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  1. Amen, we sure missed Ken after he moved to Florida but it was a good move for him. Our prayers go out to his family and friends. Rest in Peace good Buddy.
  2. I would really like to go. Will probably still be in MT but could make a trip down just to join up. Please sign me up as a tentative. Peace & Grace
  3. I ran the trial from Buckhorn to Bradshaw grave and just back another way to Buckhorn today. The desert is starting to bloom so it is a good time to be out.
  4. Good, I haven't thought of any group sharing so just your personal needs. Social Distancing!
  5. Forty plus miles round trip through the Bradshaw Mountians to Isaac Bradshaw's grave. Mostly easy with a few moderate stretches. Meet up in the Cowboy Cooking cafe parking lot on the east end of Wickenburg to leave at 8:30 AM We'll go out Constellation Road and Buckhorn Road, then by trail to the grave site. We can then decide whether to go on to Copperopolis and out Castle Creek or return to Constellation Road by a different trail. If we go out Castle Creek we will connect with Buckhorn Road and then can return to Constellation Road, or go out Castle Hot Springs Road to either Lake Pleasant or Morristown. All the usual food and vehicle requirements
  6. I would like to plan on going but it will depend on Joyce's recovery from knee/leg surgery if I can be gone overnight. The latest weekend would probably be best but it may not matter.
  7. Elkpakr

    2005 LJ Rubicon

    Yes, I also built a dog house for the fridge so it can slide out if stuff is stored on top of it.
  8. Elkpakr

    2005 LJ Rubicon

    Nope, $11 from Amazon. Lid Stay Hinge Jiayi 150N
  9. Elkpakr

    2005 LJ Rubicon

    Well, gave it a good test last year, transfer case ate a bearing that ate the case so now it has an Atlas transfer case and Tom Woods drive shafts.
  10. Elkpakr

    2005 LJ Rubicon

    New camp kitchen box for the Jeep. The camp stove fits in the bottom. I used sealed containers to help keep out the ever present dust. The refrigerator fits in front of the box on the slide out tray.
  11. We ran it in one long day because we could not get camping permits. Potash road is just that, a road to Moab.
  12. Thanks to everyone for a great trip and pictures. Peace & Grace Joyce & Dick
  13. Thanks for the info. Guess we'll wait another year before going. Peace & Grace Joyce & Dick
  14. Thanks for a great trip and good pictures. My guess is the "blow by" is a 1949 or so Chevrolet sedan. Peace & Grace Dick
  15. Sorry Man, I threw both away during spring cleaning this year.
  16. Elkpakr

    2005 LJ Rubicon

    So far, so good. No wobble at any speed over bumps on the highway with NO stabilizer. I think highsteer and getting rid of the unit bearings are the best mods . If I had it to do over I think I would just buy a Dynatrac or G2 front axle instead of modifying the stock. I need to replace the beat up skid plate so let me know how the Savvy works out. Peace & Grace Dick
  17. After a month or so's work, here is what we did: Front axle: truss, C gussets, sleeves, chromoly shafts, high steer knuckles, rotors, calipers, Warn lock out hubs. Cross over steering with hiem jointed drag link, tie rod, & track bar. Adjustable lower front control arms. Rear axle: Eaton E-locker (original stock locker was shedding teeth), chromoly shafts, rotors, calipers. 17" wheels and tires. Whew! Now it gets to set until we get back next fall to test it out.
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