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  1. Actually, I posted this up in July and it has not sold. I decided to take it off the market. Still no major repairs needed to it with over 115K on it. Recently I replaced both front wheel bearning/hub assemblies and the driver side front CV axle. It is still running great and has taken us on a several great trips. Thanks for your interest, but it is staying in the family for now. If things change, I'll be sure to let everyone know.
  2. Ahhhh, I am staying in the SUV category, but what I'm looking at going to is still classified. Mostly because I have not made up my mind yet.
  3. Yes, you heard right. I am selling my 2001 Mitsubishi Montero XLS. This has been a great truck and works great for the family but I am looking to go in a different direction. The truck currently has 107,000 miles. It is the XLS so no chrome, wood grain, or leather. Cloth is clean with no rips, stains, or tears. AM FM CD with 6 speakers, third row seats, cargo cover. Or, if you want, you can have the platform I built in the back and finish it (it needs carpet and a drawer built if you want). All maintanence done about two months ago. Runs great! It has ARB Bull Bar, 2 Hella 500 lights, OME 1.5" lift, Pathfinder A/T All Terrain 265/75/r16 tires on stock rims. Tires still in great shape with about 2/3 tread left. Cold AC, power windows, mirrors, locks, keyless entry, huge sunroof, 4.10 gears, limited slip rear diff, trimmed lower plastic molding. Everything works. The bad: one dash light is out for the left rear wheel, half the HVAC control light is out, plenty of desert pinstriping. Located in Phoenix AZ. Send PM for questions or more info. Extras included: Rear cargo cover, third row seat, factory front bumper, Cobra CB and mag mount antenna. Asking $8500 Pics: Comes with stickers but can be removed upon purchase.
  4. In the spirit of Kris, I love tomatoes but I hate mushrooms.
  5. I'm with both Desert Schools and Arizona Federal Credit Unions and they are both great. Service is better at AZ Fed.
  6. The standard US railroad gage is 4'8.5" wide. This is because the railroad designers initially were from England and that is the same gage used in Europe. It is 4'8.5" wide in Europe because the width of standard carriage wagon wheels was 4'8.5" wide. They were this way to accomodae for the ruts in the trails. The ruts in the trails were carved from Roman soldiers and their chariots. Chariots wheels were set at 4'8.5" wide. This is because chariots were designed tol fit two horses side by side, and on average, two horses rear ends side by side are about 4'8.5" wide. So, essentially, wagon wheels and railroads were designed by a couple of horses asses.
  7. datrupr

    '01 Montero

    Will do, Kris. Once I get into the rough stuff a bit more (probably not until June) I'll keep everyone posted, so far they are doing well.
  8. Nice write up, Tim. I have never even heard of Jackson Cabin before. I would love to check it out some time. As soon as my new adventure buddy is here I'll be able to get out again.
  9. datrupr

    '01 Montero

    OK, I made a few changes a while back but kept forgetting to take pictures and post them up. I finally got around to it today, so here goes. First, my clineometer was not staying put where I had mounted it in the early stages so it was moved to a more secure location and also easier for me to see. Besides, I didn't need the clock anyway (pic coming soon). Also, the thermometer for the fridge was not staying put so I needed a better way to secure it as well. Well, I was searching around quite a bit an looking for a good deal on a way to mount the thermometer as well as get a mount for my GPS. Well, the last time I bought a mount for a Magellan GPS unit from Magellan I felt really screwed out of my money. It was a total piece of junk and it broke in just a couple of weeks and it was $40. So, I decided to go the aftermarket route. Now, I know a lot of people on other boards are huge fans of the Ram Mounts and they do look nice and have gotten good reviews, I didn't want to spend that much money. Well, I was in Best Buy one day right around Christmas and found this: It is a Best Buy brand called Rocketfish and it looked pretty versitile and sturdy. And, it was only $20. So I picked one up and thought I would give it a try. Well, after a couple weeks of testing it appeared to do the trick. So, I went and got another one. Well, they seem to do the trick pretty well and I am happy with them. The one holding the GPS: It holds the thermometer very well also: How the "command center" looks now. Here you can also see the relocated clineometer over the factory clock: Also, I leave the thermometer in it's mount pretty much the whole time, but around town I do not use the GPS, so the mount makes a good place to put the iPod: So, those are the changes thus far, and I have to say that so far I am pretty impressed with the Rocketfish mounts. I have not done a lot of off-road testing with them yet, but the short amount of testing I have done they have proven themselves to be up to the task.
  10. I'm happy to help too, I'm off I-17 and Pinnacle Peak. If you want to test let me know and we can set up a time.
  11. datrupr

    '01 Montero

    Thanks, guys. I love the way these trucks look with that bumper on them. I also like the added weight in the front, it helps soften the very harsh ride from the heavy duty suspension I added. Now to work on underside protection, then a winch.
  12. datrupr

    '01 Montero

    I snapped a couple more pics of the new bumper. A little further away but still ont he street. Sorry for the street pics. I need to find some time to get back out in the dirt.
  13. datrupr

    '01 Montero

    So, here it is before: And here it is after. I do plan to paint the flairs and plastic trim black to match the new bumper: And a better shot of it during the day: And I do a HUGE thanks to Wil at Sierra Expeditions. This was a pretty big job and not that easy to do. He was patient and friendly the whole time, even when things were a little tricky or not going right. It did take us all day to get accomplished and it was cold and raining. But we got it done, and with out Wil it would not have gotten done. Again, top notch service from top notch people. Thanks a lot, Wil. And also, A huge thanks to Wen for putting up with me occupying her husband for a full Saturday.
  14. datrupr

    '01 Montero

    Ok, a big white truck showed up at Sierra Expeditions a couple of days ago. I had to fix something that has been bothering me since I bought the truck. The previous owner seemed to have a propensity to hit the corners of the front bumper on stuff. This left unsightly marks on the trucks otherwise nice finish: Well, Wil at Sierra told me that he knows how to fix that as well as reinforce the bumper making it even stronger. The cost was a bit high, and it was hard work to fix, but between the two of us we got it finished within a day. I had no idea Wil was so good at body work. So, the first step was to remove the damaged bumper to make it easier to repair and reinforce: Then, we painted the front part of the frame and added some reinforcing brackets: Now comes the important part. The entire reinforcing structure of the bumper. This was the big box that was delivered to Sierra Expeditions and what was inside it: So, the bumper has been fixed and the unsightly scars are no longer there, as well as it is now much more stout and sturdy than before. So, we have to start putting the truck back together: I also decided that I since the bumper was off and being reinforced I could install the Hella 500's that I had aquired almost a year ago. This was pretty easy and straight forward (Wil did most of the work), it was just a matter of finding a good place to put the switch. I though the factory blank next to the power mirror controls would work well: After that, the bumper was re-installed the bumper, and look! no more marks!
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