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  1. I have never heard a vehicle make noises like that is it normal? and what is it?
  2. very nice pic. congrats we live in a special part of the country to call that our backyard a place where most people only see in a movie.
  3. Like I said not much in arizona the usuall runs like off of mineral mountain road mainly staying on the main road as I usually have my son with me. bloody basin road and I venture off past seven springs and also a good bit of crown king and towards prescott. some trails around Flagstaff and Williams mostly dirt roads as I have only been traveling by myself and tend to be cautious. Dont need to turn a fun drive into a survival situation just I didn't have any back up. lots of trails in the Telluride and Silverton area of Colorado like Tomboy, Ophir pass last dollar road, Maggies gultch etc.
  4. Sam, Sorry for all the trouble with your tent. I certainly will consider your troubles when I purchase mine. hopefully your troubles with the tent wont be a situation like your past experiance, but I do hope all will turn out for the best.
  5. Personally I have done 1000's of dollars of business with Will at Sierra Expeditions and never had a problem. I would highly recommend these guys.
  6. Just signed up and ready to ride. I own a 03 4Runner with a few mods and building towards an overland vehicle. Hope to make a lot of friends on this site. I can usually take a ride at the drop of a hat. I will list mods on my profile. Experience wise not a nube but far from an expert.
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    summer 2012

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