set the ride up. Let me know if you guys would like to set one up in the future so we can chat about your concerns with OHV recreation in Arizona. The newsletter also features some of the OHV Program accomplishments in March and links to our recent grant awards. Sign up here to get the latest edition: https://www.firedrummarketing.com/public_member_add.jsp?s=4g2jrffkdc Thanks, Jeff Prince OHV Program Coordinator Arizona State Parks
  15. Tomorrow, my 3rd AZ State Parks OHV newsletter will hit your inbox! If you haven't signed up, here's the link Here are the details on the Trail Talk part...the newsletter has an embedded google map and some nice articles Trail Talk #3 - March 16, 2013 at 9:00am This month's Trail Talk is being held in conjunction with the State Historic Preservation Office / Arizona State Parks Archeology Expo. Read more about it later in this newsletter. It is a great opportunity to learn about the area's cultural heritage. See some interesting ruins and artifacts, check out the informational booths, and get your kids involved in some of the fun activities! The program starts at 9am at the Horseshoe Ranch, just east of I-17 on Bloody Basin Road. The road to the ranch is a maintained dirt road and will be passable to passenger cars as long as it is not raining. Last fuel up in north Phoenix or Cordes Junction, depending on where you are coming from. An archeologist guided trail ride up to one of the many cultural sites will immediately follow the Trail Talk. This trip is appropriate for stock high clearance 4x4 vehicles, side by sides, atvs, and dirt bikes/dual sports. Recommended minimum equipment: Vehicle mounted recovery points, full size spare tire, tires appropriate for dirt road travel. Plan on being on the trail or at the Expo for the whole day. Bring food, water, sunblock, and appropriate clothing.
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