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  1. I had it on my rubicon, took it out when I installed my under hood KC cyclones.
  2. Sneaky, sneaky, you know I'll buy one when you are ready.
  3. I do not understand this statement. I don't think that those words belong together in a sentence.
  4. WTF man, don't you like my new ride? They only wanted $48k for it, it was a steal since they claim they put in over $100k!!!
  5. I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame I think I'm having a stroke.
  6. @dzJeepChic, how recently were you there? I've been watching the weather, I don't really want to go when I might have an issue with the snow, but it would be great to at least see some lightly covered trees
  7. yeah, it still annoys me every once and a while, but I don't really notice it anymore
  8. So I got the Jeep back yesterday all back to normal, final total was $8300 for all the repairs, had to have the axle housing, both left and right ball joints, caliper, rotor, splash shield (which is rubbing as I drive), and the suspension hub assembly. they also replaced the wheel but didn't go into why, it looked like the spacer just simply failed, so the brief view I got of the wheel when it happened it all looked OK to me. There are two interesting things though, OC Motorsports split my deductable with me so it only ended up costing me $250, don't know if they did that because they didn't check the spacers when they had the wheel off when they installed my AEV lift a few weeks prior or not. I "Think" that this may possibly be written up about it in some magazine, when I picked it up yesterday my SA mentioned that a magazine editor stopped by and was talking to them about it and took some pictures and what not, he stressed to him that they could not mention the shop or anything else, they were busy so I didn't get any more details about it from him. I do know that there are several magazine's based out of Costa Mesa, I'll try to figure out who it might be and keep an eye out for any sort of write up, I would imagine it would be about the dangers of using spacers. Now to take it offroad on some trails this weekend and test the repairs, AND MY NEW LIFT! been wanting to run this one https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/pioneertown-to-big-bear-ohv-route so depending on weather I might just go
  9. DAMN SON! what % are on dirt do you think 30-40?
  10. You really don't need to be jealous of my rig at the moment you know.
  11. Most likely improperly torqued spacers that failed. I had them on when i put larger tires but before i put on my lift. I was driving to work up the 405 north doing about 65-70 and the wheel came completely off. Thankfully, i was able to get over to the side of the road and get a tow truck called, he was able to find the wheel, without any damage. THANKFULLY it didn't jump the median and crash into an oncoming car, or someone didnt hit it while it was laying in the far right lane on the super foggy morning traffic.
  12. What is this put them away? I always end up buying new tools for every project.
  13. Does anyone have a need for 4 stock rubicon rims (with used 32" KO2's) and one steel rim (with a brand spanking new KO2)? If you want them and are in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, they can be yours for free...
  14. Honestly when I saw that you posted this, I truly expected a different outcome from the title.
  15. Is it me or does your test fit picture look like its further to the drivers side and maybe a little bit high? Or is it maybe because the winch opening is offset and makes it look weighted to that side.
  16. An aluminum bumper AND winch for $1200? Is it just a bar of aluminum? The Pronghorn bumper i’m looking at is $1400 all by itself.
  17. So, I can’t recommend the sunpie RGB headlights I bought. 2 days after my return window I noticed that both headlights and one of the fog lights have issues with the RGB halos, one fog light has more leds out on it then are actually working correctly. I wasn’t eeally happy with the RGB aspect of it after discovering that I really should have RGBW because the “white” setting is actually baby blue and not white at all its not even a high temperature white, it’s fully blue. Now I’m just concerned that the headlights will stop working when I need it most, sooo I’m on the look for some better ones, I’d still love to have some RGB halos and might go with the oracle setup but I might just not care about the halos and just go HID. Anyone have any suggestions?
  18. Where in HD did you get the Z channel? Was it with the loose metal? I did a cursory look for it but figured I could probably find it online, but I haven’t found it cheaply.
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