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  1. Some great ideas there! Thanks for the input!
  2. My wife and I are planning on buying about 40 acres or so in northern AZ this year. We are hoping to purchase a plot that borders or is at least close to a large area of State Trust Land or BLM Land. We are currently looking in Heber, Ash Fork, St Johns and a few other areas. We will use this land for hunting and camping and maybe in the future build an off the grid style home. I would at first build a small, self sufficient cabin with solar power and well water. We were talking about this and thought it would be a shame to leave it vacant for so much of the year. So, we talked about renting the cabin out as a hunting/camping cabin for others. I figured asking you all would be a good start to our research. I am sure out of state hunters/campers would make up a majority of the "customer base" as well though. Here are my questions for you: Would you pay to rent a cabin in any of those areas? How much would you expect to pay? What amenities would be a must? What amenities would be very desirable? Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks all!
  3. I actually haven't been in that area.....I never really go east of the sand hill. Guess I will have to explore more. I would most definitely be down for a group run at the tanks.
  4. With the obvious limitiations from my rig, I am stuck with easy to lightly moderate trails. However, my favorite places to go are the more exploration area types versus a single dedicated trail. There is an area I go to out here in the West Valley that has a countless number of trails with obstacles of all types and difficulty levels. It's only downfall is that a lot of people use it for a shooting area so you have to be careful where you go.....it can be a warzone at times. That and there really is nothing interesting out there. I really enjoy trails with something to see....like a historical point of interest or a beautiful natural scene of some sort.
  5. Just sent the paypal so hopefully these are still available.
  6. Thanks for the support! Hoping to get some good offroading shots at a future GTG.
  7. Thanks! Forgot to mention.....I always offer free photos for anyone who needs them. I just really enjoy photography and could always use the practice. More of my shots can be found on Facebook by searching FastLane Photography....be sure to "like" the page to show your support! Thanks!
  8. Just thought I would share a few of my favorite shots:
  9. Yep....sliders are high on the priority list. Though I am gonna have my welder buddy help me make my own. Thanks for the offer but I don't really need a front hitch yet.
  10. Yeah....I had gone there about 3 or 4 years ago. It is a little rougher than I remember but overall a pretty easy trip. It is a nice spot to go to during a weekend for lunch.
  11. It's a Rav4....nope...no low range and completely stock. Still had dealer plates on it. I have never seen it happen before but on one of the last inclines it just didn't go. He had it floored and it wasn't spinning....that was the last thing I expected to stop it.
  12. A couple friends made the run up to Harquahala Peak with me. The Toyota unfortunately just didn't have the power to make it all the way to the top. About 10 minutes from the top he had to turn around. However, I was very impressed with how far he made it. We all had a great time. Not a hard trail at all by your standards I am sure.
  13. Awesome....thanks for the link! Fortunately......humidity is not really an issue here...lol.
  14. Thanks all for the warm welcome! Here is a shot of the old truck: With that being posted, thought I should share that I am a hobbyist photographer and if anyone wants some shots of their vehicle I would love to do it for ya. For more pics I have done just look up "FastLane Photography" on Facebook. You can also see some of my shots on photobucket here: http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Falcon1niner/slideshow/Perverse%20Koncepts%20Phototography
  15. Thanks guys.....we do hope to get out with some "safe" people to enjoy the great outdoors.
  16. Thanks for the link and other ideas. I had acually thought of a dry ice/fan style system as well. All of my ideas are out-of-the-box style and there for likely not to work...lol. However, there is no rush with that particular setup. Our two dogs actually fit on the floorboards of the rear seat. One is a 70 pound black lab and the other is a 25 pound cattle dox mix....so for the lab it is a tight fit but he doesn't mind. My youngest boy is in a booster seat so his feet barely rest on top of our lab. The other dog just lays beside my oldest boys feet on the floor.
  17. That really is the issue right there. I would really like them to be cooled (not too worried about heated at the moment, that will be easy to tackle anyway) even while the truck is off. However, I cannot think of a "practical" way to accomplish this. I have several ideas but haven't worked out all the details on any of them yet. Lots of research ahead of me.
  18. Recently picked up this 07 HEMI Ram 1500, Quad Cab, 4X4, Big Horn Edition: She currently has 34" Toyo Open Country's on her. The goal is to make it a very capable all around exploration machine for my family. It will be setup for decent offroading, camping, hunting and fishing. My plans (in no particular order): moddest suspension with slight lift/level 35" tires very unique built in compressed air system (details on that later) built in A/C power 2 climate controlled dog kennels built in cooler larger fuel tank rack for jerricans built in tool box built in tie down box built in storage box (for items like tent, tarps, sleeping bags, etc) built in rack for shovel, axe and pick axe beefy brush guard lots of extra lighting front, rear and sides winch system tow hooks front and rear exterior speakers for sound system table that expands from the tailgate roof rack for extra storage Many of these items will be pinned/bolted in the bed for somewhat easy removal to allow full use of the truck bed. Everything will be lockable. I am sure more "redneck" items will come to mind over the next year of building but this is a basic list that gives you an idea of the direction of her. She will not out perform anything in any one concept but she should be capable to do a lot of things.
  19. Howdy all. Name is Kyle, married with 2 boys. We recently traded in my Viper Truck to get an 07 HEMI Ram 4x4 Quad Cab with the goal of spending more family time exploring what Arizona has to offer. We already enjoyed hunting and fishing here but the street truck limited us a lot. I plan on doing some unique mods to our truck to make it a very capable offroading/hunting/camping/fishing truck. Glad to have found this community and hope to see a few of you out on the trails!
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