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  1. The really nice thing about Discount is they will fix flats for free even if you didn't buy from them. I will never use Purcell's again and would NOT recommend them to anyone.
  2. Are you talking about the plug patch which has a patch on the inside and then a plug that goes through the puncture? Discount uses those; I wouldn't have any other kind. That's all I have ever seen at Discount. If you're talking about plug only; the kind you can buy at Wal Mart, where you push the plug in and then pull it back out with a special tool, that is different. Discount will not use those and if you use one, they will condemn the tire and replace it rather than trying to repair it. The last kind that I have seen is the old-school patch only, which is doomed for failure on an offroad tire. It will fall off or leak under flexing. Plus, a patch-only leaves a .01" repair over a hole that goes all the way through the tread block. Think about the inadvisability of that! Purcell's tried that one on me and it failed right away.
  3. No, this was an idea someone had at work. Turns out there are two or three jeeps at work. one is a really nice maroon/black rubicon. she drives down from PRESCOTT every week and works here and then goes back for the weekend. my tacoma is still chugging along with 180,000 miles on it now. i have spent really nothing in engine mods on it. the best thing (perversely enough!) that ever happened to me was a burned valve about two years ago. it had always gotten pretty crappy mileage from day one and after the valve job the mileage (and performance) went up quite a bit. i did some research on the www and it turns out 20% !!! of vehicles come off the assembly line with at least one bad valve. so much for quality control! the biggest expense i have had (lately) was an ac rebuild last fall and i just had a gasket between the oil filter housing and the block replaced. not expensive but really messy!!!! so yesterday i went out to one of my 2 mining claims with the gullible hope of finding some gold.... the weather was great until the sun rose and then it went south really quick.... turns out i was down at my claim standing by a fire watching this nasty looking storm getting closer and closer. kind of like ... what ?? 3 years ago when i first met people from this forum??? anyway, the weather ran me out yesterday and of course by the time i got out to the freeway and looked back, it had all cleared up!!!! :-(((((
  4. that's similar to other comments i have read. you have a combination of upgrades whereas my friend at work is just doing the tbs
  5. i think he has a 2005 (wrangler)
  6. Yeah that's kind of what I thought from reading quite a few forums on the subject. Sounds like snake oil to me.
  7. This guy at work is saying he is going to get one of these for his jeep. Do they work? I researched on the www and couldn't find any solid evidence that they do. All I see are manufacturer's claims and unsubstantiated statements from people who have bought them.
  8. I got the 303 and it is SWEET. Thanks.
  9. Oh wow that 303 looks interesting. Maybe I'll venture out of my zip code and buy some!!! Thanks.
  10. I only ask about the petroleum because vehicles today have two kinds of plastic. One is painted and the other -forgive me because I don't know the terminology - has the color in the polymer itself. If you use the wrong cleaner on the painted plastic you'll get a nasty surprise. As I found out in my Tacoma, often times these two different types of plastic are used together. A Jeep hard top would seem to be more like a boat since it is fiberglass. Then again, so is a Corvette but I am sure you can wax those. I guess I will keep researching this topic until I find a definite answer.
  11. Doesn't Armorall have a petroleum base or have they changed? I know I used some of the early interior detailing products like Armorall and guess what? It took the paint right off the dash in my Tacoma!
  12. What do you use on a hard top to prevent oxidation and other damage from UV light? I was told no waxes and no petroleum based products so what does that leave?
  13. WOW Box Canyon must have changed after reading your link. I haven't done it since the early 2000's but it was easy then. Unless you're driving a footlocker with wheels (Hummer) or some other oversized grandiose parking lot hopper. It sure is beautiful though. I would come in from the North and after getting to the railroad, turn around and go back - not really having any desire to exit by the prison. There are lots of offshoot trails around there, and a lot of old mines as well.
  14. I did the Senator about one year ago. Used to do it a lot until I got involved in my trail work. Anyway, it has really gone downhill. Not even challenging. Just annoyingly bumpy. I think it took me three hours plus to go from the Mayer-Goodwin Road junction to Crown King.
  15. Well as it worked out, the shop I had been using - the one who rebuilt my AC - went back and addressed my problem with the expansion valve and the temperature problem. They were actually upfront and concerned that I wasn't happy with the initial repair. Shocking! So many places don't give a .... about whether you're happy or not. The place also seems to have a lot of employees who own Jeeps !!
  16. The flip side to this question is "who has destroyed/trashed places like Table Mesa and Tip Top?" It was not any advocacy group. It was irresponsible people. How do you boycott crass, clueless stupidity?
  17. Thanks. I am the classic technophobe
  18. okay so already I see I am lost. how do I "pm" anyone here?
  19. I thought about a manual, I had them in my first two 4x4's. But I guess I am getting old and lazy!! Well, "Old" is a given.... Another thought I didn't put in my original post is if I find one I like, at, say, a dealer.... I would assume the dealer would have no objection if I took it to my trusted mechanic for an inspection? Another thing: (Since I an Father' Time's father!) Is it still standard practice to "negotiate" the price? I never understood that about vehicles. When I go to Best Buy or Home Depot, I don't get the option of offering them 75% of the marked price on any item.
