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  1. Thanks everyone but with the 3/8” ice spikes I was using along with my poles I felt very secure. Hiking uphill that afternoon the spikes worked really well handling the semi frozen mud.
  2. Nice rig! Good luck with the search. BTW: If you need a hand loading a pod or whatever, let me know
  3. About a week after @johnpa completed his Canyon backpack trip I hiked down the Bright Angel trail for one of my volunteer patrol shifts. The canyon received 5 to 7 inches of snow that Tuesday. Early that morning there was about two inches on top of a lot of ice. It was very, very slick! I was using shoe traction devices with 3/8” spikes and taking a very short stride. I was told that the mules didn’t attempt the trails that morning. Doesn’t say much for my good sense does it?
  4. I’ve “messaged” quite a few brake lines and usually used anything from a D cell battery to. large socket to form a radius into the line. As Kris said, several bends is usually safer.
  5. Loctite and a torque retention nut is a bit like a belt and suspenders approach IMO. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I don’t think that either of the torque retention methods you used will contribute to seizing up your joint. What does your shock rod look like at the top end? Hex, double D, something else? In my experience, it’s a bit difficult to correctly torque the upper shock nut even with a std. nut. The rod tends to spin in the shock body. I would think a nylock nut would make this more difficult if you aren’t able to hold the rod while you torque the nut. I’m not familiar with a JK ft. shocks but can you get a socket on the rod and a box or end wrench on the nut? This is a “double D”;socket that I’ve used for years. I believe there are a couple of sizes.
  6. Sorry. I’ve never come across “TLG” in a fastener designation. A quick search thru my Machinery’s Handbook did not turn up anything. I did see that Fox seems to use this designation when describing some of their other fasteners. Fastener vendor maybe? I’d be confident using any nut of the correct thread as Kris said. I am curious about this though. Maybe @ob1jeeper would be a better person to ask
  7. A few more details from the original article https://www.thedrive.com/news/39794/rv-driver-annihilates-their-new-jeep-wrangler-by-flat-towing-it-in-4-low
  8. Ryan, I’m not sure where in Peoria you are located, (I’m at 74th and Happy Valley) but in the future if you need a tool that isn’t that common hit me up. I might just have it.
  9. Nice job John! Love that picture!
  10. Update: I continue to use and like this light for the purpose I bought it for originally, more light at my machine tools. HOWEVER, because it doesn’t hold a charge for all that long, I wouldn’t recommend storing it in a vehicle to use for trail side repairs.
  11. I think I saw the road runner flash by at the 18:18 mark.
  12. Good eye......and memory, since that top box didn’t make the last trip out from Michigan
  13. Maybe there will have to be a recall to rearrange the letters.
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