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  1. I did pick up an OBDLink MX+ since they must have updated something and my MX and LX dont work anymore so I donated them the other day, when I pulled the codes, it did pull C1032 which was the right rear wheel speed sensor signal erratic performance so it sounds like you are correct on the assessment. Now the interesting thing is, I just got new tires yesterday and while they were off I took a look at the right rear and couldn't see anything (don't know exactly where the sensor is located, but nothing looked amiss, I was mainly looking because ever since I got my front end rebuilt about 3 years ago i've had a scraping sound that to me sounds like its coming from the right rear (open windows in a parking garage, the echo sounds like its coming from that direction), to me it sounds like the brake shield is scraping on the rotor as its going around or possibly a cable ( I think it makes more noise when turning left? I'd have to go drive it around again I don't drive as much as I used to since I WFH now) but when they had the wheels off, nothing looked like it was scraping or was loose or anything. I do have to get the rear brakes done soon, so I'll have them look into the scraping (if anyone here is in SoCal, I do NOT reccomend Orange Coast Jeep I don't think that they actually do all the work they say they do) and replace the wheel speed sensor at the same time. Thanks SonoranWanderer
  2. I was out in Palm Springs for a week and on the last day there when I left after getting a date shake at shields dare garden, as I was leaving the parking lot I had to go over the transition and the Jeep took it well, with the usually swaying back and forth from the angle I was at, but the TCS system barked at me and scavenged power for a second, then as I was driving down the road about 2-300ft away it did it again on flat pavement and then threw an error light along with the ABS light. I pulled over and shut off the Jeep and restarted it and the lights went away so I didn’t think anything of it, but after about a mile it did it again but this time when I shut off and restarted it stayed on, cruise wouldn’t work but I figured it would be OK for the ride home since I HAD to get home, so I went to dinner and parked it in the shade and when I came out after eating the light was still on, but it all went off before I could get out of the restaurant parking lot, so I figure it’s all good. I’m wondering if this was because of the heat for some reason and if any one in PHX or similar has experienced something similar. The Jeep had been sitting in the sun I ran for about 5 days and I had been sitting in the Jeep cooling it off while waiting for my girlfriend was doing something, so I was sitting there for about 20 min waiting, then we drove to get the date shakes which was about 20 minutes away from the hotel. Everything else looked good, trans temp and coolant temp were in normal ranges (actually lower than I thought it would have been for 110F. haven’t experienced anything since being home for two weeks, does anyone think I should get this checked out as a preventative measure?
  3. How long have you had them? Have they developed any haze that you’ve noticed?
  4. Hi All, just got back from a vacation, and discovered that the high beams on my cheap Sunpie headlights are both out, well one is completely out, and the other looks like a sad DRL, so before the main headlight goes out, I'm looking for a new set (and also want to replace the fogs too since they were a set and dont trust them either at this point). I would LOOOOOVE to have a set of JW Speakers, but I would also LOOOOVE if they were a lot cheaper, so those are definitely out of the question unless someone knows of a decent set for no more than $400. Anyone have any suggestions on "best bang for the buck" headlight replacements?
  5. I unfortunately have to bow out gracefully, the 10-12th doesn’t coincide with the every other Friday off schedule my coworker and I have worked out (he’s working 2 jobs and gets every other Friday off at his other one, and that’s his Friday). I’ll just have to wait until next year I guess.
  6. Hey SonoranWanderer, Sorry for the necrothread but are those ram mounting plates just mounted to the plastic, or do the screws go through into the metal at all? Nevermind, I looked them up and it looks like it's probably just mounted to the plastic. I see that they have one for the JL/JT that looks like it has a steel mounting plate backer that also bolts into the frame somewhere, but the others just look like they are exactly what you see in the picture you have without a backing plate.
  7. Add me as tentative, I'd love to participate, but September-October is usually pretty busy for me. If I can make it, i'll be in a tent, and have a table, and couple Kelty 9' Noah's tarp's that can be used if needed
  8. I'm out, I'm not allowed to go to 35's, it's already apparently "too high" with my 2.5" lift and 34's
  9. Just an FYI, the price for the license is still $70 as of 5/18/21 (when I got my license), I think I read somewhere that it has to be approved by the Senate or something like that, so it's not in effect yet. Still $7/year is a good deal. Edit: from the buytwowayradios.com link there is another link to an update with this paragraph "The Schedule of Application Fees of the Commission's Rules was published in the Federal Register March 19, 2021. According to the notice, the fees officially take effect once it is sent to Congress and the FCC's systems have been updated. The FCC will then publish a notice of the actual effective date."
  10. Doesn't look like its in effect yet, I just got my license and it was still $70. I read somewhere that it still needs to be ratified by the Senate or something like that
  11. So, what new swear words did Brady learn during this technical session?
  12. My girlfriend bought a pair of gigantic concrete pots at an estate sale that already had a (very small) palm trees in them, we had to dig out the palm in the rain when we were loading it up and there was a lot of dirt still left in them when we finally got them loaded into the car. Needless to say, I wasn't in a hurry to throw my back out getting these gigantic pots out of the back of her Honda Element, so they sat for a while, I think a couple of months went by and it was finally springtime here in Southern California, and I happened to notice that the inside of her car windows were all condensed and realized that the car was acting like a greenhouse for these pots and the clover that was growing in them had really flourished. We had to use damp-rid to get of all the humidity in the car and it took about 2-3 weeks just to get it back to normal.
  13. Next time I see you I’ll give you a couple sheets of black Coroplast that I have, I put some into my dirtbagz so that way they dont soak up anything, and they disappear since they are black. I cut mine the long way so they are more rigid laterally
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