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  1. Thanks all... The Taco did good through Big Sluice where we were filming at the time... didn't see it on Cadillac Hill since we were one of the first out, ahead of the 300 other trucks :-)
  2. ok... to help the Toyota trucks hold there own on the forum here.. I wanted to post up our latest video of Land Cruisers descending on the Rubicon Springs for the 25th Rubithon event... Not nearly as big or famous as Jeep Jamboree but a good showing of about 300 Toyotas attended from all over the country. We wheeled in with guys (gender neutral, non-specific use of guys) from Tennessee, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin and Oregon. One guy came up from the Antarctic to ride in with a buddy.
  3. Love those kind of trails where you drive exposed switch backs with the views go on for ever... as long as your remember to stay left!
  4. Howdy All, thought I should introduce myself... Who thought my mid-life crisis could be so much fun... Back in my youth I played with VW Baja Bugs followed by a long lapse until I could get back into this with a FJC. I wheel all sorts of stuff from the rocks at Rubicon to the Baja 1000 to overlanding stuff, and lots of local WA and OR trails. Wish I could get into more granite trails like the Dusy Ershim (on the bucket list) but the stars never seem to line up. Being a bit of an attention whore, I throw up most of my off road adventures onto my website and I write for the FJ Cruiser Magazine and occasionally others... but the best part of this craziness is having a chance to make new friends who enjoy wheeling and the great outdoors. Looks like everyone here have put up a lot of cools stuff about rigs, trails, and camping. Hopefully I'll get a chance to someday wheel with folks here.. but in the mean time i'll just enjoy this site and all the cool stuff that get's posted.
  5. Yeah there is a lot of stuff there and organization is not my strong suit June 2013 trip Day 1 - Rubicon Trail Loon Lake to Buck Island Lake Day 2 - Rubicon Trail Buck Island Lake to Rubicon Soda Springs Last day - Rubicon Trail Cadillac Hill Not sure I would call any of this a trip report... more like pictures mixed with my ramblings and rants. But the trip was great.
  6. Since this thread got bumped up a little bit ago thought I might as well pile on... Like Jeep owners, a lot of Toyota owners have pushed the mods and turned their FJ Cruiser into a Rubicon Trail eating machine... Although the Rubicon always gets the last bite :-). Just came off the Rubicon Trail a couple weeks back with four other FJCs. Here is a picture of my rig on Little Sluice More pictures and the whole story at Rubicon Trail 2013
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