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  1. That's pretty cool. I have this one from the NOAA site http://ca.water.usgs.gov/media/debrisdevore.html but the lighting in yours is better. On the NOAA one I guess the flow was right in front of this guy's house? He talks about it taking out his mailbox! Check out the massive boulder that's moving real easy right down the road! It makes me think twice about crossing the Agua Fria like I did last summer. It was dry when I went in and dirty brown boiling water when I came back. I was going to turn around and go back through Cave Creek/Carefree but a truck crossed through while I was contemplating my decision. The fact that the road there has a concrete surface helps a little. Of course one good tire sized boulder would ruin anyone's day! I have never seen a flow arrive like that. But now I may have something to add to my list of things to see. The AF crossing on Bloody Basin Road is a perfect place to wait for one to show up!
  2. Actually I got the OFF out because at first I thought I might be dealing with a large horsefly or maybe a midge on steroids......:rotfl::shock::laugh:
  3. Mama always taught me to share so you can have first dibs on that!
  4. f-i-n-g-e-r l-i-c-k-i-n-g g-o-o-d :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  5. I hope that's not me. But then I'm too skinny and boney
  6. Yeah taken with my cheapie cell phone which takes better ones that my digital camera!
  7. No I looked for prints but there were none. Of course FR 44 is in a sandy wash there and it had rained a lot the night before. Whoever it is, he (or she) is munching on fruits and berries. I have seen bear poop before and it can be HUGE. Nevertheless, there are not a lot of animals in that area capable of leaving a fairly sizable deposit (FDIC insured?) like that.
  8. I was working in the Tonto Saturday and noticed a storm building to the West in the Bradshaws. Decided to beat a hasty retreat lest the Agua Fria rise up and cut me off from the convenience of the Interstate. By the time I crossed the (dry) river and got closer to I-17, there was a full blown microburst over the Gladiator Fire burn area. Goodbye to Forest Road 89 and 9268 as well as the Bullroad Trail and several others!!! I noticed the Monsoon was heading towards me; As I got on I-17 I thought it would be left behind as I drove back to Phoenix.... but oh no... The storm turned South and followed me all the way to Table Mesa. This is pretty unprecedented for monsoons. There was a big one Friday, one on Saturday and I wouldn't be surprised if there is another today. This is the third year this pattern has established itself. Plus, the storms that have hit the Gladiator burn area are also unprecedented. Having worked the Gladiator area for eleven years I seldom saw ONE really big microburst in a season. Now they are the new norm... Pictures 14, 17 and 18 are at Bloody Basin. Picture 24 is from the Bumble Bee exit.
  9. So with fire restrictions down I am back to working on FSR 44 in the Tonto. Yesterday I encountered this "dropping" on the road. My guess is bear? If so I am pretty surprised because I didn't think they ranged that far into the desert regions. This isn't the first "deposit" like this I have run across but the others were pretty old and .... shall we say.... "past their prime" for photography.... There are a lot of mountain lions in this area but now the additional thought of having bears as well has prompted me to order some eyes for the back of my head.
  10. http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/tonto/news-events/?cid=STELPRDB5428151 Coconino, Kaibab, Prescott and Tonto National Forests to Lift Fire Restrictions Tomorrow Release Date:*Jul 16, 2013** ARIZONA (July 16, 2013) – Due to decreasing fire danger and the onset of the monsoon season, the Coconino, Kaibab, Prescott and Tonto National Forests in Arizona will lift fire restrictions at 8 a.m. tomorrow. In addition to lifting all fire restrictions, the Coconino and Tonto national forests will reopen the Fossil Creek area, which closed July 1 due to wildfire risk, to public entry. The four forests imposed fire restrictions in May when fire danger began increasing rapidly. Fire restrictions are an effective way to reduce the number of preventable, human-caused fires. Forest managers lift fire restrictions when fire danger lessens. Criteria used to determine when to implement and lift fire restrictions include current and predicted weather, fuel moisture, fire activity levels and available firefighting resources. While campfires will be allowed on the four forests, visitors are urged to use caution and follow basic safety tips. Forest users should never leave a campfire unattended. To extinguish a campfire, ashes should be stirred using a shovel and mixed with dirt and water, making sure everything is wet and cold to the touch. As Smokey cautions, “If it's too hot to touch, it's too hot to leave!”
  11. I have seen a lot of those wheels around now that I am familiar with them. The offset pushes the tire out further. There are not a lot of options for the Tacoma in a 15" wheel. I didn't really want to go larger (16 or 17") because I like the tall side wall. I wasn't sure about the center cap with the hubs but it's really not a hassle. Plus the caps can be left off if the hubs are going to be turned in and out a lot.
  12. Finally after 15 years the old factory rims are gone. A much needed face lift. Trims nicely with the rest of the black on a white truck. Plus it looks like a prerunner because the manual hubs are hiding behind the wheel center caps. My second set of Hankooks. The first were excellent; only don't buy them at Purcells - They didn't even have a torque wrench to set the lugs so I had to loan them mine. Plus on the one flat I had they used a patch - NOT a plug style patch.... Didn't work so they gave me a new tire (After telling me to drive around on a leaking tire for a few days to see if it would stop leaking), Don't even try to figure out that last part! Photos taken 06/08 (very hot day) out on FR 481 in the Tonto NF
  13. I have noticed a lot of cat scat on FR 44 while working there. The "deposits" cover a wide range so either there's a bunch of them or one guy really gets around! That country is very remote and coming back after the CC Complex fire so it is a perfect place for them. I also ran into a rancher about a month ago and he told me about bears on FR 58 which is just across the Bloody Basin Road. There is a range shack at the end of 58 and a guy used to be living there until the bear ran him off. Good thing to know about the glasses. I do wear goggles when working out there. Hopefully when I run into a cat, I won't be so distracted by peeing myself that I will remember to take them off!!! On an unrelated note, I ran across some animal scat about three weeks ago. Looked like dog but it was quite large and not the place for dog poop. Makes me wonder what is living out there!
