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  1. The J8 had a seriously heavy duty swing gate. IIRC, it had an exterior exoskeleton that I’m sure was waaay stronger than the current JK gate. i always wanted to see if it could be a bolt on exchange for a stock JK gate. Sadly, I never got a chance to prove out my theory.
  2. To the best of my knowledge the J8 was an overseas only vehicle. We did engineering work on them but the ones I worked on wouldn’t pass US emissions standards, among other things. Perhaps Steve, @ob1jeeper can add more info.
  3. Dang! That must have been quite exciting. Glad you’re all ok
  4. Wow! That turned out nice. You did a great job spraying that, especially with the “cheap” gun. In my experience, you were smart to use the masking tape you listed. The home center tape doesn’t seem to be as good as it used to. I recently had to go with the 3m green auto painting tape for a project where the plywood edge needed to be a different color than the face. I just couldn’t get a clean line, even with Frog Tape. Thanks, as always, for the included links.
  5. Looking good! You have become a pocket hole screw master!
  6. Maybe a second site, OCDpassport.com? ExtremeOCD.com? OCD4x4.com?
  7. Oh no! Am I coming over to the “dark side”??! I took this picture this morning after a long session last evening with my router table. Kris, Do I have to change my vote?
  8. My habits I think came about more from HAVING to put them away while working in a common shop. The organization has been a help over the years to see when something was missing. It might be too late to retrieve later if it goes out the door in a customers car. Steve, You have a system that’s works for you. The variety, quantity, and quality of work you accomplish proves that it’s the right system for you.
  9. Very Nicely done Kris! I love your design using the forward supports and the take apart hinges. Lots of thought went into this build. And craftsmanship! Question: What is the purpose of the two staggered holes in your platform over the drawer itself? Observation: If you have a problem with the tee nuts snagging on your bedding (or interfering with anything else), you could unseat the nut and slightly recess it into a counterbore. A forstner bit makes a flat bottomed hole that would serve well as a counterbore. You wouldn’t have to go too deep which is good, considering your use of 1/2” plywood. A forstner bit might be a bit tricky to pilot in an existing hole, but I have a lot of real counter bore bits with different sized , replaceable, pilots and I think we could find something that would do the job. If you’re not having any issues, please disregard the above paragraph. Again, nicely done!
  10. A recent post to this thread reminded me of my latest taste test. I stood a pouch of “Starkist Chicken Creations” in a pot the diameter of a 1qt Nalgene bottle, (after I snipped off a corner). Brought the water to a boil and left the pouch in the pot to simmer for about 3 minutes. Scooped the chicken into a tortilla and ate it. It was a keeper, especially for backpacking food. In fact, I’d eat it Jeep camping. I’d probably want two pouches after day of backpacking though. No refrigeration required and 11 grams of protein. Note: Starkist doesn’t list this as a way to heat this product. However, I saw no degradation of the pouch, noticed any weird flavors and haven’t died yet! YMMV
  11. A 1/16” off, using plywood, pocket screws, and no table saw for your first drawer!!? Excellent Job. You da man! impressive design AND execution.
  12. Yes, they are wiped down and put away almost without fail. I like to believe this became a habit because of 40+ years working in a shop. Especially places that ran three shifts. That’s what I’m going with.....nope, not because I’m OCD. Not me! My wife might disagree but we won’t ask her This drawer looked like this every night before I went home
  13. Yup. We’ve dropped temps from “surface of the sun” to “not too bad”, and Its time to check/renew your first aid kits. This is a decent article on the subject. Even if he talks about checking kits at the BEGINNING of summer. Ha! https://www.4x4training.com/w/refresh-your-first-aid-kit/ While you’re at it, replace the batteries in anything that spent the summer in your vehicle.
  14. Nice job Mr. Abrams, I mean Kris! If you run short of material, and don’t want to buy another sheet, I have quite a few scrap pieces in the shed that you’re welcome to.
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