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  1. Atlas transfer case installed.
  2. We ran it in one long day because we could not get camping permits. Potash road is just that, a road to Moab.
  3. Thanks to everyone for a great trip and pictures. Peace & Grace Joyce & Dick
  4. Thanks for the info. Guess we'll wait another year before going. Peace & Grace Joyce & Dick
  5. Thanks for a great trip and good pictures. My guess is the "blow by" is a 1949 or so Chevrolet sedan. Peace & Grace Dick
  6. Sorry Man, I threw both away during spring cleaning this year.
  7. Elkpakr

    2005 LJ Rubicon

    So far, so good. No wobble at any speed over bumps on the highway with NO stabilizer. I think highsteer and getting rid of the unit bearings are the best mods . If I had it to do over I think I would just buy a Dynatrac or G2 front axle instead of modifying the stock. I need to replace the beat up skid plate so let me know how the Savvy works out. Peace & Grace Dick
  8. After a month or so's work, here is what we did: Front axle: truss, C gussets, sleeves, chromoly shafts, high steer knuckles, rotors, calipers, Warn lock out hubs. Cross over steering with hiem jointed drag link, tie rod, & track bar. Adjustable lower front control arms. Rear axle: Eaton E-locker (original stock locker was shedding teeth), chromoly shafts, rotors, calipers. 17" wheels and tires. Whew! Now it gets to set until we get back next fall to test it out.
  9. yea, but I bent the low tie rod on both of the last two trips so am changing to a high mount cross over.
  10. Jeep is in the shop getting control arms, crossover steering, tires & wheels. HOPE - HOPE - HOPE!
  11. Made it home OK after an awesome time running great trails. I was just a spectator to the usual wrecks on Hwy 93. We have a bumper sticker in NW Montana that should be popular here: "Pray for me. I drive Hwy 93." Thanks everyone for all the great help. Peace & Grace
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