  14. Hankook Mudders. Outlasted my old BFGs. Cheaper too
  15. Go here http://firerestrictions.us/az/ They are in effect almost statewide. Not much left in the Prescott to burn. Maybe they should rename it the Prescott National Grassland. It was one year ago the Gladiator laid waste to 18,000 acreas.
  16. I don't know how the pm feature works here. Guess I can kinda figure it out. I have been working on FSR 44 since December and have seen a few jeeps come through. One guy was looking for FSR 1981. Well that road goes right off 44. Turns out he was looking for Turret Peak. 1981 is the road that goes to Turret. That's where one of the last big Native/Anglo battles was fought in this state. I don't know what shape 1981 is in. Probably pretty primitive. Anyway, that got me to thinking that there are probably some nice Native ruins in the area. My ranger contact told me the Tonto is littered with them; so it's not just an Agua Fria thing. In fact, the biggest trove of Native ruins I have found so far are actually on the Tonto. FSR 44 also goes through two really nice riparian areas that (until last week) were still flowing. They survived the Cave Creek fire pretty well. Every one who visits the area should def learn Turret Peak, It can be seen all the way from I-17. Have to climb it when the weather gets cool. It's over 5100' tall. ---->>>> Area is LOADED with mountain lions and an occasional bear.
  17. I was afraid it would degenerate to the Beck level of conversation.... You better re inventory the freeways in Phoenix. Other than sections of the 10 and 101, most are three lanes. HOV lanes are excluded since they are not a "normal" traffic lane. ADOT is about twenty years behind in their highway building prowess. Most of the "stack" intersections are woefully inadequate causing unavoidable backups in the transition of traffic from one route to another. Outside the Phoenix metro area, the major interstates haven't changed since their original completion. I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson is a joke. I-17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff long ago exceeded its designed capacity. Been to Las Vegas lately on the "Road of Death?" This could go on all day but it's a brief on why ADOT is farcical.I too came from the Midwest. Arizona needs to grow up and stop living in the company of such small time states. Phoenix is the fifth largest but situated in a backward looking state with an antediluvian world view. The little snipe about "Commiefornia" was quite unnecessary. Having lived in both states, I can assure you that drivers in that State are on a par or exceed those of our own retrograde welfare state.
  18. I agree with some of what you said and disagree with other parts. However I liked the part best about staying in the slower lanes. I used to fly down Sunset Point at well over 80 mph which is very fast for a hill like that. Somewhere in time my desire to win a Darwin Award faded out and I have moved into the right lane. Slow and steady watching the parade of pending casualties zip by in the fast lane. Of course the difference in arrival time is irrelevant; fifteen or twenty minute maybe? Is it worth it to go that much faster and take the risks? Now about those trucks! Yes!!!! Rules of the road don't apply to eighteen wheelers. I deal with that cr*p on Sunset Point ever week. They ARE restricted to the right lane. I have yet to ever see DPS pull one of the left lane hoggers over- as he huffs and puffs up the climb at a whopping 35 mph!
  19. http://www.mit.edu/~jfc/right.html Depends on your state. With our nineteenth century road network in sunny AZ, making every one stay in the right lane (or two) would be farcical. I am more disturbed by troglodytes flying down the Interstate at speeds in excess of 80mph hanging less than ten feet from the vehicle in front of them. I was also unaware that most vehicles don't seem to come with turn signals any more. And while we're at it,. let's vent about aftermarket headlights...... People have such an overblown sense of their own abilities: driving a vehicle requires full time attention. People don't get that until it's too late. How about this scenario that I bet we see at least once a day. You are pulling up to a red light at an intersection. Some idiot wants to pull out of a store on your right. Of course he wants to make a left turn which requires cutting across all lanes of traffic. You give him the right of way to do that. Hopefully there's not a big truck in the adjacent lane blocking his view of traffic, and hopefully he won't get "T boned" when pulling out in what has to be the golden jackass move of the day. Question: Do you have the right to give him the right of way? Or did you just commit a violation of the vehicle code? Sorry if I strayed off topic, but some time around twenty years ago it seems like the rules of the road kind of got shredded. Makes the sign "pavement ends" look very appealing.
  20. Yes that is unfortunate but at least now you know how the scam works.
  21. That is correct. Arizona is one of the few states that actually has it right. A summons must be served by either a process server (sheriff, deputy, LEO - someone who personally delivers the complaint to the named defendant) or by certified or registered mail. If you don't receive a summons by this method, then nothing is going to happen. Photo radar tickets are the easiest to disregard because they are bulk mailed out by Redflex or some other third party corporation. Not sent out by the state, county, or other municipality. In the case of PR tickets, they usually have a window of either 90 days or 6 months to complete the service then the ticket dies. BTW a jury duty summons falls under the same guidelines. They are bulk mailed out in the same fashion. IF you respond in ANY fashion to a summons not served in the above mentioned manner, you have effectively waved service and are considered "served." That's how "they" trick you into volunteering your way into the system. A "bench warrant" can't be randomly issued without proof that the defendant was ever properly served. Can you imagine what things would be like if that were not the case? That pesky constitution (or what's left of it) sure has its advantages! P.S. Watch out for Wickenburg. There are more cops per mile there than residents!
  22. Be sure you parse words correctly. A "trail" in FS parlance is NOT open for full size vehicles. It is typically reserved for "vehicles" 50" or less (quads, bikes, equestrian and pedestrian but NOT side-by-sides).
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