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  1. Slightly off the subject... I got to trek over to Scottsdale this past weekend in a 2014 Grand Cherokee. As a cruiser, that thing ate up Interstate 10, but I needed a Weapons Systems Operator to handle the plethora of technology options.
  2. I've never seen anything better than straight axles to get out of the snow. Period. But, if only there were just some way to put that 8-speed tranny in my XJ...
  3. dz, the picture in the curve is on Hwy 138 near Lake Silverwood. Headed back to Crestline from Wrightwood. That's my favorite road up here. Hwy 18 up from San Bernardino is fun, too, but 138 is more twisty.
  4. That's my impersonation of The Stig. I have a new-to-me Suzuki SV650 Naked. Used to ride a V-Star Classic which I had a great time modifying. Now, though, I've decided to go the "crotch rocket" route.
  5. Note to self: Don't paint the XJ yellow. Love that Volvo!
  6. I've always said, mine is a glorified station wagon. Our whole purpose is to carry the things our Wrangler-driving friends can't haul.
  7. Berdoo is a good place to be "from."
  8. This mountain is like the place where XJ's go to die... or, more likely, to be reborn. I think they're all look like cousins. I just took the old, pealing pinstripe off of it and next week should plasti-dip the rockers and flairs. It's not even remotely protection, but just looking to do something different.
  9. Thanks, Guardrail! That was taken just last weekend.
  10. Hi folks! Living in the mountains of Southern California, I've had my XJ for ten years. It's been my foul weather vehicle in snow and fog, and a plaything when things are nice. Getting off on the fire roads has never been an issue, but now I'm thinking of branching out a bit. Found this forum while searching for modding ideas that will enable my wife and me to camp more creatively. There seems to be a lot of cool stuff here, so I signed up just to be legit.
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