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  1. So my birthday is the end of February and we would like to head to Parker and check out the sites. Now we camp with the toyhauler and toys not jeeps. We would like to check out some desert riding and end up checking out the Desert Bar. So does anybody have any suggestions on areas to camp. I have heard people talk about the back way to the Desert Bar so any guidance to that would also be cool. We will coming from Prescott through Aguila and Wenden. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Ok it is about time for my 2nd annual sxs trip. We are planning on the middle of April in Northern Az. Last year I got cold at night and I am trying to avoid that this year. I am either going to buy a new 3 season tent or a new sleeping bag so I am looking for your advice. Tell me what you would buy and why. Let me just say I do have a really nice 40 degree bag but would buy a 0 degree bag. Thanks for all your help and advice.
  3. Thanks for the interest. As far as gps tracks I am currently in the process of buying a new gps (any idea on a good one for this type of thing?). I will try to find some coordinates or a google map. If nothing else I will get you some forest service road numbers. As far as the roads being jeep capable yes they all are. The 354 road from Perkinsville to Williams is a little rough but easily done in a jeep. I love the Williams area and have spent my fair share of time exploring it. Thanks again for the interest and kind words.
  4. Saturday night we camped at the same spot we did the first night. My buddy had to get back to Phoenix on Sunday. Sunday was a pretty fasted paced ride with not a lot of picture taking. So all in all it was a great trip. I did learn a few things that will make the next one easier. After I got home the wife even mentioned she might like to try a similar trip this summer so I am in the planning stages for that. Hope you enjoyed my little write up and I look forward to your comments.
  5. Here are a few pics of Jd's Cabin and Grave.
  6. Saturday we woke up a little later it was not nearly as cold the second night so I slept much better lol. This day we planned to head from Williams to Ash Fork to try our hand at fishing at Stone Damn a nice little hidden gem. After Fishing we headed back to Williams to top off with gas and then start to back track. We did have time to make a few stops the most interesting was JD cabin and also to check out his grave site. Ok here are a few pics of Saturday's adventure.
  7. The second day we woke up early and broke camp this would be the day of the most riding. First stop was the round mountain fire lookout tower. The views from the tower were amazing. After the tower we headed to Sycamore Point again the views are pretty cool. After a few pictures and a snack we headed to White Horse Lake but since it was closed we opted to keep going. We stopped at Sycamore Falls which is a well know rock crawling area. I am not a big fan of heights so we didn't stay long lol. We headed to Dog Town Lake to fish a little and eat lunch. We didn't do very good fishing but the Ospree(not sure how that is spelled) caught their limit. After lunch we headed to Williams to gas up and get a few need supplies. This was the only pavement riding and was necessary. After gassing up we headed over Interstate 40 to look for the next nights camp. Here are a few pics of Friday.
  8. Here are a few more pics of the first day as we traveled across the Verde River.
  9. Well my buddy and I did it we made our first sxs trip and it was a blast. We put 231 miles on the sxs and only about 19 of that was pavement. I was traveling in my 2008 Kawasaki Teryx and he has a 4 seat Polaris RZR XP. We left my house in Chino Valley and headed to Williams for our first night. As we were cooking dinner and the sun was setting the temps dipped into the 20s. I think it got down to 21 that night. Here is a pic of camp the first night.
  10. The wife and I are going to attend the expo. We will be camping closer to Munds Park but will try to stop by and meet some people at the camp. We are arriving on Friday night and staying until Tuesday morning so if anybody wants to stop by our little camp if you are out exploring that would be cool also. Look forward to meeting some people off the forum.
  11. Man sorry I haven't added a trip report work has been crazy. I would say the trip was a success and I will do a new post with some pics and details. Thanks for the interest and by the way I think we might try to do another ride in August.
  12. Being from N Az I have never made the trek to Crown King that way but have heard it has it spots. Thanks for sharing your experience hopefully it will help someone else out someday.
  13. ONe of the things the wife and I decided at the beginning of this year was to get out more and do more day hikes. We live in an area that has a number of great hiking trails. Some hikes will be full day hikes some only an hour or two. Here are a few pics from today's hike.
  14. These are exactly the types of trips that I am wanting to do more of. I think about have the wife convinced and the search is on for my next project.I love the pictures and trip reports thanks for sharing.
  15. Hey thanks for the advice. We are packing like we are backpacking the lighter the better. I always freeze some water bottles and lay them on the bottom of the coolers seems to help a bunch. My buddies always laugh at me but I also buy my ice a day or two before and put it in the freezer at home it seems to last longer lol. I will post some pics and a ride report during and after we are done. I can't wait less than a week away.
  16. Hello everyone I was just curious if anybody has ever done any type of expedition travel with their utv. A buddy and myself are getting ready to do such a trip and I was just curious if anybody else has done it. We are leaving from my place in Chino Valley and will be traveling to Williams on back roads. We are planning on camping for 3 nights and fishing some of the local lakes. All total we are expecting to travel around 250 miles in 4 days. Any thoughts or imput is more than welcome. This is a first of hopefully many trips like this so we are expecting some type of learning curve lol.
  17. Thank you everyone for the welcome. We are currently looking for another cherokee to play with. We love to explore but believe me we are not afraid to crawl either lol. We are headed to the overland expo the end of May so maybe we will be able to put some faces to names. I look forward to sharing what I know and learning even more.
  18. Hello let me introduce myself. My name is Casey and my wife and I love to explore and see new places. We currently camp in a toyhauler and use or utv and atv to explore. Currently we are rethinking our setup and wanting to get more remote with our setup. Seems like a lot of useful information on the site can't wait to see what we come up with. Hope to see some of you camping or on the trail.
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