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  1. Congratulations! Thanks for what you’re doing. Stay safe
  2. If it’s a stuck open Thermostat, insist on an OEM replacement. Much of the aftermarket replacement stats are junk! I learned that when I was dealing with this code on our Grand Caravan with the 3.6l motor
  3. Happy Birthday Kris! I’ll bet it was a great early present when your Jeep fired up yesterday
  4. I really glad on the ORP Forum we aren’t having the usual online debate that starts anytime someone shows a vehicle strapped down to a trailer. Should the tie downs be straight or angled? You have your tie downs pulling straight to an anchor point, as they should be. However, there is always some internet “ expert” that will argue the “fact” that the tie downs should be criss crossed in order to tie down the vehicle properly. Thankfully, we have been spared that discussion.
  5. You put that car in there just like you knew what you were doing. 😉 This was what, your second or third time trailering a car?
  6. Nice trailer Steve. Does, or will, the 120V compressor stay in the spot where it’s shown?
  7. Wow! That is fantastic! Thank you @Stacey and Scott For those members that might want to be trained in the use of this generous gift, I’d like to make a suggestion. Get trained in the use of this piece of equipment. The AED is designed to be used by the untrained but I feel like the training is extremely beneficial. I have to renew my CPR/ AED certification every two years for my volunteer work with Grand Canyon Emergency Services. IMO, the American Heart Association classes have been much more beneficial than the American Red Cross classes I’ve taken. So much so that my volunteer work at the canyon will only accept the Heart Association classes. The best AED/CPR trainer I’ve used to date in the Phoenix area is thru the Phoenix Fire Fighters Union. Call (602) 277-1500 for info. There is a $50 donation for this comprehensive class, but it is a considered just that, a donation that you can take off your taxes. In my experience, the best training I’ve received on this subject or device has been from 1st responders.
  8. Great pics. Love the “deer panel” at the petroglyphs.
  9. Pelican 1550 case for sale. $30.00. cash only. Local pick up only in Peoria, Happy Valley and 67th Ave are. Interior Dimensions18.63" x 14.18" x 7.72. Exterior Dimensions20.66" x 17.20" x 8.40" Well traveled, but great condition. Alright, anyone interested at $30.00. Trying to make some room.
  10. X2 on the Coban (vet wrap) instead of tape. I also carry a flat packed elastic (Ace) bandage in my car kit, as well as in my hiking kit and my Canyon volunteer FAK. To combat the fused tape problem I carry strips of Leuko tape applied to label release or parchment paper. This also makes on-trail application on sweaty feet way easier when treating a blister or anyplace else vet wrap or an Ace can’t be used to secure a dressing.
  11. I was just issued one of these for my volunteer trail work. Excellent contents in a really nice flat pack kit This is where I think they were sourced. $7.50 right now https://www.rescue-essentials.com/rescue-essentials-woundpack-bandage-system/?omnisendContactID=5e2df0b3ab617143f0fd31a4&utm_campaign=campaign%3A+Stocking+Stuffers+(6579e9a7775aa810fd88bf4d)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=omnisend Given our use of saws, both hand and chain, i was happy to receive this. I think this is a great, space saving, improvement over the individual, bigger bleed stuff I had been carrying. BTW: It’s past time to check out your FAK and replace anything that needs it. Something I’m sure should be replaced after being cooked during our wonderful summer.
  12. I agree 100% on OEM where ever possible on my own vehicles. It is certainly possible that frame flex is contributing to your failures. To further support using OEM radiators. It’s my experience, that there is almost always accelerometer data collected on the radiator during a full vehicle data collection test. This info is provided to the OEM vendor for their in house testing. I seriously doubt that many of the after market companies are using this type of data for their testing, if they are even doing any testing. I agree with your online selection. That is the vendor I use for my MOPAR parts. Saving the shipping is a good deal
  13. Sad Kris. It seems to be a trend with the chain stores in my recent experience. Just out of curiosity, did you check on the range of products from Rock Auto? I’d be reluctant have a radiator shipped but sometimes I use their range of prices as an indicator of chain store quality expectations.
  14. Nice Kris! Gotta make the best use of every sq/ft of wall space in our AZ garages
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