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  1. A friend of mine has gone missing during a solo off road trip. He has been missing for almost 7 days now. We are getting desperate for any and all help we can get in finding him. Right now we are unsure as to exactly where he was going at this point. The origional locations we thought he would be have been searched, but he was an avid off-roader and like to go all over the place and off the beaten path, so we are searching as much as we can. His daughter turns one on Thursday please help us find him and bring him home for his daughters birthday! The details and updates are posted on his wife's facebook page but I will copy and paste the important bits here in case you can't see the post. https://www.facebook.com/jody.corneveaux Here is a picture of his truck: 2004 Tan Toyota Tacoma, plate # 0AH8765 https://scontent-b-lax.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-0/1922014_10154776191005655_3725579025304223224_n.jpg?oh=968c28d68ccd2be73f2641145e405246&oe=54EADDA6 Currently we are working on searching the following areas: Paria Plateau ***Grand Staircase Escalante*** - Knows this spot really well, was just there a few weeks ago. National Monument Glen Canyon SW UT AZ Strip Toroweap & Kanab Point Kairparowits Plateau Hole in the Wall Boulder Mountain Calf Cockscomb Escalante SAR is involved and we have several people doing areal searches. Yes we realize that we are asking for some help searching some rather large areas, all we are asking is that of you're either already planning to or willing to run any of these established trails for this purpose, that you keep an eye open for him or his truck. Mostly I'm just asking for you all to help spread the word and keep the search going. Please call 480-703-0852 if you find him or his truck! As I said, please go to his wife's facebook page for updates, https://www.facebook.com/jody.corneveaux. If you cant see the posts just send her or me a message and we will make sure you can.
  2. Granted, but I'm not really referring to the flex of the XJ, I'm referring to the lack thereof on the new Cherokee. Even the stock XJ flexes more than that. My point is that this thing is simply a road car masquerading as a 4x4, and is as far from the Jeep roots as it could possibly be. They already have vehicles in this market niche, this thing really has no place anywhere. At the very least they should have stuck with a solid rear axle, and front IFS like the liberty. But now, this thing is pretty much useless anywhere you couldn't take a subaru, so whats the point?
  3. This photo proves my point quite nicely lol
  4. Planning on doing this to my XJ next year. Love that Clayton setup!
  5. There's nothing here that will require a locker is there? Still working on that... lol
  6. How could I forget? lol Yea the the WJ was damn nice too until the WK came along.
  7. lol nice catch. Missing wrangler mystery!
  8. Out perform it how? I mean, how often are you going to be going 0-60 on the trail? Gas mileage? Sure I can get on board with that, but otherwise the fact of the matter is, with a suspension setup like that its almost useless on any trail harder than say a 4 out of 10 difficulty. I have seen even H3s, FJs. and all kinds of stuff, get stuck on some of the most absurdly easily obstacles because of the lack of wheel travel on the independent front suspension. I do realize that not everybody off roads, if you just want a grocery getter that has 4wd for the snow or do some light off roading to a decent camping spot then this is probably fine. But it is not a capable rig regardless of how you look at it.Obviously its just my opinion, but I just think this thing as pretty much relegated the whole line to mediocrity.
  9. It's just unfortunate. With the wrangler getting so expensive, 25k for a base model, and almost 40 for a rubicon, its out of reach of a lot of enthusiasts who actually want to off-road their vehicles. The only alternative to an expensive Wrangler is older model Cherokees and Wranglers. In my opinion, the market niche that the Cherokee filled before was that if an affordable and capable 4x4 that didn't sacrifice interior usability like the Wrangler. This on the other hand, is just another crossover suv that is hardly any more capable off-road than a subaru forester. In fact they already have something in the grocery getter 4x4 market range with the Compass, and otherwise the Liberty was much more capable off road. It just doesn't make any sense, what market need were they trying to fulfill? I understand the need to meet "CAFE" requirements, but they could have done that with a couple of their other lines, and/or at the very least come out with a line of entry level 4x4s that both met CAFE requirements AND honored the heritage of the brand. This just makes me embarrassed to own a Cherokee to be honest.
  10. So I just saw this thing for the first time on the web. http://www.jeep.com/en/2014/cherokee/#model=limited&color=deep_cherry_red http://www.autoblog.com/photos/2014-jeep-cherokee-trailhawk-new-york-2013/#photo-5774558/ I think this thing is hideous. A disgrace to the heritage of the line. Its 4 wheel independent suspension is derived from a freaking dodge dart for f**ks sake. What the hell are then thinking?!? O_o What do you guys think?
  11. I want that Safari Overland Camper!
  12. New guy here! My name is Brandon, I was referred here by a friend who is a member here. I am a web developer living in downtown Phoenix. I drive a '95 Jeep Cherokee with a 3.5 inch lift and 31" Cooper Discoverer SST's. At this point, no where near stock, new engine with all new internals, had the transmission rebuilt with heavy duty input gears. Replaced a lot of the drive line components, U-joints, ball joints, wheel hubs, and a few other things. I posted a few pictures, one when I first bought it and a couple after the lift, including a shot with my jeep and my buddies 4Runner (who is a member here). Anyhow I look forward to possibly meeting and wheelin' with some of you all!
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