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  1. That is SOOOO awesome! Thank You!
  2. Hey guys, I ran across this on FB. Somebody's dog jumped out of their Jeep on the CK trail over the weekend. I'm hoping somebody here may have found him... https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/wan/6011788605.html
  3. Thank you, thank you, and yes, everything was quite healthy. What an awesome day!
  4. Hey guys, Although I don't have a 4X4 anymore, I do have an AWD...Subaru that is. I took my WRX up the Apache Trail and then up to Workman Creek falls in search of some waterfalls after the weekend storm. You can check out the pics on FB at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.706156146210920.1073741925.100004496228452&type=1&l=67dfe717ae I hope you enjoy them.
  5. Regarding the permit, I may just head up to Flag' the night before and stay the night, then head up to Cameron the next morning and purchase a permit at the Cameron Visitors Center in person. Seems like about the best way to do things. If they flake out on me there, I can just find something else around Flagstaff to do.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. Looks like I'll be postponing my trip until I can get a permit. Maybe March or so to catch some snow runoff...
  7. Hikearizona.com has Rd 70 listed as an often bladed road with washboards. No sweat for G-WReX if that's true...
  8. Thanks Diane! I've seen the road there listed as suitable for sedans before, though I can't remember where. I'm not averse to driving G-WReX on dirt roads, even with a few lumps and bumps. I've taken him on a trek across the Rim from the Blue Ridge Ranger Station down to the Rim Road and out to Forest Lakes, so he's no stranger to imperfect roads. I was more concerned about the weather changing the road conditions. Also, I've seen recently on "Only In Your State" that a permit is not required to visit the falls, although it is for just about any other place on the Navajo Nation. I'll double check the permit requirements just to make sure. Thanks again.
  9. Hey guys, I'm thinking about heading up to Grand Falls on the Little Colorado on Monday. I've never been there and I'm thinking after the storms this weekend, it should be a pretty awesome site. The question is, I don't have a "4X4" right now. All I have is a Subaru WRX. Now, it is AWD, but it's certainly no off road vehicle. And while I don't mind a little dirt road or a shallow water crossing on an improved (read concrete) ford, I don't want to be dealing with huge puddles and foot deep mud. For those who've been there, is this a trip that would be better scheduled for another time, not so soon after a storm or will the road there be able to support my car?
  10. That's interesting. I've always wondered what caused that.
  11. I'm a native and done all of my wheeling locally, mostly in central Az. That said, I'd have to say my favorite is the Box Canyon, Coke Ovens trail. It has a good amount of challenge for a stock to lightly modified vehicle and the scenery is totally cool. Throw in enough history to keep the conversation going and you have a winner in my book.
  12. I crossed at Sheep Bridge in April '13. You can see a video of it here: I went on down to cross below Horseshoe, but the water was too deep and too fast at the time. I had to backtrack and go out through 7 springs. Hope this helps.
  13. Keep it! Keep it monthly! Open it to basic members (Cheap Skates) ...Hey, I prefer the term "frugal".
  14. Thanks guys, I'll give CL a try first. If that doesn't work, it's off to the scrap metal place.
  15. I actually had considered that but it would cost me more to drive them to a scrap metal shop than I would get by taking them there. It's the best option I've come up with yet though, I guess I shouldn't complain.
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