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  1. Jeep is in the shop getting control arms, crossover steering, tires & wheels. HOPE - HOPE - HOPE!
  2. Made it home OK after an awesome time running great trails. I was just a spectator to the usual wrecks on Hwy 93. We have a bumper sticker in NW Montana that should be popular here: "Pray for me. I drive Hwy 93." Thanks everyone for all the great help. Peace & Grace
  3. We have a conflict on the weekend and Joyce has wimped out but I would like to join up on Monday if that would be OK.
  4. Please add Joyce & Dick to the trip. Sounds great & we have reserved rooms at the motels.
  5. Joyce & Dick would like to join in. We would like to camp out at least part of the time. Anyone else?
  6. Joyce & Dick would like to join the day trip. We just got back to AZ from MT so haven't unpacked the camping stuff yet. We'll get that done so we can join the next camp out.
  7. Hey John, I have your number and will be in touch. It would be great to get out together again. I'm getting ready to hit the MT mountains again. No horses so the trips have changed a little. Hope to see you this winter.
  8. I hunt elk, deer, bear, antelope, & wolves in MT. Sure would be interested in anything in AZ in the winter & spring. I share the problem in finding partners.
  9. I just bought a couple from amazon and found the Carhart to be really well made and useful, the CLC not so good.
  10. Those are great trails and would really like to make the trip but already committed to building a playground on Saturday. Have a good time and will catch up sometime.
  11. The Desert Big Horns up close and personal was an experience to dream of. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful day in awesome country and a special shout out to Diane for the pictures.
  12. I've tried most of the man made insulation and found that nothing beats good goose down. It breaths so any moisture ends up on the outside of the sleeping bag while you stay nice and comfy. Down is also comfortable over a wider temperature range. So, I would recommend a good down bag with a full length zipper to help increase the comfort range in warmer weather. I personally do not like propane tent heaters as they dump a lot of moisture into the tent. I am also a little fearful of carbon monoxide and / or oxygen depletion. Maybe OK for a few minutes in the morning. I feel safer with a good pad or insulated cot and a nice down bag that even works good out under the stars when the weather permits.
  13. My jeep will not start this morning! Acts like the clutch switch is not letting the starter engage. So, sorry but I will not make the trip. I will try to contact the trip leader by phone.
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