  20. If things go as promised this week, I may be in the position to consider buying a Wrangler. I am specifically looking at something in the years 2004-2007. I definitely want an auto; as for hard or soft top I have a preference for hard top but that's not a deal breaker. The other thing would be either a locker or limited slip. Is there any way to tell if a vehicle has that option? I mean other than jacking up the rear wheels and spinning them to see if they turn the same way. Is there a particular identifier in the serial number that shows that option? I see a lot of Wranglers at the Dealers along Bell Road (near 19th Ave) and they sure seem to move fast (except for a yellow one at Bell Road Toyota; I guess they are being too pricey with their price). Is there anything in the year range I indicated that I should avoid? Didn't they make a style change to the Wrangler around '06 or '07 to the front bumper? i.e wrapping it in plastic or something? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated because I know very little about the specifics of this series of Jeeps. BTW, for the few on this board who I met years ago out on he DeSoto Mine Road, No, I am not losing my Tacoma. That vehicle is a keeper and is staying with me forever. Thanks
  21. Interesting comments. I certainly agree about Desert Rat. They are just as bad now as when it was D1ck Cepek.... I had a front Bilstein that had a ripped bushing. The bilstein website said that is not covered under their lifetime warranty. I went in to Rat and talked to the manager. He said he would warranty it for me anyway. So far so good. Then I mentioned how my truck sits higher in the back because of the addl. leaf spring setup I have. He sold me some Daystar 1" spacers for the front coils. I forgot my geometry and 1" actually equals a 2" lift. So the first time I went out to my road project I heard this gawdawful "clunk" when I climbed the first little hill. Turns out the upper control arm was dropping and hitting the coil! I went back to show them and they told me that is "normal." Also my CV boots were rubbing - the pleats or bellows in the boots were so distorted from being lifted. I told them to take the spacers off . Morons. So I finally got a decking screw in one of of my new Hankooks. Went to Purcells and they went to patch it. I mean PATCH, not the combo plug/patch like Discount uses. I haven't seen one of those little donut patches since an episode of the Three Stooges...... I was worried about it falling off, or worse yet, since a patch only covers the puncture but doesn't fill it, I figured in an offroad environment it wouldn't take long for something to ram its way through the unfilled puncture in the tire and breach the patch. Well that didn't matter. The hole was less than 1" from the edge of the tire. They patched it anyway and of course it still leaked. So they repatched it and it STILL leaked. So they said to drive around for a day and see if it still leaked. Like it was going to heal itself? It still leaked. So they replaced the tire. They had to order a tire so the whole procedure took a week. The tire jockey told me he doesn't like the plug/patch because they have to ream out the hold to mount the patch. But inside at the register they had a salesmat on the counter highlighting the plug/patch procedure. Duh.... SO for 13 years my a/c has blown a center vent temperature of a steady 39-40 degrees. Couple of weeks ago it shot up to the mid 50's. I took it to a little place I had been using next to Bell Road Toyota. They recharged the system with a dye and couldn't find any leaks. They suspected an evaporater core leak. In about two days I could smell the freon leaking in the cab so they replaced the core and the expansion valve. Note: Am I ever glad it's a Toyota and not a full size domestic. On those you have to remove the dash and the steering column just to get to the air box where the core is located. Anyway, the first weekend I took the truck out, the air was back to mid-50's. I got my UV light out and found a gross leak at the firewall where the core lines connect to the system. They either pinched an O ring or didn't replace the original 13 year old ring and it leaked. They fixed that. I measured the vent temp and now it's straining to get down to 45-46. They told me the expansion valve has a different orifice size and that's why the temperature is higher. But I should be "okay" because everything is working.... NOT. Duh. A six degree rise in the vent temp means the cab will also be at least that much warmer. This issue hasn't been settled yet. And I love to b*tch!!!! These are some of the reasons why I am looking for a decent repair shop. Bell Road Toy was always good but come on, their hourly rate and their Parts prices are NUTZ!!!! :eek:
  22. Thanks I will check them out. That address is really close to where I both live and work. It's amazing how some of these repair shops can screw up their work!!! Or maybe I just have bad luck.
  23. Any suggestions for a good place for vehicle repairs? I have run out of money for using the dealer; have tried a couple of small shops with (less than) stellar results. I have a 98 Tacoma. The location should be Deer Valley like somewhere in the region of 7th St. & Bell to 19th Ave & Deer Valley (rough guide). Thanks.
  24. yeah you're correct about the fire but I always take the "sissy" way in through the Swastika and Peck Mines (it also happens to be the route I adopted 10 years ago). You and others may very well be right; two years may be normal for a tire like the BFG Mudder (or others). I have no complaints with their performance other than I noticed a change in the wear when I got the KM2 series. Oh and they do NOT perform well in mud and snow. At least mine didn't; they turned into big slicks. Years ago I used to roam all over the lower desert regions (like Table Mesa E & W of I-17) and used plain old BFG All Terrains and they worked fine. Then around 1990 - I think - I noticed a change in these tires as well. I think the tire manufacturers change the rubber hardness - probably for better ride qualities - with the correct assumption that most offroad tires (and their vehicles) don't see a lot of offroad use.
  25. I got whatever Discount Tire sold me; I assume they were load range C. I have lots of older BFGs littering my backyard and the wear pattern was totally different on them. No chunking like on the KM2s. Also the older BFGs don't have the siping new KM2s have. BTW the section of FSR 89 I traverse is hardly challenging to any adequate offroad tire. I do not access the DeSoto section nor the exit through Battle Flat. Don't know why Discount Tire didn't give me a price. Their loss, I say.
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