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  1. I saw or read something awhile back that Matt from Experience AZ, was ill and was letting go of his website. Just curious if anyone has kept in touch with him, or how he is doing? His website was one of the first things that got me hooked on exploring this great state! I've never met the man unfortunately, but I hope he is doing well.. Thanks..
  2. On a slightly different note, I ordered a window banner and two of the round decals tonight
  3. Thanks guys, been awhile since I've been out exploring! When it 100+ temps, doesnt really want to make me go out exploring haha
  4. Hey All! Thought I'd post something about, "what gets me there" rigs. First up I have a 96 Chevy Silverado 4wd, with 241k miles on her! It's my daily driver, so I don't wheel on her too hard. I've added some HID high beam lights, 5000 kelvin (slight blueish color) and some 7" LED offroad lights to the bumper. They both help immensely out in pitch black roads. I didn't want to get a light bar, since every one and their mother has one haha. A few other things I've added are, an aux push fan, hood vents, welded a push bar to the front bumper, and a cb radio. Like I said, this is my DD, so I don't beat on her too much, just like to explore where I know I can reach my destination... Also at the first of the year I bought an ATV - Polaris 325 Trail Boss, 2wd. I purchased off a friend who basically used it to hunt. It's been garaged and has very little wear on it. Now I haven't been on an ATC or Dirtbike since 1988, so it's slow going for me LOL! All my friends bag on me for going sooo slow, but meh..whatever - I'm looking for mines or something interesting! I've just had to maintain it, bushings, balljoints, front tires, battery, did a lil paint work to it, etc.. It's soo much fun, I have missed it! But loading it is kinda sketchy sometimes lol, I need to make some wider ramps!!! Anyways, a few pics: Near Greaterville Local mud hole Preparing for an outing 6'5" on a tiny quad, I need something bigger LOL
  5. I've been around for a bit, started on Ghost Town Forums, but haven't been to this site in a loooong while - so I figured I' re-introduced myself.. HI, I'm Reverend - not by career, just a name lol. I try to get out and explore Southern AZ at least twice a month, vehicle willing. I don't want to "test" my truck when I'm out, just explore our beautiful state! I also have a quad for places my truck won't fit! I usually stay south of Tucson or just to the north around the Catalina's. Finding mines and ghost towns is my number one priority! So far I've been to: Total Wreck Empire Ranch Rosemont Gardner Fish Canyon Greaterville Gunsight Helvetia Amado Mt Wrightstown Salero Patagonia Flux Canyon Sunnyside Parker Canyon Lake area Arivaca Ruby area (haven't been in Ruby yet) Rio Rico etc, etc.... I hope to be more active here, I post all my weekend journeys on my FB page, but hope to post them here more, for the like mined people. A few pics of my rigs to get me there! Quad at Sunnyside a month ago Truck at Empire Ranch this past weekend
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