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  1. I agree 100% on OEM where ever possible on my own vehicles. It is certainly possible that frame flex is contributing to your failures. To further support using OEM radiators. It’s my experience, that there is almost always accelerometer data collected on the radiator during a full vehicle data collection test. This info is provided to the OEM vendor for their in house testing. I seriously doubt that many of the after market companies are using this type of data for their testing, if they are even doing any testing. I agree with your online selection. That is the vendor I use for my MOPAR parts. Saving the shipping is a good deal
  2. Sad Kris. It seems to be a trend with the chain stores in my recent experience. Just out of curiosity, did you check on the range of products from Rock Auto? I’d be reluctant have a radiator shipped but sometimes I use their range of prices as an indicator of chain store quality expectations.
  3. Nice Kris! Gotta make the best use of every sq/ft of wall space in our AZ garages
  4. Looks like a great trip Steve, thanks for posting
  5. https://www.thedrive.com/news/feds-closing-317-miles-of-truck-trails-around-moab-and-off-roaders-are-livid
  6. @4x4tographer and @J2DXPLR Thank you both for the pictures and the information . I barely understood a lot of it but definitely know now why my pictures didn’t really turn out. You both have some excellent shots!
  7. Great write up and fantastic photos, especially of the eclipse! What set up did you use to take the eclipse photos? I tried the “back alley” method of trying to use my iPhone to take a picture thru a welding helmet lens. Let’s just say mine sucked compared to yours. I was in the Grand Canyon on a nice flat rock on Windy Ridge. Thanks for posting these
  8. Spent the last 5 days at one of my favorite places on earth doing my volunteer patrols. Perfect weather, eclipse, and no serious hiker assists. Thought I’d share a couple photos from the trip. This female wasn’t the least bit concerned about me as she was eating right next to the trail. I love early mornings before the trails get busy. This was taken less than a 1/4 mile from the rim. Looking down on Ooh Ahh point from just a bit more than 1/2 mile below the rim. So nice to hike in this much shade
  9. Nice fab work Steve. That added bar and bracket look like they “grew” there.
  10. And one more that I found early this AM. Straight from the injured hiker himself. https://www.insider.com/injured-hiker-rescued-grand-canyon-friends-did-not-leave-behind-2023-9 I guess this whole thread comes under the heading, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear/read.
  11. UPDATE: From the Mohave County Sheriff Facebook page UPDATE 9/20 1:30pm: The injured hiker has reached out to clarify his account of what happened on Friday (9/15) in the Grand Canyon National Park. At one point, all five backpackers were together that began in the Kanab Creek Wilderness area. They had hiked down Kanab Creek into the Grand Canyon National Park and had established a campsite. On Friday (9/15), the injured hiker and another person hiked further than the other three hikers had wanted to hike – south of the campsite. He said they were on their way back to the campsite when the injury occurred. The other hiker left him alone and went to use an emergency device that was with the other three hikers who were a few miles away. When rescuers arrived on scene, he was alone. Search and Rescue encourages everyone when adventuring in the remote, wilderness areas of Mohave County to be prepared for the unexpected and in these remote wilderness settings. Interesting. Doesn’t sound like complete abandonment like the first version. Maybe there still is hope for mankind. Could/should things have been handled differently? Probably. But hindsight is almost always 20/20 I figured I’d update this. Been digging for more info, maybe because this just seemed so wrong.
  12. I have a hard time getting my head around the mentality of this group. I wish I could find some follow up info. Best info if you’re able to open the link https://www.facebook.com/100067787659206/posts/injured-hiker-kanab-creek-grand-canyon-national-park-north-rimabout-6pm-friday-9/637813388488244/ A bit less detail but same info in an easier to open link for some https://www.azfamily.com/2023/09/17/man-with-traumatic-injury-rescued-after-friends-left-him-alone-grand-canyon/ Some pretty cool footage from the rescue helicopter approaching the injured hiker. God bless these first responders. https://fb.watch/n8aHFsleWX/
  13. It’s nice to see clean, well done, accessory installations.
  14. Maybe more theft resistant? You have to remember, Steve spent time in Detroit. 🤣. That does change one’s perspective.
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